Seven Crossbars

It notices that symbolically (Seven Spears) It symbolizes Seven Ways Straight lines of Evolution, Being its Pair Natural-Complementary de Mistrio, Mr. Crossbar-Street, where one (Seven Spears) Acts Prevailed for the Law of passive form and supplying the lacks and the other (Crossbar-Street) It acts Prevailed for the Law of Active form and depleting the excesses. In the triangle The holy ghost of this Mystery we have this: The Throne of the Law Biggest the holy ghost Father Ogum in the apex or from above part of the triangle, To the right the Mystery Seven Spears or Seven ways Straight lines of Evolution, and to the left the Mystery Crossbar-Street or Bigger Mistrio of the Seven Crossbars of the Ways Evolutivas Desvirtuadas. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Drexel University. thus in accordance with our partial, singular, personal vision and summons, can say that we close the base of this mystery that if to unfold in thousand and thousand of lines such as: Crossbar-Everything that acts in the seven directions, Crossbar-Street that act in the ways, Crossbar-Bush that act in the fields of the knowledge, Crossbar-Street of the Bushes that acts in the evolucionistas ways of the knowledge, Crossbar-Street of the Souls that act in the evolucionistas ways of the spirit, Crossbar-Game that acts in the fields of the reasonings and the reason, Crossbar-Turn that acts in on field to the movements prevailed by Inhans that form pair with the line of on Crossbar-Tomb the paralizador mystery conducted by Omulu, etc. Is complex, therefore it is The holy ghost and for being the holy ghost it is the infinite, therefore the infinite is the mysteries of God and some they are the forms of approaches them and in this field it has space for all, therefore a mystery never is depleted in itself exactly, therefore for being mystery this is one of its uneven qualities. Therefore God is an infinite mystery and many can express-Lo according to its vision, without never deplete-Lo, therefore Being thus the religion it is an infinite mystery, therefore he is seara or field where we reveal our conception of God according to our particular and accepted vision for the majority, to put that not sewer, therefore God is the proper inexhaustible source of mysteries. Official site: Gavin Baker.

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