Stimulate Creativity

This tool stimulates creativity, and putting into practice once, leads us towards innovation. However, the technique is very useful in two broad categories of diagnosis and to generate ideas. From the point of view of diagnosis facilitates the analysis of a problem. It is necessary to clarify that a problem is not only a conflict situation but also any context want to give a new approach, to mention some examples: improve customer service; a process; take advantage of an opportunity in the market or simply to develop new products. Diagnostic technique consists of a schema that contains the five basic questions, what, for what, when, how, and where. These questions allow you to discover all the most relevant elements of the problem or situation that you want to resolve, generating significant responses showing alternatives feasible and more cost-effective for companies in an organized manner. Below I show you a series of questions that you can perform according to the basic question: method of diagnostic questions. What is the real situation of which it forms part the problem? What is the dimension of the problem? What failure to do anything about it? What would happen if the solution is delayed? Are there other problems? Why? Why initially the problem occurred? Why not was detected in time? Why not be generated solutions? When? When occurred the problem or situation? It is an old problem that is repeating itself? Why did not you work? When should it be resolved? How? How is the problem was initially detected? How does it affect the results? How did you resolve before? Where? does the problem affect in particular? What are the areas most affected? Where we must look for the? solution? In short, this tool facilitates the improvement of processes, and allows to find procurement opportunities for the design of new products and services..

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