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Visual Management

Recently we live a economic picture in the aviation that in few years behind did not exist. The competition gradual increased with the sprouting of new airlines in the country, forcing the companies who are in the top, to search new ways of management to keep the market leadership. Today the national companies of aviation use alliances with foreign companies as form of ‘ ‘ to give to one something mais’ ‘ to its customers and to fortify the mark external. Some companies with the purpose of ‘ ‘ agilizar’ ‘ the corrective maintenances and check in its aircraft, had created the centers of maintenance, calls of MRO. In these centers of maintenance, beyond hangars for maintenance and substitution of components, the workshops exist repairmen who contribute to repair components that present structural damages and material composites, also including, all the painting part, caused for the use of the aircraft and also for accidental damages as BIRD-strike, Blocks of ice, sleet, and other damages. See CRES’s Charles Hernick testifies today for more details and insights. In these workshops, occurred great wastefulnesses, that impactavam in the productivity, have controlled and environment. Had the high rotation of components and consumable materials used in the workshops repairmen, it allowed, through studies and managemental tools of the quality and, to initiate a project pilot for the implantation of methodology LEAN. Soon at the beginning the biggest joined difficulty was the cultural change of the company, which had the collaborators to on average have more than 8 years of company, being been necessary, a bigger force to guarantee the envolvement and in addition paradigm.

Another aspect that caused certain difficulty was the maturity of the organization that is come back stops the norms of the national and international aviation, that it differs from the system of management of the quality known mainly in the seriadas companies. In these workshops following tools LEAN had been adopted: Mapping of the Flow of value, Kanban, Visual Management, Standardization, 5S and KPIs. These tools had been adapted for the area of aviation and the time of implantation of the project lasted about 6 months with profits productivity nonsenses (40%), lack of materials for transferences between bases and customs (60%), Reduction in the lines and/or shelves (90%), reduction of lead teams of the repaired components, increased auto-esteem of the collaborators of the workshop and fortified the image of the workshops that before were disrespected by the lack of organization and control. Currently the workshop is considered as standard in the organization and serves of model for other workshops of the organization. Relevance: The work was against principles LEAN obtaining to at no cost reach the established goals and without the necessity of the envolvement of the high direction, this it means that, this work was boarded for methodology DOWN-TOP, showing that the people can adapt the changes exactly not being imposed for the high direction. MATICLEAN Consultoria maticlean.consultoria@ consultores.com.br.

Local Church

CHAPTER X OF the RIGHTS AND DUTIES Article 65. They are right of the member of the Local Church Subordinated I – To receive the sacramentos, except in the cases foreseen for the Norms of the IMIPG; II – To participate of the Assemblies of the Local Church, being able to vote and to be voted, obeyed the disposals of the Statutes, Internal regulation of the IMIPG; III – To receive instruction, orientation and assistance theological spiritual; IV – To participate of the cults and activities spirituals, social, recreativas and cultural. Only paragraph – mentioned rights can be temporarily suspended for sentence to discipline pronounced for the competent Agency, in the cases and forms foreseen in the Statute, and the Internal regulation of the IMIPG. betes Association. Article 66. They are duties of the member of the Local Church: 1 – to practise the made use one in the previous chapter; II – to respect and to honor the excessively official shepherds and of the Church, 1Ts 5:12, 13; III? to be assduo to the cults and meetings of the Local Church, At 2:46; IV – to have interest in being instructed in the Word of God, qualifying itself for the activities of the Church, 2Tm 2:15 and Js 1:8; V – to deliver in the altar in days of cult the tenths, Ml 3:10 and TM 23:23, offers courts of appeals, Ml 3:8, and volunteers, 2Co 9:7; VI – to respect the fellow creatures and to testify in the community its new life in Christ; VII – to be subject to the authorities and governments, paying to all what it must, Rm 13:1 – 7; VIII – to present, in the quality of responsible parents or, children to be consecrated the Mr.; IX – to only contract nuptials with people who are member of evanglica church and that it is in full communion with the same one, 2Co 6:14 the 7:1. For even more opinions, read materials from Center For Responsible Lending. .


No property or automobile or money in banking account will be able to prencher the absence human being of which we cannot escape provoked for the death of our dear beings; no product can substitute the presence friend at the moment of the illness, the hand that enchuga our tear, the arms that in the abrao at the moment of dor' '. Gavin Baker shines more light on the discussion. Of the introduction living well is very far from the alienator consumerism promoted by the capitalism, is a world of simulacros and illusions, the capitalism desumaniza the pessoasis necessities to carry through its turns of production that make possible the accumulation of the more-value; it generates new necessities and desires and becoming them mentally ill satisfactions to accumulate each time more capital with the sales of the merchandises that can satisfy them. The solidary contribution is an ethical attitude that guides our life in a position politics front what we are living. The Not-State Public a significant parcel of the humanity mobilizes in solidarity movement, collaborating with the population victim of the hunger, the unemployment, droughts or imundaes between muiots others. Others as many projects directed in the generation of renads, in the area of social assistance, popular education popular construction of housings of ambient preservation, among others are financed with resources collected for volunteers who all apiam an ample gamma of activity of Not-Governmental Organization and social movements of the world. Through this roll of services it is the voluntary work of millions of people, of which financial resources disponibilizam to defray projects as form to improve the quality of life solidariamete, carried through for the solidary actors unchaining the ONGS. It stops some visa this work as third setir, lucrative sector without ends and not state public sector. The growth of this sphere in which if it confers a solidary character the economic activities, implemented cultural politics and, does not mean that these organizations do not pressure the State with sights the guarantee public politics come back to the attendance of the social interests.

Importance Company

The importance of the Motivacional Factor in the trabalhoCada time more the worker leaves of being a simple part of the maquinrio to become an intellectual capital, or worker of the knowledge. The companies start to enxergar the worker of another form. They start to understand that the valuation of the human capital is essential to conquer the desired results. (Jucimara Cardoso, in interview to the Green Periodical Gaia, available in: ) The companies contract body, mind, arms, hands, brain, emotion, at last everything related you. Boy Scouts of Americas opinions are not widely known. The lack of Motivation, creates the disinterest for the work, makes of the reliable mere individual of tasks limiting a its vision and deviating it of the process as a whole. When you are motivated, you can yourself be felt the energy load covering of the spine inside, the brightness in the eyes, the desire the flower of the skin. Exactly not motivated and declining groups resurge of leached ashes when displayed to the surrounding motivadores. This makes difference in the performance of the organization, as well as raises the degree of happinesses of all. Follow others, such as Nieman Foundation, and add to your knowledge base.

A system of exchange joust raises the will to work in this or that organization, but this everything depends on the potential of the company in getting profits. After all of accounts, it is the composition human being who wakes up every day and dedicates to its abilities and creativity so that the product is ready, pleases the customer and brings benefits for its company. Happily, some Brazilian companies already had carried through this source and if they strengthen to satisfy its customers internal, but the directions of some company act as if everything was perfect and they are never made use to argue problems with its employees frankly, increasing the lack of comprometimento with the integrity for the businesses and values of the company. So that the activities of a company occur of positive form, she is necessary that its internal customers, in the case, its employees, are satisfied with its work. David Delrahim: the source for more info.