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Psychological Safety Security

Essential personal property rights is his health. Adaptability, activity, productivity, mental activity, that is, mental health, most related to personality processes, forms the basis of all aspects of human life. Taking care of personal emotional security – the inalienable right as human beings, based on the basic provisions of humanitarian law, including the "Constitution of the Russian Federation", "United Nations Declaration on Human Rights "and other fundamental documents of the Russian and international organizations. BSA may find this interesting as well. Psychological danger is the impact of blocking a person's ability to respond adequately to life circumstances that undermine its ability to analyze information and informed choice, reducing the resistance to external pressure, deprive a person a sense of individuality and personal value. Psychological human security is at risk if: non-economic (political, administrative, group, etc.) tyranny; Information manipulative pressure of "brainwashing" by using physical terror to "the latest election technologies; moral pressure; consistent discrimination based on gender, age, education, culture, religion, nationality, etc.; abuse trust, lack of experience, a stalemate or spiritual weakness; apparent deprived of economic opportunities for survival and development; grossly cynical intrusion into the intimate sphere of the individual, as well as in other similar cases, up to the wide distribution of narcotic and psychotropic drugs. For the psychological security of a person advertising as a type of creativity as a form of mass propaganda, may also be threat..