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On To The Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest In Munich

Do not miss the opportunity, to amaze your customers and partners with Oktoberfest promotional items the big day has come. Crown Prince Ludwig with Princess Therese are married for five days. The wedding took place on October 12. All servants and maids are busy today on October 17. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Boy Scouts of America on most websites. The young couple has decided to organize a horse race. Everything must be perfectly prepared. On the Theresienwiese, where the event is to be prepared, gather it grooms and jockeys. The grass must look perfect as well as the tables and floral arrangements. Learn more on the subject from Big Sisters.

Ludwig and Therese, newly married, wish is that long will remain this celebration in memory. Everybody does what they can, to make the young couple happy. Since that time there are Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest also called, every year. The beautiful place where the first festival took place, has not changed fast. Green grass and flowers are an unforgettable scenery for this event, which annually attracts thousands of guests.

Not everyone knows that this event already in the 19th century was known but many are happy that they can take part at least once. When the Oktoberfest for you is still an almost foreign Word, to book an excursion to Munich as soon as possible. The time is also very important, end of September and beginning of October is the time when the Oktoberfest can be visited. They should have no doubt about whether they will be very much beer able to drink at once. You should be aware, that this drink for the health is good. In contrast to other alcoholic beverages helps the kidneys to filter the beer, so supports the body. At the Oktoberfest, you can do not just for the body but also for the soul. The forgotten traditions are revived on the new. Folk music fills the tents, the people like to sing folk eyelids, wear traditional clothing such as dieLederhose or costume. Nobody wonders about other people, the folk dances. So a happy atmosphere at the Oktoberfest. Everyone should experience this, It is not enough to look at the photos or to read. The most important thing is to take part in this celebration. Not wait that the friends will tell you of the Oktoberfest. Book flight tickets today or find a ride and visit Munich, which is known not only for the Oktoberfest. Many sights are worth a visit in any case and you can rest assured that you will not regret this journey. If you like to drink beer, they need to know that so the Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest, an opportunity is to try lots of variety. Any good Brewery has a tent, where she offered their beers. They will find only an appropriate brand and order them. The waitresses are very polite and will definitely like to help you to find something. They are so smart that they wear often 5 jugs at once. There is also a special competition for the waitresses: the one who can carry the greatest number of pitchers, will win. You can be sure that they will see this on Oktoberfest, therefore it is worth especially. Munich during this period to visit. Don’t forget that this Bavarian town is worth a visit!

Why Have Giveaways?

Do promotional products really work? And if yes – why actually? Freebies are used to achieve different effects when the recipient of the promotional item. Ideally meet Werbegeprasente equal to several functions at once. It is especially important to increase the recognition effect of the advertising company, to retain the customers through the giveaway and to move it to a purchase action. The recognition effect recognition effect describes the perception of the company in the eyes of the customers. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Com Meals has to say. All the means with which the advertisers occurs outside, why are also giveaways, must be made according to corporate design in a uniform manner to achieve a high recognition value. Lettering, corporate logos and corporate colours should be, persisted in all areas of communication to the outside which also applies to the design of promotional items.

This can increase the recognition effect with the customer and the aim to consolidate a brand, will be reached faster. Promotional gifts represent a form of communication like other advertising media. About the promotional products, designed in compliance with the corporate design, the customer perceives the company colors, lettering or logos and can remember them. In the future the customer is identify faster the brand, if he comes into contact with other means of communication of the company, which were designed in the same form. In an American study, frequently used freebies on the recognition effect and have been checked. When the subjects shown the items, which have given them even more than 12 months ago without doing to get the company name, 76.1% of those in the test group had to call the name the company, which has advertised. The value of freebies in the marketing mix is just not to be underestimated. Customer loyalty is an important feature that is designed to meet corporate gifts, more to bind the customer to the company.


“Authentic advertise with happy customers also in the German-speaking is now more and more rolling, which has triggered an avalanche of already in America: the stone of the reference marketing”. More impressions can be recorded under this keyword, more and more companies begin to carefully handle or build already a complete strategy on the Foundation of their reference. But what is exactly meant by reference marketing? How does it work? And what are its key advantages of to traditional sales methods? Reference marketing means one thing above all: is the satisfied customer voice to take advantage. Recommendations have always been considered to be strongest sales tool. A related site: MRI imaging technique mentions similar findings. Therefore a serious recommendation, is pronounced by a satisfied customer, not only much more credible than the often bescholtene self-praise. Properly prepared such a reference also offers an excellent source of information and comparability to potential new customers. A such integrated reference report explains that from the perspective of the happy customers out Issue advance was, as he found for each product of the advertiser company, as the exact sequence of events of the implementation done went and what he ultimately pulls out of this solution. In contrast to traditional advertising methods reference marketing not is based therefore on theoretical promises and assurances for the future.

It is a controlled already satisfied customer to an actual and provable, because previous project questioned. To see how the advertising company has served these customers, as it with the prevailing conditions that knew how to handle and that the offered solution indeed as promised works, convinced utterly more than just professes to get. Making such highly informative user reports is this already an art in itself. The concentration must be solely on the customer voice, advertising and marketing phrases is important to avoid and the user report (or even success story”) can satisfy journalistic high-grade claims. The aim is Finally, getting the users report with appropriate editorial offices for publication.

Such PR specialist who is engaged in the production of case studies, the advertising agency is poly at least from Karlsruhe, Germany. Here is provided not only the high demands of objectivity is sufficient. The innovative PR team also takes care of an advertising strategic involvement of made reference reports. How specifically to use them as active sales tools, says anyone who want to set up with a corresponding request to the advertising agency poly-mind like. Dipl. Sozialwiss.

Creative Care Painting Competition

Agency designed campaign website to support the St. Anna children cancer research Vienna, 04.04.2013 – the Vienna agency Lisa & Giorgio has implemented online the creative care coloring contest for the BOSCH Hausgerate GmbH. The campaign is aimed mainly at families with creative enthusiastic children: on einherzfuerkinder/creative care – time competition can immediately in the form of Malbuchs drawings by children from downloaded the St. Anna children’s Hospital and brightly painted. These as well as self-drawn images of household appliances have following digital at the creative care coloring competition submit themselves to collect votes in favour. The post with the most votes wins a trip as a Grand Prize to Paris for the whole family. “Is in particular the competition on the family-friendly products intended to alert care collection of BOSCH: for the first 1,250 appliances are sold an Emil is each” the mascot of St.

Anna children cancer research 2013, BOSCH bought and given to children in need. The proceeds of the St. Anna Children’s cancer research to good. Veronika grass Berger, Lisa & Giorgio for marketing and customer service responsible, emphasizes the non-profit character of the project. The opportunity to help the St.

Anna children cancer research through the creative care painting competition, has boosted our work. It feels good to know that are addressed with the campaign not only creative children, but also sick children supports.”we use during our campaign BOSCH care collection for young families fully on the competence of our dealer”, explains Peter Henner, Managing Director of BOSCH household appliances in Austria. Because only with your help we can achieve our target of 1,250 units sold and thus a donation of 15,000 for the St. Anna children cancer research. With a comprehensive point-of-sale materials such as the creative care we want to help as best as possible they coloring book for kids and the Web platform specially designed by Lisa & Giorgio. Einherzfuerkinder on can on the one hand quick and convenient the care collection household appliances and their special product equipments learn about retail customers. On the other hand the creative care painting competition offers great odds.” About Lisa & the Agency for communication and design Lisa & Giorgio Giorgio was founded in 2007 in Vienna by Lisa and Giorgio Leone. The team consists of experts in the areas of concept, design, and marketing. In addition to the focus online, the Agency serves customers in creative communication, direct marketing, graphic design and Web design. / / lisaundgiorgio about BOSCH Hausgerate GmbH the BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausgerate GmbH is a leading manufacturer of household appliances in Central and Western Europe and offers her care collection devices, which are especially suitable for young families. The products provide more security, time and hygiene in the budget.

Useful Advertising Keyrings

Practically and effectively – consumers like giveaways with a high commercial value to the classics under the promotional materials include among others the keychains offered by the advertising industry and lanyards, because these can be used not only for the acquisition of new customers, but also for customer loyalty. Keyrings and lanyards are available in many different designs, materials and price classes. These can be used not only at trade fairs and events as de-icing salt, to make known the company a large circle of consumers, but also in the area of tribal loyalty. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Boy Scouts of America. When selecting the correct key-ring companies should be aware that advertising be chosen not only for the lowest price but also on the quality. Usually the cheapest keyrings selects for fairs and events, which consist mostly of the material plastic. As a result, companies can reach a wide circle of consumers and the Make known, without the need for a major financial effort. Regular customers consider but with higher quality keyrings, consisting for example of the leather or stainless steel materials. Applying a customized advertising slogans, or the company logo, the company calls again and again in the mind of the customer.

The offered lanyards enable the customers not only a comfortable wearing keys, but used also for the secure storage of personal documents. Often, key fobs are distributed just before the holiday period among potential customers, because applying additional bags, passports or identity cards can be stored safely. The key fobs can be worn around the neck, so that the user always has not only the hands, but also the theft is made more difficult by personal documents in the holiday a lot. Daniela grant

WEFRA Can Do More: Strengthen Of Cooperation

MEDICE relies also Perenterol on the healthcare professionals of Neu-Isenburg, 16.07.2013 success for the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt : under the motto Perenterol can do more”which secured an additional budget of pharmaceutical company MEDICE from Iserlohn to healthcare of specialized communication professionals. Convinced the development of a new positioning and integrated campaign for the leading brand among the anti-Diarrhoika. Focus which it clearly on the product benefits and thus increase of Perenterol, which is effective for diarrhea, as well as in the prevention of traveler’s diarrhea. The campaign created by five subsidiaries of the WEFRA together is through all communication channels through change: be it HV materials for the pharmacies, sales materials, a new online presence or the accompanying public relations display routes in the audience area,. Objective the communication it, the added value of Perenterol to clarify and to provide, in the context of a relevant target group is ultimately the Brand presence to increase,”says MEDICE senior product manager Petra Raffelsiepen.

MEDICE. “Matthias Haack, Managing Director of the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt, adds: for this we take an integrated approach, to join the companies, classic, digital, Public Relations and media hand in hand.” Key elements which Perenterol presents itself immediately to doctors, pharmacists and consumers, are clear messages, fresh, clean design and a straightforward representation of the proven product as hero. Winning Perenterol, the WEFRA expanding advertising agency Frankfurt their business relationship to MEDICE. Already for several years, WEFRA classic WEFRA PR, WEFRA digital and WEFRA media serving the communication of the business unit, Nephrology. Also WEFRA provide classic as well as WEFRA digital creative advertising and online activities for the business field of ADHD. The quality of the co-operation pays off: so the new Isenburg received by MEDICE the skin care product Soventol supports digital from now the construction treatment Medivitan and WEFRA recently not only awarded Perenterol, WEFRA PR. About the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt integrated strategic communication from a single source, this is the philosophy of the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt.

Eight specialized agencies brings together under one roof, are the guarantee for its sustainable implementation. About 75 communication specialists in the eight subsidiaries WEFRA classic, digital, WEFRA media, WEFRA MediPlus, HEAL Germany, WEFRA publishing and WEFRA consult are WEFRA PR, WEFRA for a communication that creates value. Press contact: WEFRA PR company for Public Relations mbH media Dicker WEG 1 WEFRA House 63263 Neu-Isenburg OT Zeppelinheim Silke Schrader management Tel. + 49 (0) 69 / 695008-18 fax + 49 (0) 69 / 695008-71