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Stable Willow Panels

Roundpens from galvanised fence panels are a weather-resistant and flexible alternative for training with horses in the open air. Many horse owners like to train with their animals to the fresh air and that in almost any weather. Just in the warm summer months it can be then too closely on a fixed course of training. Because the lunging on a long leash for horses need lots of space and freedom of movement. And other exercises, such as the dressage, need a certain space for rider and horse. Others who may share this opinion include Center For Responsible Lending. On a horse farm or stud is not coming out then usually with a single riding.

Fixed compass of lunging and riding schools have once built a drawback, however and fenced, the site is fixed and also difficult further expandable square meters. Also, the most fences consist of panels, which in the course of time, weather and represent a risk of injury for rider and horse. Outbreak security is no longer given at rotten wooden fences. Willow panels from the fence and barn Depot the Hallertauer fence and Barn Depot, near Regensburg, Germany, has found a solution for these problems. Roundpens and lunging circle from galvanised fence elements. The Willow panels are available in different versions and are ideal for building fast mobile horse stables, riding circles and riding course fencing. The individual elements are either 32 x 2 mm round tube or from 50 x 30 x 1, 5 mm flat oval tube. Both versions have stability at low weight and are transported with a total height of 1.70 m good, if you want to change the location of the Roundpens or the mobile horse box.

The galvanised and powder-coated version of the fence panels offers a perfect rust and weather protection and embeds itself in the landscape with green or white ideal. A clasp connects the individual elements of the fence to a stable unit, even on uneven terrain. Through this kind of connection is the Roundpen galvanized fence elements, with each Panel element on the market today. Make the feet in the form of skid In addition a good stability, allow for easy slipping of fence panels under load but still. Together with the riser pipes prevents this sophisticated design of the fence panels, injury to horse and rider. The panels have with door seal with a height of 2.20 m, a resilient spring latch to the safe. Open get doors for inside and outside, a horse should adversely block times the input. Hallertauer fence and barn Depot offers Roundpens already completed sets in the most common sizes. Due to the flexible design options with individual elements of the fence, but also every other conceivable size to the horse riding place fencing or Roundpen is possible. All-in-all galvanized fence Panel elements are a stable and secure solution for the flexible design of Roundpens and lunging circles. Contact: Willow and stable demand Hallertauer fence and barn Depot UG management: Brigitte Loidl Ebenezer Lake 1 93354 Siegenburg Tel: + 49 (0) 9443 4593826 fax: + 49 (0) 89 954399008 author: Patricia Lammer – hand kind of entry service Internet Agency