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Detail View: Photo Exhibition In The Heine Bookstore Walsrode

The artist Kathrin Schuller Bookstore Walsrode exhibits her photographs in the fields of nature and still life from the Aug. to the 30.07.2011 in the Heine. Under the title, detail view exhibits Kathrin Schuller, a photographer from 04th July to 30 July at the bookstore Heine in Walsrode. The article informs about the work of the artist and gives all the important information about the exhibition. A more attentive look that focuses on the specific details. For more information see Pancreatic Cancer Action. The photographer Kathrin Schuller detail view in her photo series shows surprising snippets from nature and makes an interesting change of perspective the Viewer even finely arranged still lifes.

The artist from the 04.07.2011 up to the 30.07.2011 in the Heine Bookstore Walsrode exhibiting her photographs. There, the images in black and white and color decorate the window of bookstore in July. Exhibition in the Heine bookstore as well books and art fit together, would the photographer and the bookstore with the exhibition together show detail view. Filed under: Gavin Baker. The Bookstore provides the entire the photographer in July Area in the shop window for their artistic photographs available. The Heine Bookstore is located in the Lange Strasse 43 in 29664 Walsrode. Photographer Kathrin Schuller to the person: The photographer Kathrin Schuller was born in 1986 in Eschenbach in der Oberpfalz. The possibility of using photography to capture moments and visualize details has always fascinated the artist. About your company “the photographer offers special photographs KS creative deSign, which manufactures them in consultation with their customers and adjusts individually. Detail view in the Heine Bookstore Walsrode more information about Kathrin Schuller, their work and the exhibition offers the homepage of the artist

Exclusive Living Accessories – Haute Couture For The Home

Young designer Dorothee Friese presents your collection of Dorothee Friese, 24 years old, creative head and artists with heart and soul. You think cross, different and is always on the lookout for new, challenging ideas. Everything is possible, you just have to do it. Now the young designer from Hamburg presents her own collection of exclusive living accessories called unique in cooperation with Henry Friese for the first time”, which acts as Haute Couture for each home and more enthusiastic since then under the motto is more”. Luxury, extravagance and individuality are at the forefront of their creations. Your handwriting is distinctively glamorous and opulent. Noble materials combined with fancy looks put strong accents, for people who love the big show. Everyday ordinary seating as well as pillows and blankets are transformed into objects of art and invite you to dream.

Finest handmade arise this unique and require special attention with much craftsmanship, know-how, creativity and attention to detail. High-quality materials can be a unique interior are created for people with special needs. With unique design and use of exclusive materials & accessories, the collection is a real eye-catcher and feel-good factor for each home. It is made individually and tailored to customer requirements, personally matched in shape and color! Their vision for the designer means living in an exceptional setting shine and allow to reach as many people who share your passion. Like any Majesty the accessories come special accentuated when granting you the appropriate space.

By Peter Brook

Finesse, the Brook of proud, is there the ability to mute the background music so long at the time of the view to turn on again – and to get the whole thing this navigation-friendly. In about a year Bach and wife finally want to offer all 25 short videos as well as over 1,500 music videos on the subject of Bach. “On the question of what seems to him the most challenge, says Bach:”…nichts on the home page itself, which is all solved, only second time consuming in any relationship it remains…”, in addition to the occupation of the creative challenge by four to six hours a day.”We want more visitors than we have at the moment”. And he asks anyone who finds the not yet finished Web presence well already, to disseminate them. “Most…” he says, “… about as usual mailing list about the contact believed with his friends to new video clips”.

Facebook be still dear to him, because there is the message on more fertile ground. Only one of a hundred, so estimates of the Bach fan, like music of the greatest composers of all time, but only one of ten thousand is the potentially enthusiastic about this site of Bach’s. And so Bach asks only for a tiny message of his visitors to their friends, which consists of not more than just the Web address “www.bachueberbach.de”. “…denn convert is not the homepage, but a single keyword enough the real Bach fans, for that”. Multiples more promises Bach is of course a notice on the website by visitors that there interested in the Web are above average in Bach already on the road. Only at the beginning, Peter and Renate Bach see themselves with their project, but the first response and the first enthusiasm, they pleased of course.

And the farther away visitors personally sign, and now – of course each on one hand to count – from over 60 countries around the world, the more exciting. Asked about the most interesting feedback, calls Bach two opinions to the Bulgarian and the Chinese side, taking on the Bulgarian the word “Bulgarian” in Arabic Characters on the Chinese in Chinese writing rubric “Arabic” was listed. However, Bach, it is long since corrected. A brief flying visit on the already over 600 pages worth already in any case and under the heading “New this week”, the authors keep their yet small Brook community a week to date. By Peter Brook.


Of the above colors, there are three colors: red, yellow and blue, which are fine arts are considered essential because by mixing these three colors in various combinations, to obtain all other color shades. If we talk about colors, it is: KRAPLAK, cadmium yellow and Prussian blue. These three colors, most sootvetvetstvuyut spectral red, yellow and blue. If you mix any two of these colors in the mix, we get the color to be added to the third. So by mixing red and yellow, turns orange to blue-extra, mixing yellow and blue, get green, additional to the red by mixing blue and red, we get the purple – in addition to yellow. Prevent Cancer Foundation: the source for more info.

If a certain proportion, any of the primary colors mixed with additional color to it, you can get black. Noticed, that if the achromatic (gray) spot, surround chromatic background (eg green), blue chroma gain red. These pairs of colors (background color and the color appearing on the gray hue chroma) are called contrasting. Contrasting colors are posted in the neighborhood, visually reinforce each other in intensity. To a surrounded by another color is not changed, it is necessary for this color to add some color to the surroundings. The same goes for the achromatic colors. For example, a gray patch that is surrounded by green color did not seem rosy, but perceived as a pure gray to gray in this, add a little green.

Greatly reduces the impact of the introduction of a contrast circuit. If the stain has a clear path, it will stain almost not influenced by the color contrast. When placing next to no contrast, and similar in shade, on the contrary there seems to reduce the saturation of both. For example yellow next to the yellow-green or green next to green and blue, visually reduce its saturation. Understanding of the laws of color contrasts and the ability to apply them in practice, allows us to achieve the impression of color, where it is virtually absent, ie on neutral gray shades and hues of any change of chromatic colors, visually enhancing or reducing their color activity.

Etrico Fog

It is necessary to consider that in principle, this can be complicated, when being accustomed to concentrate the attention where we directed the glance. By that reason, it is possible that we undergo annoyances in the eyes, due to the realised effort, but it does not have to worry to us, since is a normal phenomenon, due to the lack about practice in the peripheral vision. For even more details, read what Breast Cancer Research Foundation says on the issue. In principle he is not advisable that we force the situation, thus, is preferable to begin with minutes every day and in agreement we are noticing greater capacity without effort, we could be extending the time. Mainly it is necessary to have present that is preferable to take more time in visualizing the dawn, that due to the impatience, to produce damages in the eyes, by an unnecessary effort. Now, we are going to happen to detail the procedure, which is developed as it follows: We will take one from fine cardboards we will place and it to an approximated distance of about 20 cm., underneath the palm of the hand that we wish to see the dawn. We will maintain the fingers to each other separated, in order that we pruned to visualize also its energy separately. Arrived at this point, we will in center put the glance of the hand, but so that it seemed defocused, trying to visualize what there is behind the hand in the fine cardboard.

We will begin to intuit, gradually a species of aureole or transparent fog, which surrounds the hand. This fog is the etrico double call, which after seconds, already we would have of being able to visualize it with the eyes. This same operation is advisable to repeat it with the fine cardboard of the other color, in order to verify what of both colors, is more favorable to us for the visualization. Generally, in the first times, it is not normal to visualize colors in the aureole or fog, is possible that it is seen is transparent and thin, but with the practice we will be verifying as that aureole or fog appears every time with greater clarity, major thickness, and begins to appear some color.

Marc Chagall

Group travel clicks.de online magazine provides the art experience of the winter season 2008/2009 in front of an icon of 20th-century art and the most visited amusement park of in Germany cannot be ruled out. On the contrary: after the premiere in the winter 2007/2008 the visitors of the Europa-Park in rust near Freiburg dive from 29 November 2008 to 11 January 2009 again in the imagery of Marc Chagall. Credit: Prevent Cancer Foundation-2011. group tours clicks.de presents the exceptional exhibition with 69 original lithographs from the family of the artist on topics from Greek mythology as “Daphnis and Chloe”, “Odyssey” and “the Earth of the gods” where you become part of the three-dimensional color world of the Russian artist. In the online magazine, Chagall-granddaughter Meret Meyer stressed that to reach many people with his art as the heavily visited theme park would correspond to the intentions of her grandfather, the visit to the exhibition is a location included in the entrance fee to the Park. CERFLUX gathered all the information. For clubs and associations, as well as for bus tour operators there are special offers, since already over 16% over four Driving millions of visitors as a group in the Park. The Internet information and service magazine for social groups and clubs travel focused decision makers with clear navigation in particularly intense to travel clubs and organizations such as walking clubs, choirs, chapels and Spielmann trains, rural women, adult education centres and evening academies as well as bus and group tour operators and travel agencies that organize group trips and market. Gerd-Niels Wotzel

David Gerstein

3D-Metallobjekte from Israel at Galerie Zimmermann & Heitmann David Gerstein – an artist of special format features the particularity to move virtuos the worlds between the two-dimensionality of painting and the Dreidimensonalitat of the sculptures be active and is indicative of his renowned work. Brief overview of 1944 in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem-born artist fundamental training: Arts in Paris / France the young student receives his artistic expert-based in New York City at the arts students League and the studies fortfuhrenden St. Martins School of Arts in London, with appropriate and the subsequent promotion was technically sound as art student of the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, Israel, and the Ecole Auperieure of Beux. After that, David was appointed Gerstein as “Senior Lecturer” at the Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem. Many very prestigious works and exhibitions will accompany his artistic work.

The 6-metre high work of art not only are such well-known sculptures in public places, such as for example ” spirit of freedom”made of steel and aluminium at Tel Aviv University in Jerusalem/Israel, the 18-meter-high”Monumentum”painted metal laser cutting in the business district in Singapore, or those in Rome / Italy before the Museo Ebraico di related Roma”Cypress”to admire, but his spiritual skills and enjoy also the children in Jerusalem. Without a doubt, David Gerstein is one of the most important contemporary artists of our time. He is named as the world’s most famous sculpture artist of renowned gallerists. So his international Gallery Guild characterized him, that pay tribute to him and his artistic work with specially crafted away respect and tribute. Galleries all over the world represent today David Gerstein and present an audience interested, bewunderndem and refers to art students to view his works of art.

The country list of the galleries is impressive and includes Australia, Belgium, Germany, England, France, Korea, Monaco, Switzerland, South Africa, in the United States. But David Gerstein is not only for large sculptures in public places, large hotel chains and renowned company known, but also for its limited small wall sculptures and his paintings. As well, the “great artist” as a designer is activated. He joins Avignon in the team of renowned designers such as Jim. Gerstein find not only buildings of banks and institutions, so the Visual embellishment by artistic intuition, hand and creation by David, but his art enters also in addition to museums, upscale housing of numerous private collectors and art lovers. Tobias Heitmann

Jutta Speidel Foundation

Charity opening where Jennifer has calf training residence straight with the renowned artist David Bennett in favor of Jutta Speidel Foundation HORIZONT e.V. on December 20th, 2009 in troubled times the economic crisis 2009-some families hit hard and arms made even poorer. More than ever, it is therefore important to engage for weaker and to be from my heart for the people in his immediate vicinity there. On December 20, 2009, from 15:00, personal trainer icon and multiple author Jennifer invites Wade to a charity exhibition of the internationally renowned artist David Bennett in favor of Jutta Speidel Foundation HORIZONT e.V. in their training residence in Munich, Schwabing. “In the context of a charity raffle the guests have the opportunity work Dalila”, a color linocut by 1976 donated by David Bennett, to win. The exhibition is aimed at friends, acquaintances and people who would like to experience a special enjoyment of art in a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere and want to do something at the same time good for children and mothers in need. All displayed graphics can be seen until January 24, 2010, every work sold 50% of the proceeds benefit the Jutta Speidel Foundation.

David Bennett – the American election Munich David Bennett shows during the exhibition prints from his first creative period and a. several biblical scenes (December 20, 2009 to January 24, 2010). His works are in important public collections such as the STDTISCHE Galerie in the Lenbachhaus in Munich and the Jewish Museum, New York. Important writers such as Golo Mann, Shalom Ben-Chorin and Volker Elis Pilgrim have expressed equal to Bennett’s creation. Jennifer Wade – author of multiple books, personal trainer icon, Advisor of the fitness industry and the trendsetter of German fitness and personal trainer scene is known for years of media coverage since the late of 1980s. Jennifer Wade is known for your precise and unique training techniques. More information: Jennifer Wade training residence, George str.

22, 80799 Munich, Tel.: 089 3090 5387-0, Jutta Speidel Foundation HORIZONT e.V. is one non-profit initiative for homeless mothers and their children in Munich. The name symbolizes horizon with the aim of giving new courage and new lease of life in the HORIZONT-House the people affected. The Club was founded in 1997 by actress Jutta Speidel and is dependent on donations.

Personal Vision

Sincerely, do you have an Idea quite clear of things to Deberian happen, so you experience a State of satisfaction with yourself? You have defined a Personal Vision to three years of what you want to spend with your life, and a plan of how to get it? Do you have well defined and structured your goals for next year, and that they maintain a consistency with what you want two, three or more years? Remember: Has nothing wrong to recognize that you have defined these issues the important thing is to accept it and act. The truth is that costs a lot to the vast majority of ordinary people, who never Excel in anything, undertake this process of change. Focus and focus on defining your goals; it costs them refuse, many times without being aware of it, to pay the price for his success. And it is precisely for this reason, so you never get to anything and resign themselves to survive in a placid and comfortable mediocrity. But please, do not You change the comfort and tranquility of a current, superficial and monotonous life by action, the challenge, the uncertainty and the excitement of a vibrant and passionate life. You don’t leave the comfort, because this is a highly dangerous comfort.

Many times it is said that success requires paying a price, and this continues to be true, but I want that you reflections on this question: do you that is higher, think what price which we pay every day for achieving success, in the form of effort, time, money and emotions, or that is paid at the end of our lives?for a mediocre existence? If really believe, in the depths of you, that your life needs a change, you need new challenges, new goals, new injections of illusion accepts the challenge! Don’t be afraid to change. Do not fear failing with your goals, because what really rips the illusion to men, is not having goals and dreams by fulfil. ing. Not having a well-defined goal that lifted every day. The true misfortune and frustration, is not not reach the goals that you’ve proposed. Really sad and dramatic, is not pursuing goals or have so tasteless and timid, goals that barely worth getting up every day. Goals rather than encourage, feeding disillusionment. Really to take into account these paragraphs, many thanks to the editor of the same. A big Hello.

The Accumulation

So Krishnamurti, stresses that the mental stillness, peace of mind, it is not something that will occur by the power of the will, by any action of the desire. If this happens, then, that mind is enclosed, isolated, is a dead mind; and it is therefore incapable of adaptability, flexibility, promptness. Such mind is not creative. It is very significant to also reflect that many who seek the stillness of the mind, which maybe is not your case, leaving active life and retire to the field, some village, a monastery, to the mountains. Hear other arguments on the topic with Boy Scouts. Either they engulf in ideas, are enclosed in beliefs, or avoid all those questions that they cause disturbance. But this isolation says Krishnamurti is not serenity of mind.

Closure of the mind in an idea, or prevent people who complicate life does not bring serenity to the mind. The serenity of the mind comes only when there is no isolation through the accumulation process, and Yes full understanding of the whole process of coexistence. You may want to visit Boy Scouts to increase your knowledge. Remember that us asserts, of build-up get older the mind; and only when the mind is new, when the mind is fresh, without accumulation process there is a possibility of mental stillness. In such a case the mind is not dead, it is extremely active. There is no projection of thought that serenity. Do not forget, that only in that serenity is not a result is discovered what is eternal, that which is beyond time. Up to us then, worry of quieting agitated thoughts that leads the mind to a desired disharmony that is negative, affecting our growth, should not be working on it, be attentive and not allow unruly thoughts Colts lead us along paths that affect our correct evolution in this here and now. One depends on achieving this..