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Nizhny Novgorod Car

The company blamed Start is ready to offer you services on Car stickers vinyl film, such as matte, glossy, 3D Carbon and vinilografiya (airbrushing on the film.) Vinyl on cars can be used in different variations. From simple images, made of vinyl film of the same color and ending with complex combinations using several types of film in different colors, textures and colors. Change the color and texture using vinyl film can be both at the individual parts of the body, and throughout the car entirely. Despite the seeming simplicity of works on application of vinyl on a car, this work is better left to professionals. How much quality will be carried out this work will depend on the life of a vinyl film and how it will be taping vyglyadet.Polnaya matte, colored, “chameleon” tapes, taping of individual body parts, laminating Car protective film, 3D styling mimics carbon film, vinilografiya (airbrushing on the film), toning and book lights.

The film is much cheaper than the picture. The film can be removed at any time, without a trace on paint the car. Extra protection for paintwork from scratches and small chips. In the event of a crash 100% recovery figure. Perhaps drawing pictures, but not the image. The film is polished as well as normal paint. Vinilografiya – this is equivalent to the replacement of airbrushing, they differ only in that the vinyl on cars require minimal material costs.

You can choose any picture or photo and it will be applied to your vehicle as close to the original. For the application of qualitative aerograficheskogo drawing takes a lot of time and money, and then change it is unlikely to succeed. But vinilografiya allow you to change sticker on the car literally every day that can make your vehicle more stylish, it will allocate from the crowd and certainly draw attention to it. Address: Nizhny Novgorod, etc.


For all the Russians evacuated always been one of the most frustrating and costly in their lives. This confusion with the call, then the minimum hour wait, rude staff and a lot of factors that can spoil your mood for the whole day, sometimes more. Also do not forget about the more than unseemly prices for the services of towing. The most offensive is that the price of the service, you will learn when the vehicle is already loaded, and you sit in cab tow truck (and pay exorbitant and certainly on the spot) Alas, all this over a nasty and dirty situation familiar to many motorists, and many of them remember this as one of the most terrible dreams of their life. Yes, the earlier case and the situation was to deny it makes no sense. However, in modern Russia, the situation has changed radically.

No more need to wait for tow truck until late morning, if your four-wheeled friend let you down at night without need more cursing the drivers evacuation services when they are casually dragged your car to the platform, not treacherously high prices, and other unpleasant aspects of this procedure for a long time and completely disappeared in past. Now the situation is as follows: if you got up on his beloved car in the middle of the road at night, do not be afraid and nervous nazvanivaet friends, who incidentally has long been a dream tenth look to all those cast and dovezli you home on a cable. Need to calmly and quietly take the telephone directory or call the help desk (well, that they have around the clock) and the clock to find the number of evacuation. By the way now to evacuate all anywhere and everywhere. PanCan describes an additional similar source. Evacuated motorcycles, motorbikes, vans and SUVs, even if you want to jet skis and trucking vehicles.

True for large machines should be called and a different type of tow truck, but the fact that you can find it at any time, anywhere, can not but rejoice. As a rule, the expectation is not so much time. Then comes the car, and your friend's steel neatly way (so as not to damage) is immersed in tow. The problem of prices as such, too, have long been exhausted, when you call in to evacuate the operator must immediately say how much one or another service. If the price does not suit you, you can call another service, evacuation, and their many, especially in metropolitan areas. Sooner or later there is an acceptable option. For your money your car will be delivered to your heart's content. In addition to the evacuation of these services may also provide technical assistance. All again depends on the extent of damage and condition of the car. Can fix your car right on the road, and if necessary, and drop off the nearest service center. Now call the tow truck is much more profitable than break precious dream of friends.