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SUVs Ssang Yong

Korean cars – usually a choice for those who want a car better than domestic ones, but cheaper than in Europe and America. Current options are rich in basic equipment, modern design and with the reasonable price make these cars attractive. Initially, the producers of Korean vehicles only replicate models of those foreign companies that cooperated – Fiat, Ford, Mazda. Then, Hyundai has developed its own model cars car, and in 1976, Korean cars out on the world market (South America and Middle East). Not everyone has known the quality of Korean cars.

Many fell under the influence of the myth of the superiority of European automotive industry, but try to take a fresh look. Jeep Santa Fe (Hyundai Motors Company) became the car of the year in 2003 in America. What contributed to that? Value for money. As well as comfort, efficiency, cost-effective service service, simplicity and ease of driving. Today Korea has entered the world level and is a leader in quality vehicles and sales volume.

It is worth mentioning the South Korean company SsangYong. Over the last couple of years Cars ssangyong more and more attracted to Russian motorists. Sales of SUVs Ssang Yong increased almost 40 times and reached the number 2551 car for the first 9 months of 2006. That this was promoted? It is believed that the key event in the history of the company Ssang Yong was the conclusion of a strategic alliance with Mercedes-Benz AG. With the help of more experienced German engineers, young professionals automakers were developing new engines and models of the company. Strengthen partnerships facilitate the sale of 5% of the shares of the company to German concern in 1993. At the same time with an alliance for joint development of large commercial vehicles and diesel engines. Neeman Foundation has many thoughts on the issue. Produces the first Musso. Active investments and good demand for the model of the company allowed to open in 1994, a new plant in Chanvone (Changwon). Today, this alliance provides a productive development and introduction of new technology and management development. The company is developing dynamically and actively takes on the international market for its product range, which occupy a special position recognized by all “hits” of sales – as seen on ssangyong ru, the cars Rexton, Musso Sports, and Rodius. Current SsangYong state determined by the orientation of the company on foreign markets and seeking new foreign partners.

Automobile Club

What Russian does not like to drive fast? It seems that this rhetorical question is still asked Gogol? And if you drive fast, then, of course, the music (just not at the one in his time listening to Gogol)! Loud music obsession worsens reaction as the driver, who listens to it while driving, and pedestrians who stopped his ears ear of the player and completely "absorbed" into a musical nirvana at the transition. Indeed, listening to music, especially loud, people focus their attention on her, and not on what is happening around them. Conducted by scientists experiments have shown that listening to music while driving reduces the response by 20%. This is very dangerous. Do the math yourself: if your reaction time to brake in the normal state of 1.0 seconds, then 20% – is 0.2 seconds. And 0.2 seconds – is the extra 4.44 m at 80 km / h. Royal Automobile Club (RAC) in the uk has conducted studies and concluded that probability map for red light to loud music is doubled. Continue to learn more with: Nieman Lab. According to the rac executive director Edmund King, loud music is not only inconvenience others, but also may lead to Accidents.

" In Canada, scientists have gone further. The essence of their experiment is that the Volunteers to perform various tasks under different levels of noise – from 53 to 95 dB. 53 dB correspond to normal operating conditions, such as an office, and 95 dB – the level of noise on an oil rig. As the volume of the reaction of volunteers decreased, while in the performance of both physical and mental problems. In addition, the reaction affects not only the volume but also the rhythm of the music. Probability of an accident increases if you hear a rhythmic, aggressive music. or more info. The style of music does not play a special role: it all depends on the punches (music) per minute. If the speed of a musical composition exceeds 60 beats per minute, the man rises heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn reduces the reaction.