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Within the many things for which meditation can be used, and one of the most important, without a doubt, is the forgive us completely while we meditate. When we relax, when we give us this valuable time for ourselves, we are dealing as valuable things which we know to be. This is extremely important. Those people who do not usually have time to meditate are those least pamper and forgive themselves, to the extent that does not make the effort to find this time of individual privacy. As we begin to meditate, it is important to bring to mind those events or situations that are not to our liking.

To that effect, case our body in search of constriction, tension and unnecessary effort. These clusters of energy mis used are the reflection of our emotional body in our physical body, and in case of failure to do anything about it, we will begin to get used to the feeling of discomfort, while coining these emotional symptoms as their own. Calm the mind and breathing relaxed manner allows us to review all our body in search of stuck emotions. Care and Assistance for Forced Migrants is likely to increase your knowledge. Those places where it hurts, where we feel a sense of weight, those sectors where bothers us constantly, are signs of past emotional things unresolved. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and gain more knowledge.. Generally, we find tension in the back, knots in the throat and stomach, pressure in the forehead or in the lungs, etc.

As we see, the affected area has much to do with the kind of problem that we must heal and the way in which we should do it. When we have any voltage at the muscular level, we are simply attentive to those thoughts and memories that are presented to us. We do not identify with them. Simply traigamolos to our mind and miremolos desapegadamente, from a position of control. When we achieve this, we will be streamlining such matters at the mental level with the logic of today, allowing these bad memories lose their psychological energy load. Perhaps note that tensions are going with this exercise. Perhaps notice that tensions raging and we feel even more uncomfortable. Either way, both symptoms are benchmark of progress! Sometimes, when we clean psychologically, arise new and more profound traumas that we must heal and forgive in the same way. To achieve this, with patience and forgiveness, we can achieve fantastic results. Many people feel like their tensions loose with the first meeting, just as there are those that require a little more work. Us not desperate. Simply relax and visualize these issues without attachments. We will notice results immediately. Meditation Ho ponopono is fantastic for this type of healings. We will be gradually adding more videos so that the readers of the blog can enjoy. Forgive me, what I feel, thank you, Te Amo. Lots of light!