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Pocket Watch

Not you become what you’re not! the child told the monster that was in charge of monitoring it and happened that these words melted the exterior of the monster to a candle child I already can see, take me with you! He said the monster, you take to the city because it is not your time yet and many people beyond outside you need to! said the child. Then the child pulled out a Pocket Watch, pressed a button and in a few minutes was heard a thunder in the heart of the Dungeon and reached the cell a small spacecraft, quiet is my ship! said the child to the new be and he regained his humanity, he regained a large force and with their strong arms opened huge bars of the cell where the child was upload soon! Said the child, I will take you to the new city, leads because the monsters are very quick quick!-said the new being, quiet may not reach us! said the child and the ship rose again amid the great tunnel of the Dungeon and took off like the wind I’m flying! He said the new being more a cry of emotion while tears of happiness again rolled down her cheek. Monsters made it possible to not let them escape but all were useless. The new being was left on the surface by the child, while it looked at the sky as it disappeared the spaceship with that little person aboard who transformed his life. Time passed and ran the rumor that the monsters of the city only came in the midst of darkness costume because they decided to stay refugees in the Kingdom of the shadows who waiting to see who was left trapped in the spider’s Web of shadows to be able to fool him. He continued rolling the time since that event and the whole city illuminated by the light ball he returned to live in peace, where reigned again the joy and happiness of all its inhabitants forever original author and source of the article