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Strategic Sessions

In the life of every business there comes a point when you want to check their intuitive decisions, to understand whether the company in the right direction, systematically analyze the business, look at it "by", ask yourself question "what's next?". And many companies are looking more and more modern forms of and approaches to strategic planning. Faced with various challenges in this work, companies understand that to operate and grow your business spontaneously, "random" – is extremely dangerous. Every company needs to meet ever-changing world around them – to seek and develop their own competitive advantages, to set new goals, create new strategy. What happens when the strategy only exists in the mind of the owner and managers do not know the strategy and can not formulate it to others? What happens when the managers are afraid of changes and do not know what tomorrow will bring? What happens when a company is living the "fire" tasks? The company turns into a chaotic system where everyone is trying to survive. Developing such a system? None. Only a clear vision of the company and clearly formulated a strategy shared by all members of the team, helping it to become self-developing, cohesive and dynamic moves towards their targets. From the practical standpoint, the strategy's role as an element which "glues" the organization, forcing it to act as a unit and brings it into motion. Ambition and perseverance of the company – a definite plus, but not calibrated strategy to achieve high results difficult.

Customs Code

If we are talking about coming to work the employee in a state of intoxication, this fact should be fixed. Otherwise, an employee in an explanatory or in circulation in the inspection declares, that was sober and, for example, alcohol is not consumed. If your organization is a physician who is entitled to survey the state of the worker to do it simply. However, a physician may not be. In this case, the employee should be asked to pass a medical institution for medical examination on the state of intoxication. If an employee refuses to go to the examination, you should make the Act to appear before an employee is intoxicated to be signed by not less than 3 employees. On the certificate should state that the employee was required to undergo a medical examination and that he informed his right to appeal against this act of the State Labour Inspection and (or) bodies to consider individual labor disputes.

An employee in a state of intoxication must be excluded from work, the report card account working time is also to be reflected. Article 193 of the Customs Code is defined the application of disciplinary punishment, namely, that before the application of disciplinary action the employer must require the employee written explanation. If after two working days specified explanation of the employee is not granted, then the components of the act. Failure to provide the employee an explanation is not an obstacle for imposing a disciplinary sanction. If, after the commission of the offense, the employee is not in the organization and ask for him personally to explain is not possible, it should send a certified letter / telegram from the notice of the need to explain.

Successful Business By Telephone

Successful telephone calls part of a thriving business. Where managers are trained to properly and effectively talk on the phone, customers are happy, loyal, and ready to apply again. Circulated the view that on the phone are able to say everything, and it is partly true. But the conversations are different. There is a huge difference between the business phone calls and conversations of two friends of yesterday’s movie. With friends, colleagues to chat not averse to many and well it can do, but why it is important to learn to conduct business conversations on the phone? Because there are a number of important features.

Telefonnye negotiations are strictly targeted actions that lead to planned results. Telefon one of the most important means of earning money (or lose them). Telefonnye negotiations require brevity and clarity in expressing their thoughts, which provides specialized training, reasonableness of the possible scenarios for discussion. Kidney Foundation is full of insight into the issues. Need to present their arguments, views as vividly and lucidly. Like this – you can find details on the training “expert of speech influence.” Telephoning require high skills with voice and emotions displayed by voice.

These are the only tools the impact, not counting the credibility of the content of speech. Learn more about the negotiations as a whole can in the training “Negotiations without defeat.” Just phone calls are different from those that occur immediately with a man – when it can be seen. During the telephone is no non-verbal contact, no information about facial expressions, gestures, posture, the other person. Up to 70-80% of the information is transmitted non-verbally, ie through the visual channel of perception, so only listen carefully to the voice and influence, using intonation, loudness, timbre, and other parameters, creating and transmitting the desired emotional state. According to Nieman Foundation, who has experience with these questions. Manage voice and his speech, to achieve high results can be learned at the training “Erickson’s hypnosis.” phone can not demonstrate what you are saying the only way to gain evidence of your argument is a set of emotions transmitted by voice. If you call, you can catch the person is not in the best mood. He may be upset, sad, depressed, etc. experiences. The main thing in this case to be able to hear and understand the emotional state of the interlocutor. B telephone conversations easier to deny than personal. In Eventually, the caller can simply initiate a “disconnection”, and instead of his or her consent you will hear a telephone dial tone. not seen, during a telephone conversation, your interlocutor may interfere with, distract outsiders people. Therefore, it is important to “hear” the state of inattention to respond and be sure that you not only listen but also hear. telephone communication most misunderstandings, inaccuracies, misunderstandings words spoken by, misinterpretation heard in the absence of visual observation of the companion. Thus, any talk on the phone at work is – talks which have their own characteristics, their knowledge and skills for successful phone calls lead either to attract customers, increase profits, create a favorable image of the company, or the loss of customers, money, reputation.

Legality Of Apartment Ownership

At the moment, especially popular are the issues concerning the recognition of ownership of the apartment by going to court. After the establishment of houses being actively, despite transition problems all the big houses are being commissioned, and a great variety of approvals, which should collect the customer-builder has not declined. The most conservative estimate the number of approvals that are needed to make only the beginning of construction of residential premises – more than 300. That is why a large number of dwellings constructed with a known non-compliance of the construction of residential house, with mismatched records. As Consequently, after completion of construction works residential property developer can not formalize the ownership of the apartment not for myself or for the citizens who contributed to the creation of living quarters with their money. Federal Service state registration, inventory and mapping of the place of erection of the house has denied the appeal on the investor’s registration of ownership of flats and from that day, most often originate from harassing litigation between the builder, the Administration, the Office of Rosreestra. The subject of these proceedings is starting to become the land allocated for construction of residential non-compliance with mandatory requirements unknown whether there is authorization that the administration either provided, or not provided, etc.

In these circumstances, oddly enough, the most extreme are co-investors – ordinary citizens who have invested considerable accumulated many years of investing money in his apartment, which is the fault of the investor, the local administration and gaps in regulations and his disappeared. It would seem that the situation has no solution, but Lawyers provide a solution – eliminating problems with the registration of ownership of the apartment. The problem is easily corrected with the help of a claim aimed at recognizing the right of ownership of an apartment by going to court. Before serving This claim may also want to send a claim letter to the customer-developer. The claim must require registration of ownership, referring to the contractual terms or transfer to you all the necessary documentation for registration, according to the provisions of your agreement on sharing. In that statement of claim sets out all the facts, lack of registration of ownership to the fault owner / developer, developer’s obligations under a contract that is signed by you and him – soinvestitsionny, a preliminary contract of sale, cession, equity investment, and etc.

Before the trial, should amply demonstrate its legal position with reference to legal norms. Good knowledge of laws, regulations of the Civil Code, on which you base the claim requirements, the ability to provide persuasive comments in effect, is highly desirable. Only in this case, the court will adopt the desired action on the claim, according to which you are able to arrange your ownership Rosreestra. Making ownership of an apartment in the registering body usually takes one month and is the final step required to obtain a certificate of ownership of an apartment.