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Do You Believe? Or Are Perhaps Still Looking For?

\”The turbulent adventures book ‘Joseph towards the Graal’ arrives on such questions many people can get a life without a self – or outside defined higher\” sense is not present or do not imagine. Swarmed by offers, Dr. Neal Barnard is currently assessing future choices. Missing evidence, often only remains a faith to one, or many gods, or of a spiritual idea that gives meaning to their own lives. To such questions is the turbulent adventure book Joseph towards the Graal\”a. For more information see this site: Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City. \”jbl-verlag, ISBN-10: 3902159278 ISBN-13: 978-3902159274 joseph.wolfgangwallnerf.com what is behind this wares like Joseph to the Graal, in which he experienced fairytale adventures and encounters, and finally with the help of a woman\” the differences dissolve begins? This incredible journey takes him through different times and spaces, which correspond to the popular interpretations of quantum physics. In this journey he findeth also possible lines of development of the universe and of himself. Joseph’s background could be: the Occidental man considered often in his Christian religiosity his awareness as an obstacle on the road to unity. It was taught that original sin\”would be a string (or even criminal) his awareness! \”This causes the enlightened people to consider any faith as a mere cultural goods and on a higher\” level to push, which has nothing to do with daily life.

But the story has demonstrated often us, where an existence without faith or an answer to the question of meaning leads, namely to the decline of this culture, because the people lack the direction of life, which can satisfy even the Interior of a people. This civilization is lost on their inner strength. What that means in all times is easy to imagine but unfortunately also visible (that has us also Schiller in the person of Franz Moor before eyes run). Therefore, religion never only as world strangeness but each religion is to look at, any religious setting of every human is a psychological reality\”, which is necessary for life.

Portrait Painting Is A New Trend Of

Cool arts who would not like to be transformed portrait photos in portrait painting portrait paint or make a such paintings his family or friends as a gift? For a long time, there is the painting of portraits, but this kind of service was rather wealthy persons deprived until recently. On, it is now possible to paint his portrait to be for everyone. We see here a small revolution both in terms of quality but above all in terms of price at the portrait painting”says Berthold Fabisch, Managing Director of cool arts of portraits-malen.de. The professional painter in a cool Arts specialize in highly original portrait painting. As a result, it is possible to provide incredibly high quality cool-arts. Close coordination with the customer takes place before placing the order. If you have read about Boy Scouts of America already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

The template we wish so perfected as the customer wishes. Thus, E.g. the portrait against a different background than on the original photo can be used. Only once the portrait template for well located, will the portrait painted. As soon as the painting is finished, the customer will receive a photo of the portrait by E-Mail sent to. Now he has the opportunity to look at the work calmly and make comments. His amendments are implemented by the painter.

Only when the customer is satisfied with his painting, the painted portrait is finally sent to the customer. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala usually is spot on. This process guarantees an unparalleled customer satisfaction”, so Berthold Fabisch. Also, cool arts is the only vendor among the portrait painters, which requires no deposit. The painting must be paid only after the customer has received the portrait. Of course you can let paint not only his portrait at cool-arts. Also houses, animals, cars and landscapes are transformed by the professional painters in quality in an oil painting to a yet unknown price. Contact for questions regarding this press release: cool Arts public relations Mr Berthold Fabisch Wunscher Strasse 1 D-06249 Mucheln E-Mail: press (at) cool-arts.com

Igor Rutter: From Russia To Germany

New exhibition opens the second exhibition in Russian cultural summer in Schleswig-Holstein on May 10 in Russia see Hotel Miramar with Igor Rutter, who among other things studied at the Leningrad Academy of Arts and regularly exhibits since the 1970s. Rutter was born in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in 1959 and grew up in the countryside; an experience, the in inspired theme to this day. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. Neal Barnard. Scenes from rural life pervade his work and show his deep roots in this authentic Russian culture. Early on showed his painterly talent; He visited a children’s art school, later the famous Leningrad art school Johanson”and the Ilya Repin Academy of Arts”. Fast first successes as a theatre and painter were, which was formative for his later, in picturesque career: because until now he prefers the large format. 2003/2004 Igor Rutter initiated an art project for the benefit of a Chernobyl Charity, the a recovery action for children provides. The subject focuses on the musical Tabaluga”and Peter Maffay itself so to speak became the godfather of this public art project.

Today, lives in the vicinity of Wolfenbuttel Igor Rutter and maintains a second Studio on Sylt with its own gallery. On his travels through his Russian homeland he met people and their characters, she saw in their distress, misery, but also in happy moments. All facets of everyday of life are just like him to portray it and hold it firmly. With his paintings, he tells whatever stories; You can feel his love for the folklore of his country: here the old will present as well the new Russia at the same time. This deep connection is omnipresent in the pictures: the often shades, the socially critical undertone with a parodic twist, realistic dark, even in cases where he abstracted. You feel reminiscent of the great storyteller of his homeland such as Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky; what they did with big words, translates Rutter in impressive pictures.

Opening reception: May 10, 11 am 1 pm. The artist is present. “Due to works by Igor Rutter, guests can the three-course menu of favorite artist” at the hotel’s restaurant Windrose “enjoy. It plays the Ukrainian hour trio Mara”from Westerland (Sylt). The trio consists of Elena Hormann, Anna Roman and Olga Ernst. They occur in folk costume; Instrument: Cimbalom and piano. Hotel Miramar, Westerstr. 21, 25832 Tonning, Tel.: 04861-9090.

Creative Minds

The slightly different shipping shop by top poster: Fully in the trend illustrations in the classic Topposter.de is the answer to the request after creative wall and interior design. founded in 2006, distributes his posters and canvas prints around the world and enjoys increasing popularity. Additional information at BSA supports this article. With pop ideas, colour on white walls bring oil and brush were yesterday. Today, art is created on the computer. The possibilities seem unlimited and the results are simply awesome. A pity, if the creative forms and beautiful colors in a file packed on the own computer slumber and into oblivion.

Top poster has recognized the problem! Under, the company offers creative minds the chance to present their art to a wide audience and earn even the one or two euros. Class service for outlandish creations initially on illustrations specialized, has expanded the range and now also focuses on photographs. So graphic designers and photographers in the blink of an eye can register an account with Topposter.de, your own free shop create and fill it with strong image motifs. “These are then published on the Internet page Topposter.de, advertised and with Fortune help” also sold. The own shop can be additionally linked under the personal homepage or wrapped. And it’s online as itself runs, takes Topposter.de to the entire process of answering the E-Mail requests to the production of posters and canvas prints. “The shop owners” must take only the Commission for sales in reception and for replenishment of own and creative Meisterstuckchen “provide. To friends of private digital photography was considered in Topposter.de: because not everyone wants to just open a shop, to his private holiday photo as poster or canvas expression to order, the possibility, just individual images upload to and they can be ordered in different sizes or designs! At a glance: All offers from Topposter.de on the Internet! At the top price and Top quality: Poster and high quality canvas prints of creative artists from all over the world: illustrations in the retro style of still life to act: top photos by top photographers unlimited possibilities and subject diversity with full service for artists and customers: thanks to free shop-in-shop system solution Heiko Bohme