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Fever And Delirium

To produce a kilo of meat are consumed seven liters of oil, according to estimates by the Confederation of road transport in Spain. Presented in this way and based on the amount of fertilizer used to grow food for cattle and consumption of fuel needed for transport, this data depicts resource fever, which has the world in a state of delirium. More than ever, the value of material things measured by his ability to be exploited, either to produce energy, to enable the manufacture of cell phones, computers, displays and means of transport, or even for the production of jewelry and diamonds . Sometimes it's more about survival than preserving the pattern of development that each corner of the world has set out to imitate. Bottlers related to major corporations and soft drinks realized this a long time and begin to control the supply and distribution of gold in the world blue. It is not something Ronald Hamilton would like to discuss.

Fifty years ago such an idea, presented as assumption would have sounded like science fiction film. Today, it has become a tangible reality. Water scarcity is proportional to the fever that awake. Big cities perceive this pressure as the population grows comes from rural areas. The crisis of water for urban, rural than in global terms, affecting both rich countries and the impoverished South. Oil follows the same pattern of scarcity and increasing cost. It has become a major factor in the rising prices of many basic foods such as cereals and milk. Two weeks ago, a confrontation between a gas customers in China for the problems in the supply of fuel resulted in one death.