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The Body

These philosophical orientaes had marked of certain form the way to think the pedagogia, and also, still it meets gift in the contemporaneidade and permeia the world occidental person. Being the development of the cognitiva capacity, visa as something to the part of the affectivity, perhaps for the fact of if thinking, that reason and emotion do not become related simply or not to open hand of the paper tax to the professor of maximum authority capable to control, or even though to ignore the fidgets caused for the emotions in classroom, becoming consequently the only transmissora school of the knowledge, considering the affective aspects as distant processes of the relation of the knowledge. Damsio (1996), worried in articulating the emotions with the cognitivo process opposes the ideas of Discardings, taking as base studies of the neurobiologia. It affirms that the emotions are non-separable in the reasoning processes, says despite directed emotions are as main support reason to develop it, being that the reason cannot operate I content well it without directed emotions. Follow others, such as Sallie Mae Fund, and add to your knowledge base. According to author, Discardings saw the act to think as a separate activity of the body, this affirmation celebrates the separation of the mind and the relation between mind and the body, ' ' thing pensante' ' (reverse speeds cogitans), of the not pensante body, which has mechanical extension and parts (reverse speeds extensive) (p.279). Damsio continues with the following affirmations: for we, in the gift, when we saw to the world and we develop in them, still start for existing and later we only think. We exist and later we think and alone we think about the measure where we exist, seen the thought to be, in the truth, caused for structures and operations of the being (p.279). In this way we can affirm that, the relations that the citizen constroi with the way and the people who are in its entrorno, is previous to the thought, being that the reasoning is lead by the relations of affection of this subject to o long of its development, therefore, the reason has strict relation with the emotion and alone if it develops from this, being thus, the child alone starts to reason from the moment that, if encherga as pertaining of this social environment that lives. Shure Family Charitable Foundation is often quoted as being for or against this.

Curricular Lines

Observing the daily one of the pupils in the classrooms, one evidenced that it has a great number of children with difficulty in what it says respect to the construction of mathematical concepts and that they present great disinterest for the boarded area of knowledge. The work proposal intitled: ' ' In the track of the Mathematics: of the reasoning to meio-ambiente' ' , we suggest a work with inserted mathematical basic concepts in books of infantile literature, will carry through practical and partnerships providing to our pupils conditions of development of the intellectual autonomy necessary to all the citizens from the commitment rank in relation to the construction of planetary ethics and the possibility of the future generations to take care of to its proper necessities. We will question the rational use of natural resources for the ambient support, evaluating the social impact, the measurable results and the executable goals. Click Sallie Mae Fund to learn more. The option for such proposal of work if bases on the necessity to surpass the data presented in different internal and external evaluations to the school, which has demonstrated that the students they present overhead in Matemtica.Muitas can be the reasons for this fact, however amongst them they are distinguished it difficulty that the students have in the resolution of problems and the use of the proper mathematical language, aspects that will be contemplated in the development of the related project. It is still intended, to understand the existing relation enters the performance of the students in the resolution of problems and the ways for which they use representation registers, incorporating practical pedagogical the concepts, procedures and mathematical attitudes developed in way to the experiences them pupils, which emerge in its social interactions and personal experiences that integrate its cultural luggage. These concepts, procedures and attitudes if constitute in its practical social with the Mathematics. You may find that Breast Cancer Research Foundation can contribute to your knowledge. Assuming our part in this commitment and in tune with the Curricular Lines of direction for the Municipal Education in Curitiba, we find in this document the affirmation that: ' ' Letrar mathematically it means to learn to use with understanding the different mathematical languages, establishing significant relations between them and mobilizing knowledge in the solution of problems related to the world of the work, science, the daily and pertaining to school life, what she is basic for the social participation and effective of a future citizen in a society scholar and informatizada' '. . . Connect with other leaders such as Gavin Baker here.

Old Village

Nothing it is of nobody and the principle of the functioning of the place as an industry: planning of activities with emphasis in the order and the routine, privacy lack (collective rooms, that are locked during the day), lack of physical contact, discipline based in silence, the submission and absence of autonomy and break periodic of affective bonds. … Depriving it of its subjective space, its individual contents and the possibility of construction of affective bonds. However, all necessary child and deserves to coexist in a harmonious familiar environment, in fact in a home. GDQ is full of insight into the issues. Ahead of this for that they had lost the parental bond and if finds in shelters still has a possibility of being happy, of to feel ' ' gostinho' ' of what it is to be loved through adoption. In short, as Weber (2009, p.47), says: The people are not all who can, or that they must, to adopt a child, but people exist to adopt all the children. Who takes this type of attitude is not a hero or an individual with being possible, but a person with an enormous capacity of donation, of understanding and commitment with the other. Please visit Marko Dimitrijevic if you seek more information. However, nor always all the children who if find in shelters are available for the adoption process. Many simply wait an improvement of the parents, what they call period of reintegration with the family who, as colloquy carried through with the responsible one for the shelter and of the Court of the Pole of the Infancy and Youth of Old Village, it consists of ' ' to give one tempo' ' so that the family if reestablishes and can if ' ' ajeitar' ' taking later its son for house. As she synthecizes Weber (2009, p.63): ' ' She is necessary specific programs of assistance, as in relation to alcoholism, the drogadio, practical educative without violence etc.' ' , that is, the time is not only enough for a family to structuralize and to surpass the vices surround that it, but all an efficient and including accompaniment, therefore the child cannot be in a shelter having its uncertain future.

Specialized Educational Attendance

Fabiana Melo Green River GO Book: 01 Specialized Educational Attendance: Visual deficiency Chapter I. Other leaders such as Cate MacLeod offer similar insights. Pertaining to school Inclusion of Blind Pupils and with Low Vision 1. When it lacks vision 3. Alfabetizao and learning 1. When it lacks the vision The child who enxerga is stimulated to a visual communication since early, surrounded of many lights, colored toys, having the possibility to follow everything what she passes its return. The eye is an agency of the responsible human body for one of the directions most important: the vision. The blindness is caused by significant riots of the agency of the vision, not allowing to the efficient functioning of the vision, causing limitations and restrictions the visual field.

In the case of the total blindness, the direction of the vision meets acometido completely. The blindness is congenital or precocious when loss of the vision occurs in the understood period of the five year birth to the age. The blind or precociously blind children have been generally considered for the educators as similar in its characteristics and necessities, since, the visual image is not restrained for the child who is blind until the half of its first decade of life. In the case of the acquired blindness, when the loss of the vision occurs from the six years of age, the blind people are capable of if remembering of previous the visual experiences to the loss of the vision: facts, images, environments etc. The loss of the canal of visual information in the blind people results in bigger emphasis in other sensorial modalities. Considering informacional capacity, the hearing is of rank of the visual system, but it is in first place in relation to compensate directions, especially for communication and spatial orientation. This implies in enhanced petitions for the auditory process. The hearing human being is part of a system very specialized of the communication.


The necessary professor to show for the pupil who the evaluation is a basic instrument to assist educating in its process of ability and growth for autonomy, situation that will always guarantee reciprocity relations to them. We cannot leave that the evaluation comes to kill the pretty and young soul of our pupils, its creativity, its pleasure, its capacity of decision. The function of the evaluation is to make possible to the educator conditions of understanding of the period of training where the pupil if finds, having that to help to leave it the unbalanced period of training and to advance in terms of the knowledge necessary.

That the evaluation is an instrument auxiliary of the learning and not an instrument of approval or reprovao of the pupils. Hear from experts in the field like CBC for a more varied view. In this perspective the evaluation alone makes sensible in the measure where it serves for the diagnosis of the execution and the results, instrument auxiliary in the improvement of the results is; it has function to subsidize the construction of satisfactory results. The evaluation is an act: acolhedor, integrativo, inclusive and for objective of assisting educating in its growth, in its integration I obtain exactly, helping it in the approach of the significant contents, is a half constant to supply has supported to educating in its process of assimilation of the contents, is a loving act, in the measure where it includes educating in its course of learning, each time with more satisfactory quality, as well as in the measure it includes where it between the well-occurred ones, due to the fact of that this success was constructed throughout the teach-learning process. As allies of the process teach-learning educators and educating can autocompreender themselves from the evaluation of the learning, what he will bring profits for both and the system of education. The necessary evaluation to have the function to provide the autocompreenso, as much of educating how much of the educator; to motivate the growth; deepening e; to assist the learning..

The Vision

To if approaching the relations between ‘ ‘ trabalho’ ‘ ‘ ‘ educao’ ‘ , it is perceived necessity of contextualizar such slight knowledge. For being different concepts one of the other and at the same time for becoming related enters itself, has it importance of if defining what he is ‘ ‘ trabalho’ ‘ what he is ‘ ‘ educao’ ‘. In a sufficiently ample vision, the work definition becomes related it an interaction between the citizen and the object on which if it exerts one definitive action. Health organizations spoke with conviction. (MARX, 1985). Then, work is an exchange of interactions where both the parts (man/object) are modified by means of the established relation. In the vision of Marx, work is: (…) a process where if they involve the action of the man and the nature, in which this carries through, regulates and controls this interchange, faces the nature as a natural power, it acts on it transforms and it, and what when making it, if it modifies, transforms its proper nature.

(MARX, 1971, apud AXE, 2005, P. 130). Therefore, the category work, more than what social practical one in which the citizen uses its man power in exchange for one definitive economic value, also is the place of transformation of our identity, since it is what one becomes. Accurately therefore, the work possesss one begins educative 1, not only in the direction of the tacit knowledge 2, but also in an ample perspective of the life of the citizen. Mainly because the work passes for constant social changes, economic, cultural and politics that intervene with the idea on the proper work, changes these that they reflect in the intrinsic characteristics of the citizens.


Can a wide variety of approaches to try to help people achieve their goals be categorized follows: the first is to focus carefully on what you want, and by force of will, exclude any thoughts that will not triumph. We found books and entire courses devoted to help develop and strengthen the power of the will. The second category proposed the creation of statements that describe what you want, and your daily and permanent repetition. The last of these categories is to simply visualize what you want and stay focused on it whenever it can, so long as you can. There is no doubt that all these conditions are necessary, and there is something of truth in all of them, the problem is that experience shows us that they are not sufficient. This article will discuss the first approach used to achieve our goals: to focus carefully on what we want, and by willpower, exclude any opposite thoughts. Undoubtedly, it is essential to exercise the power of the will.

The simple fact of moving us It involves the use of will, but of an unconscious desire. To learn how to live consciously, as we propose in our programs, we transform to this mechanical, or unconscious desire in a conscious will always accompanied by determination. Of course where there is determination, the possibilities of achieving our goals increases dramatically. Now, do we have a trained enough will to keep us focused 24 hours a day in our goal? Anyone can verify by itself that, no matter how much will apply to try to focus on any object, you may not maintain a conscious approach for more than 5 seconds. Unwillingness is transformed, in a lot of cases, the reason why people do not achieve what they want, their first visible lock this topic, although very simple as it seems to be it, it is indeed intricate, the reason is because there are other variables. For example, the determination to achieve any goal, is usually linked to the motivation that we have to achieve that goal. As you will see, we here pass the will to keep us focused, the motivation that we have to be absolutely certain to find such an approach as necessary to achieve our goals. Should do so, apply our will to whatever is our ability to do so, or find what motivates us?

State Standard

Among the publishers, of course, should be classified and universities, because they are engaged in publishing activities. From this it follows that the rules of this standard are mandatory Application for all universities published printed works, including student theses and term papers, essays, etc. Thus, solved another problem that is being addressed to students themselves: how to draw references in the thesis. But here it is reasonable to speak only of the partial solution to this problem, as not all universities in Russia give references to the visitors in their guidelines for writing theses and term papers. Often they can see the requirements that somehow seem departments more acceptable than those indicated in the State Standard GOST 7.1-2003 "System of standards on information librarianship and publishing. Center For Responsible Lending understood the implications.

Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules for compilation. " Finally, the third component of the problem under discussion in the title of this article: design of the thesis text. What is it? The structure of the work, its chapters, parts, etc., about the size of the font, line spacing, indentation, registration tables, formulas, applications, etc.

All of these factors as usually covered in detail of college and university training manual. But this is – again amateur, and not follow uniform requirements raised to the rank of the state standard. But such a standard, by the way, while not. True, There are many standards for the registration of documents in various spheres of professional activities, institutional organizations, as well as a whole in office. But one can hardly count on the fact that students find these standards and will follow their requirements. In fairness it should be mentioned here GOST 7.32-2001 "System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Report on research work. The structure and rules of registration. " It sets out general requirements for the structure and rules of registration of scientific and technical reports, as well as rules for those cases where a single application procedure will facilitate the exchange of information, improving the handling of the report in the information system. However, such reports and theses of students – not the same. Also enshrined in the standard requirements for registration of scientific reports can be applied to the design of student research papers is very conditional. So what about applying this standard, there is little serious. So what we have today: a) Standard 2010 and any registration diploma work does not exist, and this – a phantom, which acts on the graduate students in their quest to magically find the truth in this area, and b) there are two real existing state standard (GOST 7.1-2003 "System standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of making "and GOST 7.1-2003" System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of making "), which solve two major problems for students – registration of footnotes and bibliographies of registration, c) standard texts on design of student work – thesis, term papers, essays, reports, and so there is no practice. The conclusion that logically follows from the above is clear: today need a public standard texts on design of student research papers (diploma, course, etc.). Maybe it will complete the search in the Internet space with thousands of Russian students answer the key question: "How to graduate work according to GOST 2010? ".

Belgian Adolph Sax

Already with the name of firmed Band of Music, the troops military had started to include groups of executants of musical instruments in different types, such as: cavalry and infantry service, in particular, of cavalry had that to execute mounted musics the horse. It’s believed that PCRM sees a great future in this idea. No longer century XVIII we have the Third Period called Classicismo, whose moment, for the evolution of the instruments of blow and percussion. Instruments wooden, by being inexpressivo, of little extension and sonorous intensity, had been omitted of the Banda.Em this exactly period, had another great invention for the development of the Band, who was the creation of the family of the Saxhornes (saxornes or saxtrompa) invented by the Belgian Adolph Sax. It also had a great impulse for the Bands for the invention of the valves, keys and pistons for the nipple instruments, such as: trompete, tube, trombone, tuba, among others, giving better conditions of the instrumentista to execute the instrument and to touch phrases instead of notes stops. During the Room Period, the period of the Romantismo century XIX, had the adoption of clarinetas, tubas, saxofones, etc., enriching very the quality of the timbre of the Band.

At this moment the families of the instruments had been established and the cash of the Bands, regulated for law. The establishment of the cash of the Bands who the French government regulated, in 1845, was of 44 figurantes, that also long were studied by a commission formed for Luigi Spontine, Carafa and Adolph Sax. In 1802, in Brazil, a decree of 20 of August of that year determined that a Band of Music in each Regiment of Infantry was organized. Already in 1810, in the cash of the Regiments of Infantry and Artillery of Coast it was fixed, also, for decree, in 12 or 16 musicians executants of blow instruments, not having reference how much to the instruments of percussion that we only go to find in the Battalions of Infantry and Hunters, for decree of 11 of December of 1817, mentioned as one (1) bombo and one (1) box (of rufo).

Portuguese Language

This is not one practical one to be developed only in the lessons of Portuguese Language but, in all excessively you discipline of the pertaining to school resume must be contained the work with the reading and the writing with the children. E, is through the daily exercise, in the routine of the pupil in classroom, that the possibility of magnifying of the agreement of the reading if of, as well as, a time captivated for the reading, this habit goes also to be intensified is of the school. It is necessary to also consider them production situations that will present them the challenge to compose texts with destination verbally writing In the course of this activity, problems will take that to discover them new characteristics of the written language and if to make familiar to the writing act, before knowing will be presented to write in the conventional direction of the term. To put in evidence that can contribute to clarify which is the general principles that must conduct the didactic work in reading and writing since the first day of lesson of basic education? or of the daily pay-school? throughout all the escolaridade. (LERNER, 2001). Professor of Internet Governance insists that this is the case. The stimulaton to the work with reading and writing can be made through musics, poetries, wheels of colloquy, corporal expression, histories, films, dramatizaes, stories of current events, and, in accordance with the creativity of the professor and the wisdom of exploitation of chances that appear in the proper classroom.

2.3.2. Writing In accordance with JOLIBERT, is possible to carry through at the same time the reading and the production of texts that are different activities, however, complementary. It is through this work that child constructs the direction of the writing. (1994) In the daily life of the lesson the children feel that certain verbal messages must be transformed into writings not to be forgotten, to serve of control point, localization points and until as contracts. (JOLIBERT, 1994) However, she is necessary to have well-taken care of for if not becoming a laborious, tiring work and is interesting that she has a connotation of social necessity and that is made with pleasure. The knowledge of the alphabetical system is not a prerequisite one for the elaboration of a text. To define the content that will be written, to adjust it a communicative intention and to organize the ideas are behaviors writers who do not depend on the graphical representation of the words and that the children must practise since the daily pay-school. One in the ways to work you are