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Brick Or Wood? What Is Better ?

Brick House last longer wooden house? Traditionally believed that wooden houses are impermanent, whereas stone built for centuries. Maybe once and it was – the stone buildings in a half-meter thick were centuries, and the huts of wood to bend any. Times have changed. Now the thickness of the brick walls has been reduced considerably, and masonry is not always done on the conscience – two hundred years, this building probably will not serve. On the contrary, in a wooden Construction there has been significant progress.

Dampness is not so frightening: the modern antiseptics do not allow micro-organisms and leaf-drevotochtsam destroy wood. With the right approach and timely care wood home will last a long time – the producers called the period 200 years, and this is not the limit. Well, our great grandchildren will be able to confirm this fact. Wooden houses threatened by fire? Another common superstition – it is believed that the wooden home vulnerable to fire. It was true – in the 18-19 century, when a fire could destroy an entire city. In the 21st century used flame retardants – substances that significantly reduce the flammability of wood. Every year they are becoming better reducing the chance of fire.

Well impregnated with fire retardant timber or timber can not practically vozgoretsya. At the same time, although the brick and does not burn, and fires occur in brick houses and do not pass without a trace. With long-term effects of direct fire resistance of masonry is reduced in half, and it may collapse especially in older homes. In fact, can burn almost anything. If the wood and brick in the inferior fire, then only a small share. Bouquet merits of wooden houses there are, of course, moments in which the bricks ahead of a tree. Uneven shrinkage can cause cracks in the latter (but this can be avoided). The thermal inertia of the tree is smaller (but thermal conductivity is also lower). In more brick finishes (although modern wooden houses have their catch by number). And at the same time, the houses have a number of indisputable advantages: 1.Nevysokaya thermal conductivity -Allows you to quickly heat a room stove and the sun's rays. 2.Do not kept here, and damp – the tree 'breathe', and all excess moisture away. 3.Maly Weight-saves on the foundation, and in general are usually cheaper wooden house brick (Though not always). But the main thing – it's neat and nice design, both external and interior. A wonderful, memorable microclimate in the house. Environmentally friendly, the atmosphere of health and comfort. Can boast of this stone box? Here why so many people dream of a wooden house. And realize their dreams, despite the idle speculation and myths of wooden houses.

Applicable Ambient Legislation

the entailing of the socioeconmico development to the preservation of the environment constitutes an innovative perspective for the formularization of public politics, demonstrating to a trend of change in the conception on the nature of the given services. (FARAH, 2008). The improper gerenciamentos of the residues cause to its responsible to the payment of fines and penalties and administrative; the actual damage to the environment, as pollution of hdricos bodies, contamination of fretico sheet and damages to the health, having to be repaired by the responsible generators of these residues. Ahead of this panorama it appears then the necessity of the elaboration and implantation of public politics of> the Environment suffered, for much time, with the predatory activity of the man, who stimulated for its greed, removed to it, of irresponsible form, without control or planning, the natural wealth, in search of a profit. the entailing of the socioeconmico development to the preservation of the environment constitutes an innovative perspective for the formularization of public politics, demonstrating to a trend of change in the conception on the nature of the given services . (FARAH, 2008).

Solid Residues, according to ABNT 10004 (2004), are residues in the states solid, semisolid that they result of activities of industrial, domestic, hospital, agricultural origin and of varrio services. Amongst these classifications the Dangerous Residue, as CEMIG (2008) Is all product that for its physical or chemical properties represents risks for the health of the people, the public security or the Environment According to ABNT 10004 (2004), the followed industrial development of the population growth in the last few decades promoted imensurveis risks to the environment. About 2,9 million tons of Dangerous Residues they are generated per year and only 600 a thousand tons are treated. (BELLO, 2008) the Health department defines as Industrial Residue all that solid, liquid, gaseous residue or combination of these, proceeding from the industrial processes and wants for its physical or chemical or microbiological characteristics not to be able to assimilate it the domestic residues.

Environmental Law

PIG, Ana Claude. Full Licenciatura in Letters, After-graduanda in Ambient Management, Head of the RDS Piagau Purus. BENTES, Mrcio. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Biologist, Postgraduate in Engineering of the Ambient Management, Tc of the Agent Program Ambient SUMMARY: The purpose of this article is to present the importance of the activities of ambient education promoted by the voluntary ambient agents in units of conservation of sustainable use in the state of Amazon. The community is convoked to promote activities of sensitization and awareness with the participation of all. The agents are indicated for its communities to be able, monitored and credential to promote action of protection and ambient education in these units of conservation. During the workshops the participativa methodology, that assists the agents to identify to the main conflicts and the ambient problems, with the purpose is adopted to facilitate the process of construction of the plan of work with activities that they aim at to minimize the main ambient problems for identified them.

In the Reserve of Sustainable Development Piagau Purus the voluntary ambient agents, had promoted ambient lectures, meetings and mutires, as foreseen for the plan of action in its communities in partnership with communitarian associations and other institutions. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: units of conservation, ambient education, voluntary ambient agents, sustainable development. INTRODUCTION the Agent Program Ambient Volunteer was regulated in the State of Amazon through the Advice of Environment of the State of Amazonas/CEMAAM, being co-ordinated by the State Center of Unit of Conservao/CEUC, which is tied to the Secretariat of the Environment and Sustainable Development of the State of the Amazonas/SDS, in partnership with the Institute of Ambient Protection of the Amazonas/IPAAM and, mainly, with participation of the traditional communities gifts or to entorno of the units of conservation.

Voluntary Servitude

For this it is enough to cite the fact of that the Pantry of the World most important is of masculine soccer, fitting to the women to coadjuvar as torcedoras and admiring. If to think that the event was created in middle of years 30 of the last century and the majority of the occidental countries only opened spaces to the feminine suffrage little before or shortly after this (and still has countries where this right does not exist, and is part of the FIFA), is not of if frightening that the basic bases of the maximum event of the sport most popular of the world are misginas and unjust. Of fact is hardly reconhecvel the admission of this type of argument, what, however, it could be seen by the future generations as one of the reasons of impediments to the progress of the humanity. In this still they are intricate religious and not scientific thoughts, that hardly are argued or contested. If today it is nonsense to think that the man only has right to study and that this right is a crime for the women, has a time was not accurately thus. These inclusive points to the article are only for standing out that in total it is not explained the real profits to them that our society has with the accomplishment of this type of cultural manifestation, not to be the constatao of that they serve the same for the maintenance of life style that already is admittedly problematic. that is to the cost of the finite environment that we have. In the speech of the Voluntary Servitude, the French philosopher woollen Etienne Botie, demonstrates as continuously we are citizens to a vice that becomes the way of the progress incontornvel, the vice to serve to the same ends and ideals for force of the incapacity to ask because.

Batteries In The Environment

Today, batteries are a big problem for our environment, as its contents are hazardous materials like mercury, lead and cadmium. Cells when exposed to air, rain and sun off these materials highly injurious to health have a negative impact on the health of our community, damaging the reproductive system, nervous, kidney, bone, among others. Studies have shown that 35% of mercury pollution is caused by the batteries with household waste incinerated. An ordinary battery can contaminate 167,000 liters of water, while a button battery can pollute up to 600,000 liters of water. Over the past four decades, waste and batteries have produced 180,000 tons in Mexico, which have been thrown into the environment without control. Some estimates indicate that every Mexican uses about 10 disposable batteries per year.

We are a group of students concerned about the ecology of our country, in order to raise awareness among students UDG our university and the general public to realize the danger that contain batteries and know that you have to do something about it. As we know different battery collection campaigns have been launched in our country, but the problem is that they have continuity. Sometimes by budget or lack of storage sites, these projects have been moving gradually away when they should be of high importance to our government. We did some surveys to students of CUCEI with disappointing results, since 50% of respondents did not know where the batteries can be carried, only 47.5% use rechargeable batteries and 62.7% do not put batteries or stored for later deposit . In these times, and all people must separate the cells from normal household waste, which is not done.

Also, as a key point we want to encourage our city government to take steps to solve this major problem. Thus we propose that the garbage trucks have a special compartment for the batteries because this way people do not excuses for not recycling batteries and will permit a greater collection of spent batteries for recycling. Proposal that was raised but was not carried out due to lack of a deposit for them. Some recommendations we offer are: Reduce the use of devices that use batteries, buy batteries not pirates, hybrid devices (battery and mains) plug them where possible, use rechargeable batteries, never throw away batteries with everyday and to get rid of them always place them in collection points.

Global Heating

We are not here for alarming, or causing panic, but yes to help and to guide which measures they can be taken, in order to prevent the evil biggest. The people need to understand that we work for the good and that our north is the true love and the charity. We possess direct contact with our Father and, if God to want, will be capable to carry through the work which we are in considering. If she makes urgent the change of some attitudes in our society. It is very difficult to believe that the majority not yet perceives imminent the ambient danger in our lives, when each time more we are surrounded of ' ' strange natural events and imprevisveis' '.

Recently we had a meeting between the countries, where the Global Heating was argued. One more time what we saw they had been vacant promises on thing some. It seems that our governing alone are worried about financial questions, such which a blind person who not enxerga a handspan to the front of the nose. Moral, blind blind people ambient, blind spirituals. Although our work, of the study of the scientists, the spreading of more alarming ambient data each time, them makes of account that nothing is happening. The world is running potential risks to enter in a irreversible ambient chaos, and what we see they are the people worried about stock exchange, banks, with profits, at last with important, but not definitive material questions in our lives. If really the forecasts to happen that we repass, and that now great part of scientists are starting to confirm, we will have well superior problems that this financial crisis. Some bigger crises that this will come, as consequence of mazelas natural, the decline of production of foods, of storms, the rise of the temperatures, at last, of everything what already we inform In the last year we affirm that the Arctic could melt completely until the year of 2012, causing a great rise in the level of the oceans, beyond the ambient chaos that this would cause.