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How To Keep Your Job In Times Of Crisis

Before the experts declared that the country had entered a recession, there were signs that hard times lay ahead. Now that the unemployment rate is getting higher, many wonder how to keep their jobs in times of crisis. Here are some steps to help you cope with the crisis. ca.html’>www.hertzfurniture.com/Reception-Desks–262–ca.htmlwww.hertzfurniture.com/Reception-Desks–262–ca.htmlwww.hertzfurniture.com/Reception-Desks–262–ca.htmlhttp://www.hertzfurniture.com/Reception-Desks–262–ca.html desk. Do not just what their job description says: those who work with enthusiasm are more likely to keep their jobs, the value they bring to the company. Get training constantly Stay updated with regard to their profession. BSA is a great source of information. Find resources outside the company who can help improve your performance. Stay busy: If you are talking passes next to the water fountain or drinking coffee, it is likely that his name appears on the next round of layoffs. Offer help to their superiors or colleagues: When they get orders to cut staff, it is advisable that you contact your boss and colleagues and ask them how you can help.

This way someone will see it as flexible who is interested in the company forward. Never ask your boss about job security: Do not become anxious about job insecurity. They can be identified as weak for a team in difficult times. Postpone your vacation: In times of crisis is not the time to not be present at work. Employee “but dissatisfied? a “If you are looking for another job so be careful. Do not give signs of dissatisfaction or seeking employment using the resources of the employer. Constantly evaluate their work a “Ask yourself if you meet the objectives of the company, consider if there tasks that can improve or if it can be innovative to achieve goals that benefit the company. to visit our website and explore a different way to generate income from your own home.

Foreign Investment

August 21 Rosstat reported that the volume of foreign investment in the Russian economy, for 6 months of 2009 decreased by 30,9% compared to the same period in 2008 1. Despite such a significant decline, Russia remains in the "top five" most attractive markets for foreign direct investment. These data were obtained as a result of the July poll 241st corporation held at the un Conference on Trade and Development 2. Arises another question: how best to dispose of the investment tranche? "Foreigners prefer to come in those industries where knowledge is capital," – says Tatiana Komissarov, dean of the Graduate School of Marketing and Development Business hse 3. – For example, Hewlett Packard, the world's leading computer manufacturer, plans, despite the crisis, to acquire the Russian company "Electronic Data Systems", working in the field of information technology. " Many investors interested in and the ability to produce in Russia boxes for receiving digital television: it is known, it is expected that the country in the coming years will move to new digital broadcasting. On the other hand, one of effects of financial "turbulence" was the devaluation of the ruble, has made an important question "localization" of production. And some companies have already gone down this path.

For example, Marazzi Group (Italy), the world's largest producer ceramic tiles, until 2012 plans to invest 150 million euros in the Russian enterprises of the concern. "Importing is now experiencing is not their best times, both in Russia and around the world. In many respects it is determined by the instability of rates world currencies, which inflate the cost of imported products. In this case, localization of production in Russia – an obvious plus – so Larissa Novikova, ceo of Kerama Marazzi, commented the decision. In general in the Russian economy today, many industries, investment in which investors promise a considerable profit. For example, in early August, company General Electric Energy, one of the world's largest developer of technologies for production and transmission of electricity, began construction in Russia's own technology center in Kaluga region. "The crisis – this is a temporary phenomenon, and the wear of our equipment in the energy sector accounts for about 60% and continues to increase.

Replace equipment must, therefore, for General Electric there is work here for many years ", – said Dmitry Baranov, the leading expert of Finam Management" 4. In the same region, plant now under construction company John Deere, which will produce agricultural equipment. Namely Agriculture has recently attracted the attention of investors worldwide, "disappointed" in the ephemeral "paper" and prefer to invest money in the real sector of the economy. For example, the world's largest grain importer, Japan, wants to build grain terminal in the Russian Far East. In addition, this country has expressed interest in opportunities to invest in development of agricultural production in Russia and the Altai region in particular. Not to mention, and the recent decision of the Finnish food group Fazer invest 100 million euros in the plant for the production of bakery products in Leningrad region. Thus, although the total amount of foreign investment decreased, we can say that their quality has increased. Investors are putting money into real production, not speculation investment funds. Investment "boom" is replaced by a weighted approach and sound policy that in future the economy will only benefit. 1 2 3 4