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Spectrum Warrior

While PC and Xbox disciples have long been exported freedom and democracy in the rogue states of the world, the PS3 was until recently the old Europe. It incorporates the PlayStation 3 managed to port to a coalition of the willing? Read our war report … Full Spectrum Warrior was originally as a training simulation for the U.S. Army had planned, but soon realized the commercial potential of the developer Pandemic title. Since America is riding on the wave of patriotism, war simulations are hot cakes. Here you take a passive part in the many battles and mimes the role of a Squard Leaders. Safe at home sitting in the command center (The privilege of a Staboffiziers), steers her two units of the army by means of fictitious crises. The gameplay is different from other tactical shooters this existential: you are free swiveling camera uses an impression to get from the ground, weighing risks against each other and forward your decision by pressing a button command information to the common soldiers.

Since you do not even puts his hand on the weapon, is the Focus on this strategy and an intelligent team management. The inserts are designed amazingly diverse and have to pay so no boredom. Time it applies to free hostages, to escort an engineer or a very rustic to clean the area by evil Islamists. The extensive selection command, the AI of your brilliantly simple stretching allow an astonishing amount of interactivity in the planning of your maneuvers. So the game remains as authentic as possible, the developers have meticulously oriented to the tactics of the Army manual – which does not detract from the fun! Two minor criticisms of the commander-complicate their daily lives: First, the initial fall in the sophisticated tactics chunks to do it. You will jump into the cold water thrown and you have to provide battle-scarred El-Qaeda fighters – a proactive approach to ending this quickly in the hail of bullets of the enemy. Secondly, the missions to high replay value: All fine movements and events are scripted, so you set yourselves in the second test on it can.