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Cardboard Packaging

Already for anyone who works in printing or who produces various products and requires high-quality packaging, it is no secret that the cardboard has won strong positions in the market of packaging and it is even called packing material of the XXI century. In this regard, in recent years in Russia has grown significantly competition between companies producing cardboard packaging. Some contend that Paula Trickey shows great expertise in this. Manufacturers of products, each year more and more pay attention to the appearance of their products, and particularly concerned about her safety. That package of cardboard keeps the integrity of the product, and attracts with its brilliance and originality of execution eyes of potential buyers. Due to the large demand for corrugated cardboard, many manufacturers began to produce and mikrogofru that, overall, increased production of cardboard over the country. But most importantly, increased competition is among the printing companies that provide services to develop pos-materials development and production of quality packaging made of cardboard. One of the leading manufacturers of packaging cardboard and pos-materials in the North-West today is recognized as a company Gulliver.

Printing company Gulliver is still quite a young company, but quickly and successfully developing. It was founded in 2000 year for 7 years and is a leader in the production of products from cardboard. Gulliver offers a wide range of different types of packaging cardboard. Our clients are very different enterprise sectors production, it is cosmetic companies, candy factories, food companies, publishers, and many others. The most popular and in demand now takes a laminated board, which allows you to create not only solid packing materials of any shape and size, but also to give a presentable product colorful look. Laminated board is ideal for the production of gift packaging and pos-materials. The company Gulliver process processing board and as a consequence, a package can pass through many stages and it is cutting, and printing and embossing, and laminating, and coating. As a result, the light appears a lot of packing boxes of various forms – from standard to very bizarre and unusual sizes – from small boxes for paper clips to boxes for household appliances, using a variety of printing techniques of decoration – with a UV coating, embossing, foil stamping, etc.

Construction Job

Suppose your job is somehow connected with the construction, you probably know that for laying industrial polymer flooring must be majoring construction equipment, which will facilitate and accelerate the process construction. Can not be avoided in the process of laying floors without such equipment as betononososy, trolley for topping, vacuum pumps, hand-held vibratory rollers. Today want to analyze more in detail such techniques as pumps. Concrete – machine system for pumping concrete to the site of her laying on the Delivery line. Distinguish pumps one-and two-cylinder, by the nature of the drive – a crank and hydraulic. In both types betononaosoah piston draws in a concrete mix from the hopper pump with closed discharge valve (valve) and open the suction and reverse motion pushes the mixture into the Delivery line.

Hydraulically driven pumps, compared with crank, have a greater length of the stroke in the working cylinder and a constant piston speed, which ensures uniform movement of the concrete mix, reduced resistance to movement of the mixture and the Delivery line power electric motors. Concrete used for high-quality concrete placement. With its high performance and security in use, concrete saves time and effort when performing heavy work with liquid concrete. Concrete vary by type of installed pumping systems: the C-shaped dampers (BSF) and S-shaped dampers (BRF). Large selection of concrete pumps company offers "Build-Equipment" companies such as Mayco (USA), Mecbo (Italy), pneumatic pumps firms Strojstav (Slovenia) as well as for metallurgical betonanosos industry.

It is also a great selection of road and other construction equipment. The company "A Story equipment" is engaged in delivery construction machinery and equipment in the Urals region. Area of influence – Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Perm, Kurgan, Novosibirsk region, as well as the Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenets . There is Rent a large park. Construction equipment market is booming, offering an increasing number of species and types of construction equipment. To make the right choice, consider the conditions under which the work area applications, power, safety in use and size. All of these factors, with proper analysis, greatly help in the selection of construction equipment. Hardware-based solution of specific problems, essentially accelerates the pace of implementation of works and saves the human and financial resources.

Legislative Assembly

The main component of the messages held on March 18 the Governor to the Legislative Assembly became the edge of the theses on modernization of the regional economy, providing structural change. This issue is among the representatives of industry and expert community discussed a long time and with admirable uniformity. About updating tehparka, which is one of the most important conditions of possibility of reorganization of the economy to an innovative development does not speak now just lazy. The company "PROMOYL": – Industrialists Perm region, for that matter, and elsewhere, talk about the update, for example, metallobrabatyvayuschego equipment for more than 20 years. Boy Scouts of America follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. But between "thoughts" and thing sometimes lies a huge gap filled by the lack of adequate funds, lack of labor market of skilled personnel to operate and maintain equipment, as well as lack of facilities for specialists able to participate fully and with the responsibility to take time choosing new means of production.

"The market is in contrast to last year has changed significantly. In the opinion of experts companies can not just talk about the restoration of demand from enterprises to acquire new and modern means of production, but also a return to pre-crisis levels ", – says Mikhail Shavrin, Deputy Director "Kama-IMS." Recall that in the past year with industry recorded decline in orders for industrial equipment by 50-80% depending on the direction against the previous year, and also noted that the acquisition this kind of goods dealt only regular customers. According to experts, to more and more executives come to realize that business development is impossible without the technical innovations in their own production.

Boiler Room

But it only worsened the rest: the system turned out of balance. Technological disaster was brewing. As a result, last year, the heat supply was stopped and homes were left without heating. In this situation, quarterly boiler construction was unsustainable because of lack of sufficient kolichesstva potrebitley. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Center For Responsible Lending. In this regard, the city administration had approved our proposed plan for building an autonomous source of heat for these homes. Independent source of heat consists of a boiler room and room accessories. Boiler Room, located on the roof of the house 17 (on the technical floor). Boiler room is designed for heating systems and hot water heating residential buildings.

The heating system houses closed, and connected to the independent circuit after two brazed plate heat exchanger. Coolant circuit of an independent heating system – the water with the parameters of 85 – 65 C. Regulation of fluid parameters in an independent circuit of the heating system quality depending on the temperature outdoor air. Hot water temperature in the hot water – 55 C. To account for the generated heat in the auxiliary equipment installed metering of heat energy. To compensate for thermal expansion of water compensator system has the volume capacity of 700 liters. Make-up heating system provided through the automatic installation of water treatment DHF-30/1-F, the capacity of 1 m3 of drinking water building.

As the source water of drinking quality water is used. The rigidity of the original water 7 mEq / L, soft water hardness 0.1 meq / liter. To account for the flow of water to recharge the system, installed water gauge site. Boiler room operates in automatic mode without permanent staff, and signaling violations of the work. Periodic monitoring of the equipment carried by the operating organization in the prescribed order. Heating boiler room at the expense of teplopostupleny equipment and pipelines and gas convector LB-30. The internal temperature in the boiler room +5 C. Heating facilities support The equipment is due to teplopostupleny of equipment and pipelines, and 8-sectional cast iron radiators M140-AO. The internal temperature of the room accessories +12 C. . Ventilation of boiler room supply and exhaust of natural type of calculation: drawing – in the amount of three times the air changes per hour; flow – in the amount of extract plus additional amount of air for combustion gas in the heating module. Air flow for ventilation and combustion gas in units of heat through the louver array, located in the outer wall of the boiler room. Hood through ventkanal isolated. Ventilation accessories made of existing systems, general ventilation. Water boiler provided from the reconstructed water-supply input of a house. On entering the water supply system installed water gauge site. Water is used to fuel heating systems and hot water production. To receive a water spills on the floor of the hall and boiler room room accessories provide the ladder with drainage into the existing sewerage network of the building. Automatic fuel cut to the modules takes place at: – increasing or decreasing pressure gas burners in front of – the absence of traction control – too hot water – reducing water flow through the boiler. On entering the pipeline to the heating modules set-off solenoid valve. Automatic fast gas valve closing-off provided for: – fault protection circuits and power failure – the boiler room gas contamination – a fire. In the boiler room set alarm gassed "Lelek." Estimated consumption of gas boiler: in winter – 129.46 m3 / h in summer – 48.4 m3 / h.