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Good Name

Then he told all he had been talking with friends about the name, an emerging Sebastian. Isaac also seemed like a good name, so that very night was agreed that if it was male, would be called so. “And as you think it could be called if a baby, because the name Lucila has chosen not like Gladys asked Isaac. “I like a lot, but it would be better that we found a name we liked them both, is not it, that’s not counting the two names to steal my friend seem to me an exaggeration, but I love Lucille. “Certainly,” said Isaac and immediately began to write on paper, various women’s names, but they failed to agree to that, wrote Eve.

“I love that name,” Ruth said, “but I do not like the connotation it has. Seem to belong to a branch of politics and we are apolitical in heart *-. “The name is not only beautiful, they put that name Peronist their children. We are neutral so we can use no problem, “Isaac replied very seriously. “You Eve then! – Ruth said emphatically – really, I love it! -. When Sebastian Ruth was born about 5 months I was doing the surgery residency. Of course, I watched his state and his guards and further decreased during the same allowed him to rest more than any other resident, which sometimes caused a reaction that he felt jealous partner recharge to accomplish the task of it. Other partners in change, and almost all their male colleagues and sometimes even medical staff, volunteered to cover it so he could rest.