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Feast Dwarfs

He drew his 'Sunrise Ray' – and perfectly sharpened and polished sword blade glittered brilliantly in the dusk. Paladin Light adjusted snow-white coat, gold-plated helmet visor down and walked resolutely to the gates of the monastery apologists of Darkness, looking suspiciously at a banner hanging over them with the words 'Kingdom of the Good' – Welcome, dear guest bright! God be with us Welcome! – With a smile greeted Paladin porter-goblin, smoothly combed and dressed in a smart turquoise suit with buttons of blue gems. A goblin mask to hide face bunny. – A scimitar hiding behind? – Sarcastically asked the Paladin. – Suspicious what. And all in white – hurt the goblin growled, turning his back and showing the absence of weapons – a species? So hide your myasorez and goes to the castle. Merry.

Paladin suspiciously rolled his head from side to side, not notice anything that looks like an ambush, and moved into a brightly lit and decorated with colorful garlands and colored lanterns and colorful flower beds yard. He had only to appear there, like a flock of fun gomonyaschih dwarfs in red camisoles and purple caps, surrounded him and began vying to treat all sorts of sweets. – Caramel, or citron? – Twittering dwarfs – select, bright guest! Caramel or citron? – Feast or trick? – Asked suspiciously Paladin – Want to poison? – Yes, here's another! – Swelled dwarfs and several dwarf even shed tears of resentment, spreading over his face blush and mascara – What do you dirty guest, though bright! Come and sit without sweets! And the crowd moved toward the newcomer dwarfs followed by Paladin troll.