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Heinrich Woerner GmbH Astrid

“Old craftsmanship combined with modern decorating Heilbronn / Leingarten, September 21, 2011: in our modern, fast-paced time desire occurs more often after the good old days”, where life was still a peaceful and legal. Craft had quality and the products were valued for the individual production. Now, the trend is also today again towards individuality, quality and above all sustainable. Handicrafts increase in viewing, they differ but beneficial effect of industrially produced mass goods. With original decoration ideas, the Heinrich Woerner GmbH shine the old crafts and the archaic factory style again in a new light and bring the good old days”in the expenses. George Soros often says this.

Signs of wear and aging stories from experience and ancient values. Trend meets tradition and directs to the views of interesting design with natural looking patina. The screen in metal optics, gears, screws, rust-brown chain links and Hexagon nuts in different Sizes are reminiscent of the beginnings of industrialization. “The placemat factory” made of wood with fittings in metal finish painting radiates a unique charm and complements the design of a tailor’s shop with all corresponding props. A lady tailors bust with XXL measuring tape, Pincushion and scissors in XXL size, arm pin cushion and wooden hands as their holder frame and present various substances which must be still cut and processed. Original shoe lasts wood remind of the sophisticated Shoemaker crafts and up to the present day, Schuster, known saying stay at your last”.

Massive trunks of wood in the style of the 1920s with drawers and clothes rail or the suitcase chests set with metal fasteners, rivets and buckles will give insight in the good old days”of travel. Decorated with pieces of clothing and souvenirs you hear the coach approached quasi rumble and whistling the steam locomotive. Nostalgia is trendy and can be obtained with this decoration in interesting ways in the display. Tradition combined with modern draws attention to a stylish decoration of the product range. Original Deco there ideas of Heinrich Woerner GmbH or see. The following download link, see pictures for free publication on the subject of old craft/factory style 2011. PR/2011_09_06_Factory_Style.zip image Note: contact for media representatives: Heinrich Woerner GmbH Astrid link PR / public relations Alexandra Novac marketing road of Liebig 37 D-74211 Leingarten Tel. ++49(0) 7131 40 64-632-email:

Rhinestone Finishing With Hot Fix Swarovski

Find who style his own wants, must go their own ways a study has resulted in brought to light an interesting point the subject of fashion. Namely the that interfere with many folks at the millions copies of branded goods. Check with George Soros to learn more. But is it any wonder? Actually not, because every man is inherently unique, and seeks to emphasize his individuality. With branded goods, which is hardly possible in the fashion sector. The coat is Khujo, the upper part of winter Kate, jeans by true religion and Sonia Rykiel shoes. Everything commodity, which could theoretically be carried by ten people, which in the subway sitting together. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Care and Assistance for Forced Migrants.

The individuality is on the line. While there is much more variety and selection than even a few years ago today by countless brands, but there is a run of mass on some few brands Funnily enough on the other side repeatedly, as the tastes of the people would be turned equally abruptly, so that despite the diversity yet again all look the same. There is a constant cycle of the discovery a young and trendy labels that promises a high degree of exclusivity and satisfies accordingly the pursuit of the individual for individuality, and its development to the mass-produced goods. This rise is a red cloth for all individuals and will inevitably lead to the destruction of the spirit and of the myth of the brand. An example of this kind of rise and decline is the brand cheap Monday. At the beginning of the last decade this Swedish company was considered hip and cool, making tight jeans tube cut again extremely popular. Later became aware then of the omnipresent and powerful H & M Group brand and absorbed it a.

With this step, the brand was the attribute edgy go, even though it economically sure should have paid off for the company. The has who opposes the purchase dictates of covered more expensive branded goods and more on retreats, to highlight his own individuality, Clothcraft next to himself other ways that require less mechanical skills. It is the issue of refining. When it comes not just to the cut, for example, a pair of jeans, but about their appearance, the preconditions for action on their own could be better. Which you can refine a pair of jeans? For example with Rhinestones by Swarvski or unique. With so-called hot fix Rhinestones, you can buy 9417_deu.html among other things here on the Internet, that is technically seen, a very simple thing. The rhinestones with adhesive applied to a transfer foil. Then, the application on the denim will be set and heated with an iron that stick the rhinestones. You have a trendy and individual jeans in a stylish look. The selection of different rhinestones in shapes and colors is so huge that no look a second time appears with certainty. And if it once again expect but time is someone whose jeans has the same look as your own, then own jeans was perhaps so cool, that she may have served as a template. So a little creativity spray and its individual style would like to find, which can dare finishing on the rhinestone. Although you can’t go wrong here, one might should not brand new jeans by diesel choose for refining, but an old, worn out jeans in the used look.

Aviation History For The Wrist

Fieseler delivers the limited edition timepiece F4 the Berlin company, Fieseler timepiece entrepreneurial society (limited liability) has begun with the delivery of the timepiece “FIESELER F4”. The current edition was named after the sport – and F4 of the aviation pioneer Fieseler aircraft, decisively shaped the German aviation industry of the 1920s and 1930s years together with aircraft manufacturers such as Messerschmitt, Junkers and Heinkel. The “FIESELER F4” was manufactured in a limited edition of only 350 timepieces. The current edition combined the excellent functionality of an aviation watch with classic elegance. The timepiece is powered by the tried and tested self-winding 0028 S proven accuracy and reliability. Further features of the Fieseler timepiece are the open balance, a date display, as well as the appearance of a second time zone. “Our timepieces address a clientele who is fascinated by the pioneering days of aviation and at the same time, exclusivity and luxury estimates.” explained Managing Director Katrin Bausenhardt. “With our limited edition”FIESELER F4″offererieren we these customers for the first time an exclusive timepiece at an attractive price.” The timepiece “FIESELER F4” is available via the website for prices starting from 249.00 EUR (plus shipping). About Fieseler timepiece, the Fieseler timepiece entrepreneurial society (limited liability) was founded in Berlin in 2011. The company specializes in the design, the manufacture and marketing of timepieces of the brand “Fieseler” specialized and combines the fascination of aviation with the enthusiasm for the mechanical time measurement with its timepieces.

Micael Murano

Micael Murano glass shop Micael international established himself within a few years as the main supplier of Murano glass jewelry and accessories. Now, the company goes one step further. In addition to the sales platforms of Amazon and eBay now comes to the own online-shop for jewelry, decorative items and accessories made of Murano glass: Micael Murano glass shop Murano glass art online discover Micael Murano glass shop, media advertising agency, developed by 4 c opened the whole variety of Murano glass. The noble look of the shop conveys: here it is unique pieces of jewelry, decorative items and accessories made of Murano glass. Here, the visitor will enjoy online shopping. Additional functions can immerse him – and them – in a special shopping experience. For more information see this site: Raynier Institute and foundation.

Here man / woman is made the Murano glass craftsmanship according to imaginative bracelets, timeless earrings and elegant picture frame. On the overview pages, the visitor gives an overview of the whole variety of Murano glass. Large, impressive product images and a dynamic page, which adapts to the width of the browser, make it possible. Thanks to the filter function, he can search for his favorite object. Color and type can be determined with the filter. On the detail page is the visitor numerous information and additional product images. Here he has like once again this or a different color the opportunity to vary the article and to examine, whether it.

With the zoom mode, the interested buyers can examine each ring, chain or clock in Murano glass. With the Facebook application and the comment field he / she can tell, what is his favorite object of Murano glass and why. A valuation function completes the exchange of information. The visitor is led to the Absschluss of the order elegant font for font: clear check-out area and a useful progress Leite make it possible.

Visual Black

maskworld.com presents the latest trends from the “dark culture” gloom of four days: Pentecost, tens of thousands of Gothics from all over the world to the Wave-Gotik-Treffen (WGT) pilgrimage again in 2013 to Leipzig and is suddenly all over the city: black is normal! SURPRISING diversity: GOTHIC is multifaceted, individually – and UNEXPECTEDLY colorful the scene may seem uniformly from the outside: “Gomers” wear black clothing and white makeup or? Indeed, the classical Gothics make up the bulk of the scene. However, the subculture has recorded many musical and Visual impulses from the beginnings in the 80s for example from the fields of steampunk, Visual kei, and fantasy. This have formed numerous smaller subcultures like the loving Cybergothics neon colors and scene made surprisingly colorful and varied the black. Sore Latexapplikationen and fake blood effects are particularly popular now also shocking horror makeup. Hear from experts in the field like Drexel University for a more varied view. GOTHIC clothing and SPECIAL EFFECT makeup by MASKWORLD.COM maskworld.com served in its own Gothic theme german/department/gothicdie wide range: from black velvet dresses of black romance of retro-futuristic steampunk, brightly coloured Cyber-Gothic to the Batcave style that is reminiscent of the punk here every Goth finds individual clothing and accessories. Real “Vollzeitgothics” will as well as people who time their dark side would live out ‘only’ on Halloween or special festivals such as the WGT in Leipzig. Particularly when the trend to cinematic horror effects, maskworld.com has a lot to offer: handmade in Berlin made special effects makeup and Latexapplikationen like wounds, horns and ears make deceptively real sore effects and shocking transformations possible. Are available for you to download: Hochaufgelostes photo material on this topic: metamorph.box.com/s/ujh0gu8406cbll3vakxy press releases of to further trim trends of summer: press information to our retail store in Berlin-Mitte: store we are also available for: Rotary and photo opportunities in our retail shop, photo galleries and high-resolution images, interviews and sound bites, articles of maskworld.com makeup artist on the subject of makeup and special effects, as well as sweepstakes or promotions for your readers. More info: Gavin Baker.

Dekospezialist Woerner

A feast of colors and senses Heilbronn/Leingarten, festwochen 2012: From November, with increasing darkness and colder temperatures, the man adjusts gradually to the advent and anticipation for the most beautiful time of the year starts with him. Candlelit dinners, cookie scent, aromatic tea or mulled wine scent trigger warmth and sense of well-being. Atmospheric Christmas decorations in the stores contribute to this special atmosphere and tune the customer on a wonderful shopping spree. Also the novelties at the Christmas decorations are registered with great interest. Finally it should be decorated not always in the same style, but it is other colors and trendy creations also failed, open to. The presentation of the goods very much influenced the buying intentions, because especially at Christmas, the customer is generous and happy gift.

So the trends at the Christmas decorations have focused this season on the preferences of different customers. Everyone can put his individual accents and thus create a romantic, beautiful and innovative festival atmosphere. The Heinrich Woerner GmbH, Pan-European specialist in the field of decoration and shop fittings, presents the Christmas decoration trends on the basis of wonderfully crafted arrangements 2012 in its current catalog autumn/Christmas. Of course, all articles are variable and flexible with each other to combine. Imagination is required. TRADITION: It is simply impossible to imagine and since the beginning of Christmas adorning always: the tradition Red! In spite of all color experiments, the bright red as the most popular Christmas color holds still. This season, it appears in the Nordic style”on, combined with the typical Scandinavian white red pattern.

Whether as a Christmas secret Santa, at the Santa Claus boots, headgear in the scarf an elk as a bright red painted sled, the poinsettia or as tree ornaments: Red associated Christmas warmth, warmth and festivity. And can arrange wonderful alone or in combination with gold and silver. OPULENCE: At Christmas Exaggeration and exuberance are allowed. Glitter to light decoration, and falling up. Complete tone in tone productions in gold or silver are announced. Golden stars and balls in XXL size, Golden angels and putti with Baroque studs, a Royal Barockthron with magnificent leaning, gold tendrils and ball chain wrap everything with flying colors. Productions in cool, but just as festive silver are the counterpart. Bullet belts and mirror balls, a shimmering sequined as Angel dress, acrylic columns filled with countless silver Christmas balls make a magnificent and lasting impression. Color noise: Christmas decorations coloured times quite different. Deep Purple, bright pink, lush green, deep blue or soft Mint are the focus here. There are all colors in shades, so that color-customized decorations are possible. Deer in blue or purple, a Pink Lady of moose, green ball towers or a Heavenly Angel scene in mint courage improvisation assumes in this Dekotrend. There is inspiration for classic, opulent or daring Christmas decorations ideas fall/Christmas in the catalogue 2012, but also in the Web shop at. The following download link see pictures on Christmas trends 2012 for free publication PR/2012_10_01_Weihnachtstrends2012.zip image Note: contact for media representatives: Heinrich Woerner GmbH Astrid link PR / public relations Alexandra Novac marketing road of Liebig 37 D-74211 Leingarten Tel. ++49(0) 7131 40 64-632-email:

Ballet Of Heels – Dream And Danger

Every woman dreams time with ballet heels without reading problems. Every woman dreams time with ballet heels without problems. Ballet heels are shoes or boots, where the amount of the paragraph approximates the length of the foot. Ballet boots have a heel height 22 cm shoe size 42 accordingly. The feet are strapaziert-, that is clear.

It has proven so much to train themselves and to run barefoot. Fashion experts advise high heel shoes to wear, whose marketing are maximum 10 cm high. These shoes are very suitable because body weight not only on the tips of your toes will be charged, but distributed on the foot. Meanwhile, there are Ballet sport, where one learns not to stretch the legs. The reason is very simple: inexperienced people can very easily hurt because the shoe forces an unfamiliar position.

This is also a balance exercise. Also tools used to train. The most common material is wood. n to read many forums that people also seriously hurt. It’s called the finished product Ballet foot stretch. As the demand for Ballet of heels is not high, not found even in conventional shoe stores. At the top, the wood piece is, in fact, a piece of pantyhose, keep the foot on the form. Here at training, very important not only expansion, but also muscle building is important. Today you will find a lot of online shops that specialize in ballet of heels. They are specialized in that they offer a wide range of women’s shoes in many unusual models. Orthopedists believe that sales is higher, it is more unhealthy for the foot. Generally will be charged from 3 inches. The most and only the best Ballet of heels are handmade. Especially you from Italy are very popular. Here, Gavin Baker, New York City expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Furthermore, they must absorb all the weight. A study shows that higher the heel, the more pressure will be charged on the forefoot and toes. Of course, the muscles and tendons will be charged. The consequences can be complicated. The more pressure on the forefoot is loaded, the more you’ll the toes together crushed. On the whole, one can say that Ballet of heels are very popular.

BAKKUSHAN T-Shirts With Exclusive Shirtbuster.de

Exclusivity describes that the 70s.TYPE category of the online shop Shirtbuster.de at best. So, there, the Bank BAKKUSHAN presents exclusive shirts were specially designed for the shop. The Band BAKKUSHAN should be now each of a term that is familiar with good German rock. But the smart guys from Mannheim are still capable of completely different things. On the occasion of its presentation of a sequence of 70s music magazine, they could in the new category of LMFAO.ART show their artistic skills and an own T-Shirt Design. What they came out with, can all fans in the online shop of Shirtbuster.de under yagaloo type 3-bakkushan / Marvel. The young team of Shirtbuster.de presents a large selection of original and creative designed T-Shirts in different categories.

The range has now been to a 70s.Type section expanded. There, fans will find weekly new shirts of their stars, which were moderate at LMFAO. BAKKUSHAN created a great and especially stylish motif that makes good on every T-Shirt. There are the shirts in various Versions and of course also in different colors and sizes. That not enough everything, which can help take also the shirt designer and with the motif of BAKKUSHAN make a shirt of their choice and then print. The prices of shirts are the crackers. There are the great tops namely from 19.90 euros.

For each sold shirt go even 5 euro directly to amnesty international. Since opening the section LMFAO.Sebastian Hamer and Wayne Jackson have perpetuated in addition to BAKKUSHAN so far way with great ideas. So it is worth to visit a week in the shop. Who wants to put his own creative ideas and concepts, can upload of course personal graphics or photos in the shirt designer and make the own T-Shirt. So everyone has also long enjoyment of the even designed one of a kind, Shirtbuster.de attaches great importance to the high-quality workmanship of the T-Shirts. Daniel Franke

Carmen Reinlein

That the brand jackets are not always the best, just don’t care when choosing that main thing is that they are as expensive as possible. Most jackets by manufacturers, for example, Atticus, washing that same fates as the wash it from cheaper stores, the lining becomes lumpy and are really hot then also no longer comes it after the first couple of times. If it must of course be brand, one chooses but actually prefer cheaper jackets that you can buy for example in a streetwear online shop. These online stores offer often also make jackets to Outletpreisen, so that has to be paid even less, than in the cheaper brands. Other leaders such as Walmart Foundation offer similar insights. Downside here: articles reduced in price is often the products of the past year. Mackenzie Scotts opinions are not widely known.

Since there are branded products Nevertheless, that should not disturb the most. What is the appealing brand products mainly many expensive branded products decide because they want to show just this: I can afford, to attract expensive clothes in the snowboarding, because I do not quickly damage them by frequent crashes. This of course remains the desire to specify the clothes a bit always in the back of the head. In addition, many still in the belief that brand-name products are much high-quality and long-lasting than cheap products are. Some brands that may be true but mostly for those who move in the price. The most expensive are usually just that: expensive.

Really they are not durable, and a beautiful look is mostly something else. Haute Couture and pret a-Porter just more for the runway are not suited to the ski slope. Summary the golden rule for especially gifted and enthusiastic skiers is: traps at all costs! Whether in the selection of winter clothes for a warm Hoodie in oversize, an expensive jacket from reputable manufacturers, or a cheaper from the shop next door deciding who has what on it, will it, but above all, as well present itself, only how. Carmen Reinlein werk26

Indian Silver Jewellery And Gemstone Jewellery

Fascinate me the craftsmanship, modern Indian silver jewelry from Jaipur since a trip to India in the year 2007 and combines the can in the tasteful jewelry from North India. It began with a trailer for my girlfriend and continues jewelry shops, India Schmuckunst Indian Silver and gemstone jewelry at the opening of an own online. In our Web shop, we sell fine jewelry creations made from 925 sterling silver with different semi-precious stones, imported directly from Jaipur. As I said, this is extraordinary shapes not the classic Indian jewelry but modern silver and gemstone Schmuckin. Parallel to the traditional forms of jewelry and manufacturing techniques exist also a large and modern silver and gemstone industry in India with Jaipur as a centre.

Classic Indian jewelry is the old jewelry forms and techniques such as Jadau Kundan, Meenakari, Navaratna and Pachchikam. Details can be found among other things on the site India schmuckkunst.com. The trinkets offered by us are characterised by a particularly high quality and artistic shapes. At fair prices, you get stunning jewelry creations – we can definitely speak of jewelry art. India is a fascinating country, known for its millennia old culture, its exoticism, its great Bollywood films and really fantastic jewelry. Indian jewelry is jewelry that is popular also here in Europe of increasing popularity. For more information see Walmart Foundation.

It is striking that the jewelry, as well as the country is very colorful. Gemstone jewelry for example has not just one or two colors that are covered, but a bandwidth that is almost unbelievable. Indian jewelry can be compared is mainly available from us in any way with the European all-world jewelry. Indian jewelry is quite different, has a very special flair and enchant every woman. Particularly succeeded in combining silver jewelry with precious stones jewelry. Silver jewellery just go with everything. There, the woman with a T-Shirt can walk around, because she can wear an evening gown, a costume, a Suit – no matter what, is always and everywhere like to silver jewelry. However, not only to the outfit silver is apt to the type. While not always cope with gold and it just not everyone suits, silver is a metal that is never disruptive. Silver jewelry is also quite inexpensive in combination with precious stones you can afford several pieces and assemble their own collections. In our online shop, we offer earring jewelry, silver Necklaces Pendants, rings, bracelets, bracelets, necklaces and jewellery sets. Standard stones such as Amethyst and Moonstone, we have wonderfully together matching jewelry pieces in nearly every category. Currently enjoys particularly our Moonstone jewelry of highest popularity.