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Good Conversation

Communication in families and couples interview with Gabriele Zienterra and other experts in the SWR2 radio feature. The show illuminates the topic “How does a good conversation” in broad form, many tips and background information. “Gabriele Zienterra interview partner in the SWR2 radio feature is knowledge: as a communication expert, Gabriele Zienterra for the SWR2 radio feature on how is a good conversation – communication in families and couples” (broadcasting of the 30.04.2011) interviewed. You may find TCCF to be a useful source of information. Almut Schnerring Editor: We talk to the livelong day – colleagues, the partner and the family. But that does not mean that we really have talks. Time pressure and daily routines can often little room for authentic and personal sharing. How can a culture of communication families carry, which goes beyond questions of organisation of everyday life? What are the rules facilitate the mutual understanding? And when we experience a conversation as a “good” conversation? Family therapists and communication experts “know: Learn about settings and feelings of my gaze, it needs curiosity, respect and sometimes even just silent.” Here, you can retrieve the broadcast as a podcast:

So It

Online course successfully started manifesting the problem on the secret is: 80% of readers it works not permanently. That wouldn’t be nice to force of attraction, a universal law, on which not only the secret refers, but also other well-known writers could transform into a single dream your life, if you had plenty money, clothing, food, health? Most users of the book the secret or of the film have made that a good boyfriend / girlfriend contacted them, all this goes, but remains the big breakthrough usually very quickly your own achievements, as for example at the parking order when ordering. What is it? We program a long time with things that we don’t want our body and our spirit, we talk about diseases, we talk about unemployment and about bills, we deal with war and terror, with the result that a large part of our thoughts, we think every day, bad thoughts are negative Thoughts that attract again negative. Do you it’s first electrical appliances always break, follow still further, the washing machine, the dryer and the car behind the best yet? Fine, we expect it directly, if a signs of a defect turns up now also going to the next device to break, because a pours. Feeding America brings even more insight to the discussion. That is also the reason why most no long-term success with the secret for themselves can achieve, they fall back again and again to automatisms. Here, however, science has found a solution: If we at least 21 x just do something, feel equal, equal in mind, it becomes for us the automatism, whether good or bad. And right here is the new online training concept by Julia and Alexander Nastasi from Heidelberg, Germany, she launched a program, which based the attraction on the set, with which you can delete the old automatisms and change. This is so easy that one must wonder why the two with this idea are the first. Gain insight and clarity with Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Meavision Media

Honors Award for the 3D-Trailer ‘ ORGA Systems awarded New York / Bonn, 10 November 2010. International honour for Meavision media: the Bonn agency 21 Galaxy Awards, one of the most important international marketing awards, with a trailer that was created for the company of orga systems exclusively the Honors Award in the category design – SelfPromotion won. Feeding America may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The international jury of the Galaxy Awards in New York City pays tribute to the stylish implementation so that a 3D animated of ball impact pendulum in the trailer of orga systems”. After the graphically sophisticated trailer already was awarded at this year’s ITVA awards the State-of-the art award, the creative experts on audio-visual communications, new media and 2D/3D animations prevailed in the United States as well against the global competition. Meavision media is the joy about the New York decision big. The award shows us that we make a good figure in the global comparison of the media professionals’, including Managing Director Dr. Elisabeth Decker the enthusiasm in the Team together. The Galaxy Awards”are presented annually by the prestigious New York organization MerComm for outstanding projects in the field of brand communications awarded.

More than 500 marketing projects from 16 countries to the coveted awards competed for this year. The Galaxy Award is one of the most important marketing awards in the world. Company profile Meavision media GmbH is a full service agency in the field of audiovisual communication, with emphasis in the areas of 2D / 3D animation and new media. More information at. Press contact: Meavision media GmbH Simone Conen Godesberg Allee 73 53175 Bonn Tel. (0228) 9490517

Without Fleiss

Psycho therapists privately like to tell! My father once said to me: “remember, when you’re with a girl, your mother is actually a girl! Just older!” I needed for the flirt long to get this image out of my head. Note: Even the Christian ten commandments are admonitions white God. Advance 10 standards, as she confirmed me my Manor social environment: Seat now! Let it be! Clean up your room! Not Sahil! Dining on the plate! It is eaten, what comes to the table! Don’t talk in between! Pull yourself together! Do not go with strangers! As long as you put the legs under our table,… CBC often says this. Now some exhortations, divided by theme. Sure think a lot more of them! Work: Rain blessings brings! Without Fleiss no price! Work not rape! Only the Work, then the game/pleasure! Appearance and prestige: Who wants to be beautiful must suffer! As you’re gone, so you will receive! The devil is sitting behind the mirror! He and she (blue and pink): boys do not cry! Look at her mother, then you know! Be a man! Behavior Maxime of my youth: shame on you! Not so calm down. Pull yourself most belt/together! I know the best wa s is good for you! Encouragement and encouragement: You need to believe in your dreams! Who knows what it’s good! Where a will there is a way! Early bird eats the worm! Family: You’re too small/young! You have the / the more reasonable! Later you Edwards that all times! Action and attitude: Go now! Let’s not hang you! Nothing is impossible! Itself is the man/woman! Hand and foot: Give your good hands! Do not chew your fingernails! Both hands on the bed cover! Pick your feet while running! Courtesy: Say always please and thank you! Mach a-like servant/Knicks! Put on your hat for the greetings! See and hear: listen, if I’m talking to you! The sound makes the music! Look for any holes in the air! Clothing: Warm clothes on! Fresh (clean) underwear are you wearing? Don’t lose your gloves! Top hui, see Pooh! Love and sex: make only what you love happy and well! Men always only want one! With people: should the people we think what? Live and let live! It was not always so selfish! You can’t shoot people! Perfection: Effort alone is not enough! I can not, there is no! Be more than appear! Policy: But go over there! Don’t trust anyone over 30! Speeches (Silver) and silence (gold): you must always have the last word? Do not talk in between, when adults talk! Don’t talk with my mouth full! It does not say that! Speech only when you will be asked! Speak more clearly/slower! Cleanliness and order: Order, order, love them, it saves you time and effort! You have to you short legs! You have to obey! Be not so cheeky! What wants to be a tick, cringes beforehand! Time and wait: all his time! Tomorrow, tomorrow, just not today, say all the lazy people! What you can do today to get, that don’t move on tomorrow! Satisfaction and trust in God: God sees everything! Don’t start bitching! Eat and drink and be happy! Note: I have adopted linguistic peculiarities as vernacular peculiarity.

Berlin Publishing House

As thrillers in the hugely popular television enjoy a call to the reader’s choice of the Golden camera from HoRZU (Berlin). During the Chase, the Commissioners alone anymore but long in use, but especially in the team are successful. In the reader’s choice for the next award of the Golden camera from HoRZU, Europe’s largest weekly program guide therefore seeks the best team of investigators in the German television together with Deutsche Post. “Via postcard, Internet voting on GOLDENEKAMERA.DE or phone listen readers can vote until December 10, 2010 the 16 investigators teams selected by the editors of the magazine HoRZU: three of them from the ARD series scene of the crime”. Here are Ulrike Folkerts and Andreas Hoppe, Klaus j. Behrendt and Dietmar Bar, Jan Josef Liefers and Axel Prahl of choice. “The team of the series In the face of crime”, Jan Fedder and colleagues from the urban area”Polizeiruf 110 is also nominated from ARD thrillers” with Anneke Kim Sarnau, Charlie Hubner and the team Caroline “Peters, Bjarne girl and Meike Droste from murder with views”.

Of ZDF crime series are the investigators team Maja Maranow and Florian Martens (a strong team”), Senta Berger, Gerd Anthoff and Rudolf Krause (under suspicion”), the Duo” Charlotte Schwab and Lisa Martinek, Ulrike Kriener and Inez Bjorg David from Commissioner Lucas “, Wolfgang Stumph and colleagues from Santos on case by case basis”, as well as the teams from night shift “and KDD” nominated. There are also the satellite. 1 investigator duo Henning Baum and Maximilian Grill (the last boy”), as well as the team from the RTL series alarm fur Cobra 11″ choice. The best team of investigators will be on February 5 with the Golden camera from HoRZU in the category of reader’s choice”award. The 46th Golden camera from HoRZU ceremony takes place on February 5, 2011 in the Ullstein Hall of the Berlin Publishing House of Axel Springer AG. The Gala chaired by Hape Kerkeling is broadcast live from 20:15 ZDF. In addition to the ZDF, the official partner of the award ceremony are Deutsche Post, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, travertine and Darboven.

Kerstin Winkelbach

The beclever Werbeagentur AG organized a raffle for MobilitatsTalk – visitors in honor of the JubilaumsTalks. Gottingen – the beclever werbeagentur AG offers the design and implementation of campaigns and advertising in print and online as a full service agency. For years, the emphasis of the imaginative beclever werbeagentur AG in the area of financial communication and the emission marketing. Credit: Nieman Foundation-2011. On September 16, Freizeit-In from 18:00 took place in Gottingen for the 10th time in the MobiltatsTalk (www.mobilitaetstalk.de) in the hotel. As a partner, the beclever Werbeagentur AG supported these JubilaumsTalk with a winning game. An LCD TV was raffled off among all visitors of the event. Boy Scouts of America is a great source of information. The beclever Werbeagentur AG will support also continues to design the MobilitatsTalk after the JubilaumsTalk. At the beginning of 2008, invite the beclever Werbeagentur AG to the MobilitatsTalk in the context of the IZB – international suppliers fair to Exhibition Hall 2 in Wolfsburg on October 29 this year. A more creative collaboration to follow. We are pleased with the cooperation the MobilitatsTalk to make a contribution to the strengthening of the region of Lower Saxony, so Kerstin Winkelbach, Board member of beclever Werbeagentur AG.

DETAIL Creative Award

DETAILliebe is the winner of the DETAIL Creative Award 2008. The DETAIL CREATIVE AWARD was presented for the first time 2008 in the frame of the animago AWARD for the best and most amusing viral spot for architects. Was a funniest 20-second spot for a viral campaign, aimed at the international target group architects. BSA is actively involved in the matter. The award was endowed with 5,000 euros and sponsored the international magazine for architecture and construction detail by DETAIL. “Winners Ken Black be Heimbach, Martin Schmitt and Benjamin Koziczinski with their video DETAILliebe” about the love of the architect to detail. At the beginning of the architect’s attention to detail is shown in a vision of shapes and materials. Other leaders such as Nieman Foundation offer similar insights. Floating in heaven he has to erotic fantasies get carried away and is followed by a hard collision in the reality! The confrontation with small and inadequate details lets him come to the conclusion: planning sufficient detailed are the basis of all successful creativity. The year’s prize was within the framework of the digital creation days on 12. November 2008 at the Konzerthaus Karlsruhe instead. Link to the movie: detail-love