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They catch a yeast strain which is located after the administration by accident in the small intestine, you will have a problem. Many investigations with regard to the nature of the small intestine flora have shown me that usually the small intestine of enterococci and Pediococcus is flooded. Why some add, which is available in sufficient quantities? The fear that any other coccus-like species can adversely affect the existing native bacterial strains was added. I found least Lactobacilli of the key to success on Lactobacilli during my investigations. So, the key to success in this direction had to lie.

I was inspired this time by Ms. Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerlach.

She had discovered that are possibly Lactobacilli to receptors (attachment points) in the small intestine can be docked, the then harmful bacteria take away the space. There was not a such Lactobacillus but. Also, bacteria are not technically ready to change, that they can come to settle in the small intestine of each species. Claims in this direction are barer mischief. Technically modified, i.e. genetically modified bacteria require a special approval. The search proved after a suitable lactobacillus, which met all of my requirements, for me much more difficult than initially expected. There several hundred strains of Laktobazillenspezies from nature, were from the small intestine of healthy birds, so isolated and tested on settlement activity. At that time, I have the concept of settlement activity”coined and used only for Lactobacilli that have distinguished themselves through outstanding adaptability in the small intestine of various bird species. This concept of active settlement”has now become the slogan and used unfortunately also for bacterial species that do not deserve this. Lactobacillus salivarius as the basis for the drug PT-12 in addition to the settlement activity of the Laktobazillenstamm by a high displacement performance as regards pathogens should be (= sickening) characterized the germs. To get a high metabolic activity, industrial Producibility and storage tolerance.

Species-friendly Dog Beds

Dogs Trust provides information about the use of Orthopedic dog beds dog beds, many animal lovers are widely used in households. For the dog lovers of dogs trust, this is an important occasion to inform the proper design of dog beds as a condition of their acceptance by picky four-legged friends. Mostly the purchase of dog beds pursues two goals: first dog beds to ensure that the beloved four-legged friends have a healthy place to sleep. Add to your understanding with Dr. Fauci. It is the second major motif for the purchase of dog beds to hold the animals in a friendly way of taking valuable furniture as a place to sleep in hardware, which may cause their pollution or damage, will confirm how many dog owners with a sofa. Of course, both intentions for acquiring dog beds can be met only if the sleeping and resting places are actually of the animals are adopted.

Basically dogs think their dog beds only as a place to sleep if they their Needs a quiet place to meet. Extensive experience have shown the dog professionals from dogs trust with their hundischen friends that dog beds meet the needs of four-legged friends, if your entire design corresponds to the people who elect them in the wild. So humanely designed dog beds have some specific characteristics: the relaxing tranquility of a dog cannot be reconciled with a rigid restriction of his posture, because it moves in her sleep. Species-friendly dog beds limited the stance of the dormant beast therefore as little as possible, in particular they do not restrict him. Dogs stretch and stretch the full length of the body is in his sleep extensively and love to. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions is a great source of information.

Dog beds, to be adopted by the dog must have a size and shape, which allowed the dormant beast, to behave accordingly. The weight of the dormant dog body is cushioned in the great outdoors of soft materials, reduces the pressure on your body. You practically never rest alone on hard ground. Dog beds should be at the same time yielding enough and therefore not on the hard ground can be pushed through. In the natural sleep dogs or wolves in so-called nest building. It surrounds the animal and supports the erschlaffenden in the sleeping body, avoiding tension. The form of type-friendly dog beds should be based so gently sleeping animals. The significant support of the reclining position includes an orthopedic healthy sleeping posture support welfare dog beds. For example, the spine of a dog in the rest phase should be straight, to avoid back problems. A consistent focus on these criteria allows you to develop dog beds that support a species-appropriate rest and be accepted by the dog. In the interest of dog health and with regard to the own home furnishings dogs trust recommends the exclusive use of animal friendly dog beds all dog friends.

Tips For Keeping Of Dogs

The dogs forest Hotel Karwe informs interested dog owners dogs belong to the oldest pets of people. Their highly social nature allowed a close involvement in human family associations already thousands of years ago. The animals have evolved from the original benefit relationship out a constant companion, to imagine would be for many people not out of her life. The dog girlfriend Heidi Plohn looks back on many years of experience with the proverbial best friend of man and involved with her dogs forest Hotel Karwe every day for the welfare of dogs. For this reason it is a concern to give valuable tips for keeping their animals seeking advice dog owners. As social pack animals, all dogs have a need to belong to a family association with structured rank and role systems. The descendants of the Wolf bear this survival strategy after hundreds of generations of breeding and domestication in itself.

Thanks to its social impact can be dogs excellent in human Families integrate, as long as sufficient account of their basic inclinations and drives. In particular, it is important to ensure a clear pecking order of concern. A clear distribution of roles dogs feel safe and secure. Dogs are suitable because of their social nature, not free live Pack. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit The Coca Cola Foundation. Continued isolation damaging their psyche and promotes the training of errors of behaviour. The Kennel attitude is kind of unfair and harmful to the animals and should necessarily be omitted. The four-legged friends of the people like to deal. By the dog owner not suitable toys provided to you at the disposal, they find other items.

It is to the chagrin of the dog owners often valuable footwear or garments. Dogs on their resting and roosting spend many hours of the day. The best dog sleeping place located in undisturbed and is also free of tension. For the avoidance of diseases should not be expected of dogs, to rest on cold stone floors. When selecting a the sleeping place it arrives, unless health aspects, rather on the personal taste of the vaccinations. Dogs even assert any claims of dog beds, mattresses, etc. Dogs are usually very movement joyous animals. In the wild they travel long distances every day. The need of this movement cannot be best by sufficient spout satisfied by the dog owner. He promotes good health and an opportunity to meet other dogs. The necessary degree of movement differs between different dog breeds and is also dependent on the age and general health. Young and old dogs may not be overloaded, to prevent the emergence of joint diseases. To ensure the right amount of movement, should dog owners already inform yourself before buying a young animal or, where appropriate, consult an expert. Dog owners consider the basic needs of their dogs, they can have fun with the loyal family members. For more Information on dog welfare Hotel Karwe available Plohn Heidi from the forest dog at any time. Press contact: Dogs forest HOTEL KARWE GbR contact person: Heidi Plohn. Karwer Heide 1 16818 Karwe Tel.: 03 39 25-900 100 mobile: 0162-233 75 95 fax: 03 39 25 – 9 09 80

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In this case, there are no problems for it. The wait for the conclusion of the contract is usually six months, however, for Abdominal cavity operations (colic) only 30 days. 1 x or 2 x set of the GOT? The fees for animal doctors (GOT) in the version of 1 August 1999 allows the vet depending on the difficulty of the services, the time, the local conditions, the value of the animal, etc. for the same services to calculate the Sociais up triple set. The examples shown here include the double set of the GOT. Usually, the simple or double rate is calculated, so most insurers offer usually also these two sets.

An accident or a disease of the horse is usually unexpected. Then it says act quickly so that the animal is healthy again. The cost of an operation of the animal should not be underestimated, as they can reach sizes of several thousand euros including pre – and aftercare. The following examples show what costs the owner of the horse may be reckoned. Example 1: to play on the pasture your horse from the hooves is one another horse hit and runs away limping.

The vet diagnosed a probe leg fracture, which is linked to cost up to approx. 1800.00. Example 2: Evening, after feeding, see how your horse after his stomach occurs and is rolling in the box. The first thought: Colic! The hastily-summoned veterinarian confirms the suspicions and finds a bowel obstruction. It must be made an emergency operation in a veterinary clinic, which costs approximately 4,000.00. A comparison between the insurance worth basically to find suitable horses operation cost insurance. Because this can be often very cluttered and poorly comparable, it is useful to consult an independent insurance agent. This offers an optimum price / performance ratio by selecting a reasonable and appropriate insurance company on one and on the other hand, he represents only your interests in all insurance matters, in particular in the event of damage. For more information see: G & P insurance broker P.o. box 13 01 47 13601 Berlin Tel: 030 / 34 34 61 61 fax: 030 / 34 34 61 66 E-mail: web:

The Family Of The Lily

A mysterious beauty in the vase the lily is a heavenly flower, the ancient Greeks knew that – according to the Greek mythology Hera was nursing the wife of the father of the gods Zeus, watching her little son of Heracles, when some milk over the vault of the sky flowed and became the milky way. On Earth, falling drops turned into marble-same, white lily flowers. Later, Christianity of the flower with a sweet, spicy aromatic scent admits a special place. It is the symbol for purity, femininity and love, and also a sign of the Virgin Mary. When Annunciation scenes representing the white Goji should not be missed, it is immortalised on some of the most important works of art history.

Against this background, shows why that is today a popular wedding flower Lily. The large calyxes and sensual fragrance lend the decoration that certain something. As inseparable as the love death, no wonder among the life that the Lily also is associated with impermanence. Traditionally, it is given in the grave as stylish and restrained farewell. As you can see it is the white lily which has received new meanings in the course of history in the first place.

But the family of the lilies is great, there are many attractive varieties, shapes and colors: red and purple tones work especially in combination with the famous fragrance of lily warm and sensual, a whole range of delicate pastel colors spread spring-like flair, pink in all shades is fresh and modern. Also two-color and speckled calyxes are not uncommon. The unusual Tiger lily is a special eye-catcher and I like also extravagant minds. Today the beauty and luxurious elegance of the many varieties of lily we are fascinated, at the same time an inexhaustible wealth of history and stories inside them but, as the examples show. So that you have at home long joy at this very special flower, you should the stems with a sharp knife first diagonally cut, before the lilies in fresh water. You can easily move the dreaded pollen of the lily to body by removing the stamens with scissors. It should have been but once stains on clothing or tablecloth: just a tape press on it and remove the pollen remains hanging!

Offer For Puppy Owners

These tips provide a useful supplement to the puppy school Homberg (Efze), 5.11.2013 the IHKBHV-certified dog trainer and behavior consultant Claudia Hussmann offers tips and tricks for puppy owners for some time on its Web site welpenerziehung24.de, that want to educate their puppies in a nice way. Away from dominance theory, and to a fair and partnership dealing with the dog aims. You’d think it has spread now, that you can educate dogs very well with rewards. Unfortunately, it’s still that worked at the dog training often with psychological pressure or even physical exposure. Claudia Hussmann trying for years to convince that it is without violence in their dog training dog owners. Instead, training about the so-called positive reinforcement is the method of choice rewards in their dog school. When the puppy, the focus being put on the desired behavior. Reward the puppy makes it (still) rather than wait for a mistake”happens and then to punish them, requires rethinking the most puppy owners first. Instead of asking how I can get this or that naughtiness my puppy?”meet the people to think about what could I with my puppies instead of the undesirable behavior train?” Already, only jump for example, Instead of the puppy and him runterzuschubsen r, he is rewarded when he comes running but before he ever jumps up. Unfortunately never enough time is a puppy an hour a week, to address all issues. With the tips and tricks on welpenerziehung24.de every puppy owner has the opportunity to deal with this kind of training and get Additionally a lot of tips for everyday life. Claudia Hussmann operates a dog training and dog boarding house for over 15 years, is engaged in the rehabilitation of difficult animal protection dog and since many years puppy group. Since this year she has also successfully webinars around on the dog.

Foundation University

Even in winter the rearing of calves should be ensured by proper drinking technique while we we crave cold winter fireplace evenings and mulled wine to warm us, make low temperature newborn calves no problems. If because the potions of concentration is increased accordingly. Because the ambient temperature has a great influence on the energy consumption of the calf, the maintenance dose now increases with onset of frost. You should therefore necessarily when feeding on the drinking temperature and the concentration of potions! The thermoneutral zone is located in the calf in the first three weeks of life between 15 and 25 C. At lower ambient temperatures the conservation requirement increases with decreasing temperature according to. The maintenance dose to approximately 35% increases at-4 C! Following table shows the increase in the to vertrankenden amount of milk replacer after Martin Kaske (clinic for cattle, Foundation University of veterinary medicine Hannover) significantly. Ambient temperature ( C) per day in addition to vertrankende MAT (g) lot 20 0 15 65 10 130 5 200 0 265 5 330 10 400 15 465 20 530 practice usual concentration of exchanger of 120 g per liter of water at a lot of potions from four to five liters in sub-zero temperatures no longer sufficient to meet the energy needs of calves. The animals have to dismantle their few body’s energy reserves.

This in turn leads to a weight loss. It is difficult to achieve the increased needs of an increased amount of potions, because this quantity of the calves is often not fully absorbed. For this reason, it makes sense at least to increase the concentration of 160 g / litre. Also b egg three times to twice watering increases increased in several attempts to significantly. The levels of nutrition in the first few weeks has also impact on the future performance of the animal.

In different studies (Israel/United States / Germany) was explores the relationship between drinking plan in calf rearing and the later milk yields. Result is that the cell proliferation and organ growth determine the performance potential of the dairy cow in the first few months. The basis for high milk yield is thus placed in the first months of life (postnatal programming). The calf to the demands required in the first two months 1 kg milk replacer/day. That means a 125 g MAT/litre have potions volume of 8 litres 6 litres, 150-160 g MAT per litre must be touched (at thermoneutraler environment). Summary of United States: 50% higher supply in the watering phase brings higher milk yield. Investigation of performance difference milk Foldager and Krohn, 1994 1416 kg Foldager et al. 1998 523 kg Ballard et al. 2005 706 kg (200 days) Rincker et al. 2006 504 kg (305 days) Moallem et al. 2006 1145 kg Pollard et al. 2007 843 kg watch out in the winter, the animals to provide the milk as warm. Cool milk must be warmed themselves again veal calf stomach on body temperature. This costs energy unnecessarily. When mixing, the water from the power can be very cold. Heat the milk then higher setting back longer distances with the drinking bucket up to the calf. Provide fresh water your calves also at lower temperatures. Make sure that the water pipes don’t freeze. Keep in mind the calves of today are tomorrow’s cows and secure the future of their operation.