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Mucho Stilo

The circumstances of the life of the Carolin Wosnitza known as “Sexy Cora” are “It was a great honor to produce the video” in the press have been widely discussed and spread. Currently no new messages coming up after people from their family environment and circle of acquaintances to Carolin and whose husband Tim Wosnitza in the spotlight are increasingly dragged. Including “Mucho Stilo”, which was allowed to produce the official farewell video “Sexy Cora” was recently also the Hamburg musician. After his interview for the RTL magazine “Explosive” on Wednesday he gave today an exclusive interview for the Zeitfur2 news blog, in which he expressed to the video and its origin. At the end, he has also a message to the fans by Carolin: “I find it super what the fans today still make and write. Hereby you consoles across also Sandra family through these hard times with security and shows that it was a special and lovable person.” The entire interview in the blog at blog.zeitfuer2.de/?p=1828.

Bonn ForestFinance

Environmental protection and return through the GeschenkBaum why not even give a tree? The GeschenkBaum”the Bonn ForestFinance cost 60 Euro and is a sustainable gift that brings a projected 4.5 percent annual return for the recipient. A fitting symbol is a tree. The tree grows, it gives the recipient how sustainable values arise and what role does the rainforest for the global climate and biodiversity. So, the destruction of the rain forest to over 20 percent is responsible for climate change. Moreover, 75 percent of all plant and animal species in the rainforest live. For once 60 Euro, at the GeschenkBaum in Panama, a hardwood tree planted sustainably cultivated and harvested after 25 years.

Proceeds from the sale of timber is transferred the donee. Due to the wood price developments of in recent decades a tax-free yield is forecast of 4.5 percent. The recipient receives together with a rosewood Keychain a customized gift certificate in an elegant hardwood casket also initially. Tree “give sustainable contribution to climate and environment: with the GeschenkBaum” to give a tree offers not only the opportunity to invest directly in ecological afforestation but also a sustainable benefit for climate and environment. The ForestFinance mixed forests are an important habitat for plants and animals and in addition contribute permanently to reduce climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

Thus, the GeschenkBaum is the sustainable gift for every occasion. Give a tree online easily goes down tree give – or just a small forest? Or how about a BaumSparVertrag? For 33 EUR per month, twelve tropical trees are planted every year. From the marketing of selected hardwoods, a tax-free yield is forecast by seven per cent, see GeschenkBaum and BaumSparVertrag of the Bonn forest investment provider ForestFinance are ideal tree gifts for all those who want to give away something very special. They are environmental gifts – return. About ForestFinance: ForestFinance specializes in forest investments, which combine a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability. Savers can choose in addition to the tree gift between various products of sustainable tropical forest management. With the WaldSparBuch, the savers acquires 1,000 m2 of tropical forest with a buy-back guarantee. WoodStockInvest – is for investors who wish to reforest at least 10,000 m2, with the possibility of the land register entry – the right product. CacaoInvest is an investment in an organic cacao plantation and exotic woods, which already offers annual distributions from the second year of the investment. A guarantee of subsequent planting five percent serve in addition to the concept of mixed forest safety areas and a fire insurance policy for the sustainable protection of investors. Through the reforestation, protected rain forests, CO2 bound, and created rich mixed forests. For more information,


The Gaston on Helgoland in the atoll Ocean Resort so the organizer of the GASTRO award. On 28th, 2009, atoll Ocean Resort awarded as national winner with the coveted Gaston. The history of the GASTRO award began 10 years ago in Munich. An objective award concept that unprecedented covers the entire sector of gastronomy and hotel industry. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions. And the now nationwide. Not the location and size of a restaurant or hotels are crucial, here are the basic pillars of gastronomy: commitment, service and quality. An old tried and tested basic recipe! The high level of food and attention to detail are the recipe for success of Danny Kontgen, Chef de cuisine of the atoll restaurant. Big Brothers of America oftentimes addresses this issue.

The guest is invited to choose his wine to the food in a unique atmosphere. This atmosphere, the excellent quality and the excellent discreet service are appreciated by the guests. The audience AWARD was taken still full in reception. Mr Kontgen Chef de cuisine and the restaurant manager Ms Meyer were surprised and thrilled at the same. What can your Emphasize performance more than the appreciation of guests? Mr Langer, Director of the hotel, is clearly his team in the foreground. And just so it works. Who does that? The guest can probably the harshest critics wishing you”! The organizers know what they’re talking about. After a three-year break, a young team of restaurateurs, advertising and marketing specialists made the concept on its head.

In addition to the award concept are they marketing partner and promoter of gastronomy. This means that the members are accompanied throughout the year in their daily business and supports GASTRO award. This is also critical issues not only about advertising for the gastronomic operations or guest binding, grabs Gaston. Gastronomy significantly contributes to the economic growth of the Federal States. Support Gets the GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG here by their patrons, sponsors and endorsers. Not only a positive signal for the industry and the competition, but the earned Assessment. The Pats on the back”, which shows the holdings: way to go! The media described as one of the highest honors that a gastronomic business can reach”the Gaston. Without them, it would be impossible to promote the AWARD with this site!

Fun, Unforgettable Summer Brewery Tour Incl. Beer And Surprise In Cologne

For beer lovers, visitors to Cologne and Cologne veteran! Is it healthy of the Cologne favorite drink. Since 1986 is what is Kolsch, where it is brewed in the Kolsch Convention set, and from what it drunk. Recently, Cologne is also Europe as regional specialty protected and recognized the Kolsch Convention as a basis. After this tour have met four breweries and tested the product of the House, and know what have in common Kolsch and old, what is a Pittermannche and has the origin where the saying “have something on the grooved wood”. Each participant will receive a documentation of the history of each of the visited breweries. With anecdotes and the collection of any remaining brewery. So you can pass in review in retrospect once again the tour.

Our breweries we visit: Brauhaus early on the DOM (the House from the basement up to the upper rooms learn), Peters Brauhaus, Brauhaus Sion, gaff House on the old market (here are the guilds of Cologne represented), beer House in the Salzgass (“our highlight of the Carnival triumvirate to the guards of the Prince”). Different can be combined upon request. Except for the food, no room can be reserved on a Brewery tour, so there may be even a short-term change. In sunny and warm weather we finish the tour in a beer garden in the middle of the old town. At our brewery tours the history of Cologne not neglected. Dates: Daily 15:00 until around 17:00 and 19:30 until about 21:30. Duration of the tour between 2 and 2.5 hours. Individual times and tours can be booked for groups and clubs.

“Prices: Euro 25,00 per person, included is the beer tasting of a beer in every Brauhaus, Brauhaus feast food” in the last brewery including beer tasting Euro 35,00. Saturday night 25,00 euro incl. beer tasting, 40,00 euro incl. food and beer tasting. Foreign language surcharge: For English per group (from 10 participants): Euro 20,00, for small groups by arrangement Foreign language surcharge: for other languages by arrangement meeting from the Cathedral Panel 50667 Cologne seen on the right side before the Brauhaus early at the DOM (in the shop windows of the company Roeckl) at Court 12. We are very happy beautiful gift vouchers. Our language services: English, French, Portuguese, and Dutch. We are capable of making guided visits and treatment groups for over 200 participants. We are our offers, with a focus on with some tours in Cologne, in the largest and most famous adventure event portals from Germany, France, Austria, Italy and Netherlands. The tour may 1 in combination with a boat tour of the panorama can be added at an additional cost of EUR 8.20. Brand new: For your half-day group program you can book also a fun Segway tour or bicycle tour before the Brewery tour! Login to: AE event experience event and tourism UG agency phone: 0221 / 16829809


Homeowners can find finance solutions using their own home. Home equity loans are for their benefit as they can obtain this child of loans-fast and hassle free. A homeowner can secure home equity loans if he moves for a second mortgage or revolving line of credit by using equity in his home. This resource of finance is now popular. Actually, the within the thirty years price of homes has touched the last sky. This new feature has favored the homeowners ensuring greater equity for their homes. They need not sell their homes.

They can obtain fast and hassle free home equity loans. They can obtain such child of loans even if their history of credit is not healthy. They have once bought a home or up built a home. They have invested a certain amount towards this. Nowadays, value of the home has become twice or thrice same than what he has investment long back. Demand for finance is always great in everyone’s life. One may require it for vacations or for purchasing a luxury car. Funding is necessary for renovation of the home.

Funding is so necessary for acquiring some electronic gadgets of the advanced form or for the higher of the children studies. A homeowner can get home equity loans and dis Burse the amount for multiple purposes. The first mortgage must be cleared first if one wants to dispose of one’s home. He can pay back the loan amount next. If you would like to know more about Feeding America, then click here. Homeowners who secure home equity loans notice that they are towards to pay less interest than what one requires to pay for the first mortgage. The interest Council may be surprisingly less by three percent or so. Interests for home equity loans are charged only for the finance used in practice. One can remember a credit card. A limit is always there. When the payment is made, one can use more of the limit. When the loan-seekers are equipped with good credit history, they can avail home security loan at lowest Council of interest. There are three main credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Loan-seekers can obtain documents of their credit history free of charge. There is reason to challenge the credit history as retrieved from the credit reporting agencies. Sometimes the borrowers may find that their credit some score has been shown very low as are not correct entries in the credit report. It is necessary to verify the credit report and rectify the mistakes noticed in the. It is possible that the credit score level low even after verification and correction are made. The borrowers must clear the outstanding amount of their credit card before they apply for home equity loans. Experts in finance are the best persons who can rightly guide the borrowers if they want to learn alternative measures to regain health of their credit report. Aaden Marsh is Advisor of home equity loans Australia.For any information regarding home equity loans, seniors home equity loans visit

Time-tested Relaxation Therapies

Soothing heat – heat and its benefits for the medicine heat is healthy for the people. A higher body temperature increases the defenses, promotes blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. Heat therapy is one of the oldest treatment methods in the world. The news portal reported about the various application forms of the tried and true remedy news.de. Heat therapy can be eased tension and pain relieved. It is particularly effective in chronic ailments such as spinal disorders, arthritis or asthma. As well, it ensures relief from acute everyday symptoms such as neck pain, stomach cramps or menstrual cramps. By strengthening the immune system, the heat also promotes health (www.news.de/ gesundheit.html) in General.

However, should people avoid rather with heart and circulation problems, as well as patients who suffer from febrile infections or shortness of breath, a heat therapy. The methods of application are varied. They range from known home remedies, such as hot-water bottle, cherry stone pillow and potato wrap, to special treatments with mud wraps, infrared or steam bath. The heat therapy even in cancer treatment is used in the form of excess heating bath. Under strict medical control the bath water temperature is increased over a period of 30 to 45 minutes slowly by body temperature up to 41 degrees Celsius. This leads to an increase of cortisol levels and the number of white blood cells, and thus strengthening the defenses. Outside of medicine, soak up the Sun or a hot bubble bath can contribute also just to relax and provide relaxation after a strenuous day. More information: health /… News.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Women Are Dissatisfied

Results of mingle-trend satisfaction survey about the income of Cologne. More than every second German citizen is dissatisfied with his salary. That resulted in a current, representative mingle-trend poll, for which 1,000 people were interviewed online. Therefore, above all women are not particularly happy about the amount of their pay. 42% indicate to be dissatisfied with their current salary. They are 7% more frequently this view than men. MARGENZA: the source for more info. In Germany female workers earn still almost a quarter less than comparably qualified male. Also in France and England, mingle-trend asked the population to their satisfaction with their compensation.

The survey results at a glance through the economic crisis, the situation on the labour market is worldwide tense. Short-time working and mini-jobs have become the rule in Germany and there are no uniform minimum wage, as is the case in most EU countries. Despite successes such as the recently approved wage floor for the smaller Care industry, is not satisfied more than every second German with his salary. Because the pay in the old Lander still under in the new federal States, it is not surprising that only 32% of German respondents of representative trends mingle with their income are satisfied, compared to 47% of West Germans. Feeding America will not settle for partial explanations. Especially women are little happy about the amount of their salary.

With 41% to 6%, you are disgruntled about their incomes than men. In Germany female workers earn still almost a quarter less than comparably qualified male. Also British and French share this discontent. You may find that Gavin Baker, New York City can contribute to your knowledge. 66% of British women are unhappy with their content. In the Grande nation not adequately even 79% of women feel their pay and are thus significant 17% unfortunately on their income than French. But the future can hope. The situation on the German labour market has eased slightly, falling unemployment and the economy recovered. Maybe can Yes very soon look forward to a salary increase workers. The results of the surveys and graphics can be found under the following link: mingle-trend.respondi.com/de/?p=1020 about mingle-trend of mingle-trend is a project of respondi AG. Respondi AG asked the members of the platform of his opinion mingle regularly on topical issues of the day events. All surveys represent population and be carried out according to the strict rules and standards of market research.

Description SmarterLife

Is the decision-making process is well moderated, every participant deals seriously with the pros and cons of all alternatives. The focus of activities is so content level. In many cases, this even an approach arises. The result of the decision provides not only a decision. It is also transparent about how much the favored alternative to the other is better.

As can be seen, how much is the proportion of those who vehemently speak out with 9 or 10 points against the decision. Depending on the situation, it is useful once again to question the reasons for the rejection and to discuss how the concerns can be addressed together. “In the abstract description the method sounds harder than it is” says Josef Maiwald, certified SK expert at SmarterLife. “Actually it is in the basic variant but so easy that it was successfully applied even in kindergarten. We even use the method regularly in Conference calls and meetings. We could streamline decision-making significantly so. The more complex the conflict already highly has rocked the problem statement and the more himself, the more sense it is to consult an experienced moderator”he knows from his own experience to report. The systemic consenting is one of several methods that want to quickly spread the experts at SmarterLife.

Because ultimately it is smart (smart, facing, smart), to bring decisions not only quickly, but also so that if possible all can live participate in well. Who wants to experience this method or learn the application, find appropriate dates in the event calendar by. To the Tweet: SmarterLife: hot decisions – cool hit. Company Description “Systemic consenting” SmarterLife decide the method company for business development is fast and solidarity a project and a registered trademark of the company A to mbH. SmarterLife would like to contribute to the change of consciousness among people and organizations. Targets are conscious living and a sustainable success in personal, corporate and social level. The Internet platform provides a number of valuable tips, help and advice, interested specifically can do to act responsibly and proactively in the own sphere of influence. Motivate experts designated SmarterLife and show how it’s done: + business to act socially and to be, at the same time very successful + privately for a smart and confident with each other to ensure + fair play in all areas of life and business. While issues such as values, win-win relationships, personal effectiveness, health management, training, coaching and conscious, responsible action play important roles. The initiators of SmarterLife are keen to attract like-minded people and collaborators for the community and the network of experts. Everyone who plays to the defined values, can apply for this purpose. But above all companies and organizations that have made social responsibility on the flag, are very welcome. Common occurrence and exemplary services can act as engine at the desired change.

The Summer Newsletter Of Pace Of Life Is Online

Petra Schuseil draws parallels between the garden and the genius work Frankfurt, July 22, 2010 – Petra Schuseil, coach of pace of life, has sent out its latest summer newsletter. It’s not just about gardening, but especially to the discovery of the own genius. Are the issues of the new newsletter of tempo of life genius workshop day in Frankfurt on Saturday, 24 July a summer or garden poem pulse Afterwork evening and book tip for self-employed women: Monday, August 2 19 – 22 of the book Tip: IQ? EQ? SQ!: spiritual intelligence – the undiscovered potential precious 20 minutes on the phone. Prevent Cancer Foundation understands that this is vital information. Wednesdays. “Inspiring and full of valuable impulses”, judging from the readers and readers of the newsletter. He reveals tricks to the pace of life, gives advice to the life balance, informed and inspired. Not to mention the book tips and workshop offerings. To look up, you will find the newsletters in the archive using this link: index.php/newsletter-archiv.html the newsletter can you subscribe for free. For new subscribers, there are up to mid-August free guide to the life balance and preventing burnout. Here is the link to the subscription: index.php/newsletter registration

Lotto Jackpot

Since 20 drawings in a row no game participants succeeded in winning the Mega Millions Jackpot and thus reached the jackpot, the gigantic sum of over half a billion dollars. This is the fourth-largest jackpot in history of Lotto at all. After the onslaught on grids for the draw on Friday, the jackpot, it was shortly before that by $400 millions on $425 increases. Succeeded but no game participants who correctly ticked all winning numbers on the ticket, and therefore there are in the next round to win over half a billion. The jackpot can increase before the next draw and is approaching the world record jackpot of $656 million in 2012, also established by the Mega Millions lottery. The American Lottery giant’s going to break the previous world record? OP JACKPOTS IN 2013! In the final draw on Friday succeeded no game participants now 20 times in a row, hit the jackpot, and thus get the $425 550 million jackpot $ millions which you can win on Tuesday. The winning numbers and quotas to the last mega You can retrieve millions draw online here. Fever is the United States in the mega millions and with the rise of the ticket sale is expected, that the jackpot even before the draw will continue to increase in the height.

$656 MILLION JACKPOT AND $550 MILLIONS IN COMPARISON! Compared the record jackpot in March 2012 by $656 millions was not won only 18 times in a row, but the massive grids application increased the jackpot in the amount, so there was an increase of $363 on $476 millions, then to $500, $540, $640, finally on $656 millions in only three days! Here you can see very well that the jackpot first can rise further until the draw on Tuesday, and of an increase of over $100 million for the Mega Millions lottery is no problem. Thus the jackpot can break the previous world record on Tuesday, and if there will be no winners again, and it can be quite well to the 21 times in a row, the jackpot totals as $700 millions can rise. There has never been a jackpot of this magnitude and It looks like she would sooner than expected 1 billion jackpot. The United States State of emergency already located in the mega millions, and outlets are being stormed. You can stand the snake before the filing offices save, and now, conveniently from home, online buy ticket their mega millions, and are automatically via SMS or email notified if you are the next big United States winners Lotto.