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Church People

Benedict XVI said that to grow it the friendship of boys with Christ is fundamental forming part of parishes, communities and movements, as well as the participation in the Every Sunday Eeucaristia, the frequent reception of the sacrament of forgiveness and the cultivation of prayer and meditation of the word of God. Of that friendship with Jesus, he added, will also be born the impulse that leads to give testimony of faith in the most diverse environments, even where there are rejection or indifference. The Pope said that it cannot find Christ and not make it known to others. To broaden your perception, visit PCRM. Therefore, you do not keep to Christ for yourselves. Community to others the joy of your faith. The world needs the witness of your faith, certainly need God. I think that your presence here, young people from five continents, is a wonderful test of fertility of the mandate of Christ to the Church: go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to all creation, he said. Pope Ratzinger said in his homily that young people is the responsibility of the extraordinary task of being disciples and missionaries of Christ in other lands and countries where there are a multitude of young people who they aspire to bigger things and are not seduced by the false promises of a style of life without God.

The mass was attended by the Kings of Spain, the President of the community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, and the Ministers of the Presidency and building, Ramon Jauregui and Jose Blanco. I remember the victims of the crash of Spanair Benedict XVI expressed his spiritual closeness and his endearing affection for sufferers and family members of the crash of the company Spanair, registered at Barajas airport on 20 August 2008, in which 153 people were killed. To commemorate the third anniversary of the serious plane crash in Barajas airport, which caused many victims and injured, I wish to get my spiritual closeness and my affection affectionate to all those affected by this unfortunate event, as well as to the relatives of the deceased, whose souls we commend to God’s mercy, he said at the end of the mass.

Civil Protection

It is Maite Huerta, candidate for L L’alfas del Pi. The popular candidate ensures says that volunteer accompanying the disabled was apoderada del PSOE and not a member of Civil protection. He claims that the Socialist militant had touched the envelope and coerced the woman who was preparing to vote. The candidate of the PP in L Alfas del Pi (Alicante), Maite Huerta, denied Wednesday that would prevent vote in a Norwegian disabled because the person of Civil protection which accompanied her had touched the envelope containing the ballot paper, as it appears in a video of the Radio Television of this locality collected during the election day on Sunday. Huerta has responded to the controversy by making it was one apoderada del PSOE and not a member of Civil protection. The facts, collected in a video recording by Radio Television of Alfaz – which has been hung on Youtube-, occurred last Sunday during the election day, when a citizen of Norwegian origin in a wheelchair attended college Raco albir in Alfaz del Pi l. In the video you can see how a woman in a wheelchair enters the electoral college aided by two people with Civil protective vests. Women gives the envelope to one of his companions so that you insert into the URN, whereupon Huerta replica does not vote, not voting, you’ve touched it.

I have said that it does not vote. The Orchard version is that the person with a vest of Civil protection, to conceal his identity, is a representative of the PSOE who tried to manipulate the will of the Norwegian citizen. The PP candidate, also accuses the grouping of Civil protection of illegally providing vest to the representative, that identifies as Gunilla Herrero. Maite Huerta ensures that he rebuked Herrero by having played with the hand the envelope of the Norwegian citizen, and he shouted: No vote, no vote!, to the surprise of the members of the polling station. As detailed, the alleged voluntary ranked number 12 of the Socialist candidacy and illegally carrying a vest of Protection Civil given the back to hide the shirt of the PSOE wearing and its accreditation of Lossing. Absolute majority throughout the election day, according to the popular candidate, the members of security drew attention repeatedly to the agent Socialist for attempting to coerce and manipulate the free will of citizens in choosing the ballot. With this, trying to guarantee with every right that collects the law, that the vote on this disabled citizen be free and not under pressure and manipulation of a presumed volunteer.

The popular candidate has also ensured that the President of the polling station stated, after what happened, that he had no knowledge that this lady was a person of the candidacy of the PSOE, and that, to carry a Civil Protection vest, he thought that he was a volunteer for the grouping. The President also, stated as maintains Maite Huerta, of having known, had not stopped it being present at the vote and accompany the Norwegian citizen at all times. The PSOE won with a majority absolute and loose the municipal elections by about 1,300 votes. The Socialists obtained 3.097 and the popular Orchard 1751. Source of the news: A candidate of the PP in Alicante tried to prevent voting in a disabled