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Medical Literature

The estria changes its route below is verdica, was recommended by the Prof Dr Marta Maria Pontin Darsi, who in visit in the city of Rondonpolis, in particular in the E.E. D. Wunibaldo Tauller, covered all building and when it entered in the library that for signal is very frequented, found ' ' Marcilei Pereira&#039 Days; ' , employee accomplishes of the State Net in the function of nutrition support, activity this that develops in the vespertine period, in this same Unit of Education. However before initiating the preparos for merenda pertaining to school the Marcilei occupies all its mornings, developing the attendance in the library of the school, next to the pupils, this activity comes been developed has 02 years: in 2004 it had the planning of the space for the reading and consultations to books, in this year of 2005, concomitantly to the attendance, this being made the registers of books for catalogao. For our admiration ' ' Marcilei' ' still it occupies the nocturnal period attending a course Bacharelado in Biblioteconomia, it this in 4 year of this course. When asked the employee on the course: answers it me that she chose this for dealing every day with the information, the attendance to the pupils and community, the reading is its passion, it likes to read different sorts: Literature (stories) and cited a pearl: Oscarina de Machado de Assis. Kidney Foundation takes a slightly different approach. Marcilei daily takes care of 55 pupils approximately per day in the library of the School. It has the recognition of the pupils and all the employees. as we could not leave this blank page, the CEFAPRO was to confer the developed activities de' ' Marcilei' ' congratulates it for this attitude of change! In this story all have participation of history. Dear success. Luciane Aporta luciane.aporta@ seduc.mt.gov.br CEFAPRO – Rondonpolis/MT


Walking in solitude of the day of the life, to discover a text, an article that said on experiences and loving lives of separate people for the destination. This called me it attention for the fact to have been written always relating the person of the good other as we are not writers of first line and we are not writing a book pra to dispute Nobel or seemed thing, exhausts commentaries not that our publisher (webartigos) is not one to gain such prize. It is easy to speak of love when if it does not have the life play to the hell and brought for the clarity for disturbing demons of sleep and dreams I read this article that started telling the life of these young that if had gotten passionate and had its routes according to separate tracings and for the destinations writer, does not believe that the destination reserves such badness, but this comes of me exactly and not of some proven scientific experience. I am writing this more as a protest form on loves and lovelessness, who is left always is forgotten sings in it, and who leaves always is applauded and had as strongest of the piece, the people not if they matter with the left ones, they prefer of the attention who hurt of what to who the heart is dilacerado, many times begging the return of its lost love already and without no perspective you it hearts are not left again simply for not giving themselves well or fighting, and yes for not liking itself or they do not land on water the sufficient to support all divergence that is generated in a loving and apaixonante relation. When somebody speech you who you finishing why if dao and because does not fight excessively well, it forgets, this is not reason to leave and yes forgive of that pra is weak not to say that does not love you more to the loving ones of lost loves of torn into pieces hearts has in vosas minds and body that this is a punhal that was and will be stuck in the heart forever and all the times that if tries to take off, donates and bleeds, the best thing is to learn to live with this punhal in the heart donates little of what to try takes off made what all reader makes, found beauty the article, but we go into place them in the skin of the loving ones and to see who it was and who was not pra to love of truth is necessary first to have courage to assume its errors and weaknesses in the front of its love, without if to matter with what they go to say of that they go to be against, thinks about this all the times that you will be loving

Change Process

If it does not treat solely to diagnosis the current state for, taking in account the way, (that it is what decides on the changes that will have that to assume), ' ' sonhar' ' a desired future, but yes that if it must trace strategies that allow in them to plan as to exceed the obstacles. Soon, the strategical thought must trace a clear diagnosis, taking in account in such a way the way as the existing barriers (the objective and the subjective ones) to plan a strategy that allows to glimpse the desired future. Most important it is after glimpsing this future, this tomorrow metafrico, inclining it, and every day of the life ' ' agarrar' ' the gift, in way to convert it, with passing of the time, in the waited one. This calls effect Merlin (due to legendary mago). It is arrived then at the concept to set in motion strategical, that it is what makes possible, from a future position, to carry itself to direction chosen through the strategy, to go approaching the gift to the desired vision. In the scope enterprise, for the one before displayed, a vital element is to reach a line or strategical direction, that allows to trace a direction, which if adds volunteer enthusiasticly and the collective one that it integrates the company.

For this if much solid in the direction requires a leadership. The effect Merlin consists of being capable to materialize a future glimpsed and drawn of challenging form, to perceive with more clarity the potentialities of the gift and to go attracting it, in a repetitive process and of constant approaches. To get it is essential to delouse itself total of the lapsed usual conceptions. To learn, it has first that to unlearn. The implication in this intention possesss a paper key, as well as the commitment to fight for reaching something better qualitatively. Implication and commitment are not the same. The first one is a certain state of alignment how much to the politics and strategies traced in one determined process. When we relate in them to we make it to the commitment with the meaning of a superior state, to be capable to subordinate individual or particular interests the collective interests.