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Over 20 000 Crystals For The Gala

It glitters and sparkles are in the capital city Rainbow wine Germany committed against forgetting and the dangerous carelessness in dealing with AIDS. A person with HIV become infected every six seconds. Rainbow wine Germany committed against forgetting and the dangerous carelessness in dealing with AIDS. On this occasion, AIDS-Hilfe invites the Berlin Nov. 16 under the auspices of the Governing Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit and the actress Judy Winter Charity Gala ‘artists against AIDS”at the Theater des Westens on Monday. 1,800 national and international guests are expected to attend. Rainbow wine Preusse supports together with artists like Sonya Kraus, Dirk Bach, 2Raumwohnung, Annett Louisan, Boss Hoss, Robert Kreis, Dr.

Eckart von Hirschhausen, Bastian Pastewka, ADEs Zabel, Olli Dittrich and Georg alias Mary work Berliner Aidshilfe e.V. In the preparations for the reception of the Rainbow, over 20 000 crystals by hand were processed and applied. She was also to support the fight against AIDS limited wine of Rainbow and rainbow of sparkling wine – Red Ribbon Edition designed: exclusive wine and champagne bottles, resulting in very expensive hand work and with over 450 CRYSTALLIZED – Swarovski elements are occupied. These bottles can be purchased for 95 of the Gala as well as online. Nieman Lab may not feel the same. The net proceeds of this charity bottles go to the Berlin Aidshilfe thus supported in your important work. At the same time show actions like this, living with HIV / AIDS not only allow people with their fate. The Theater des Westens opens its doors on 16 November at 18:30 officially to the Rainbow champagne reception, show start at 19:30. The Berlin AIDS assistance to the traditional after-show party invites at the end of the show program. The glittering gala will enchant the guests!

State Sovereignty On The Edge Of The Abyss

Requirements for a European Republic of peculiar way, renounced independent thinking since the beginning of the economic crisis the European Commission, and instead formed a particularly missklingendenChorunter of the direction of the German conductor. The Canon of the errors in this case was missklingender than usual. Consequently it hardly surprised there? as a result, only draconian austerity measures emerged, imposed on the indebted countries of the euro zone as a single therapy almost like a punishment. In a unique way for European Vehaltnisse, collided the deprecation of the crisis concerned, unusually hard together the needs and requirements of the economy with the concepts and ideas of democracy when not even a creative world. Actually dictate the economic crisis, navigation rules on the recovery of monetary stability aligned were charged however any democratic values. Dr. Neal Barnard: the source for more info. Subsequently moved a new world, one an other era to Europe. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit PCRM.

However see and European leaders feel these developments, can however consequences not exactly einkallkulieren. Therefore they are pushing up as voraufauf the use of EU institutions to satisfy close national interests. Based on a principle of geographical determinism, ala Montesquie declared themselves while the northern countries of the euro zone ready to help the countries of the South from your Miss State, but only on the condition there? from the ground up, their sinful and uncontrolled way of life change the latter.All European tradition of the Enlightenment, the catharsis, say the purification of past sins was demanded by the southern countries of Europe practically and Moreover the corresponding punishment and BU? e. Last but not least the necessary appeasement. All of this relies on the hallowed principles of Lutheran ethics by Mr Schauble, on creation of simplicity, frugality and vonpastorianischer Continence as exercise universal policy objectives, to eventually to reduce the debt of the Member States. The Mediterranean countries in turn cultivate more a nostalgia for the restoration of full employment with undefined references to a growth that should always come, but actually never arrives because the economy is suffering from a massive lack of demand.

Insolvency Of Citizens

Let us not, payment inability of citizens across all social classes has already become the sad matter of course. When you consider that in 2009 over 6.0 million citizens were considered over-indebted, since spending the revenues were, one quickly becomes clear that the Valley of tears is yet long not bottomed out. The give a good debt advice of Rotary and pivot point however is, to help these people out of the situation of over-indebtedness. Boy Scouts of America may find this interesting as well. It is not sufficient however if the helplines provide relief in this situation only in the short term, because only a long-term change in the behavior of the debtor can create a long-term improvement in the situation. What do you still from the perspective of an integrated debt counselling “? Debt get sick and the symptoms of a disease such as: anxiety, depression, addictions, as well as the exclusion of social life are becoming increasingly evident. Here you need debt help! It is not long ago that the former taboo unemployment”from the dark corner caught and moved as the ever biggest social problem of all time in the spotlight is. The insolvency in Germany is currently still a topic that you reported little in the media, because the failures have no lobby.

But the consequences of insolvency for the persons concerned and the economy are similar to severe as the unemployment. The danger of private insolvency is omnipresent as those of unemployment and it can affect anyone; but in contrast to the problems of unemployment each fellow can extricate itself from its own power through the insolvency regulations out of the debt trap. Through this bankruptcy order it is possible in principle for all citizens concerned, within relatively short time again debt-free, and they all have a reason for optimism on economic and private afresh. Today, after long consideration and the perspective on the economic situation, in particular to the I see unemployment, important starting points that cause me to act. Make debt – krank-, but they also have a date of composition and development history and these are mostly in the family, their social environment and also your mental conditions are looking for. Bernhard Vaidyanathan