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Eternal Wristwatches

Many people can conceive to eternal as a manufacturer of innovative watches, but really the company has been creating quality clocks percent approximately fifty years. They produced its first watch in 1876 although the company had already been operating a factory for decades. Some examples of innovative watches which were produced by this company is the first wrist watch with alarm, the first clock that also functioned as a cigarette lighter and a watch capable of sounding an alarm with an eight-day power reserve. These three clocks were introduced to market in years up to and including the early 1930s. It is possible from this, to see that the company always has been innovative and has gone ahead of time when it comes to watches manufacturing. An example of inventiveness that this company has shown clearly in 1948 watches. It was during this year that the company launched a rotor mounted ball bearing, which used five small balls of steel.

This system of ball bearing is used in automatic winding mechanisms. All the clocks of the company testify to this ball bearing system. There are five small circles located below the mark of twelve on the face of each eternal clock that is currently being manufactured. Although other watches do not carry the symbol of eternal, many of them use the system of ball bearing the company developed. This is an example of mechanical micro type that is capable of developing the eternal company. To broaden your perception, visit CBC, Australia. The company continued offering innovative watches which rely on the successes of the past. An example of this is the gauge 3800 Vision.

This watch uses the same system of five ball bearing, however, on this watch these created ceramic instead of steel. This allows the ball bearings prevent the usual lubrication that is needed in many other systems of metal ball bearing. Use ceramic ball bearings also means that you can create in a size that is much more smaller than what is possible with the metal ball bearings.

Each Time More Heat And Force Chavez

Today made 41 in the shade in Asuncion, Paraguay. Walking through the streets was an ordeal. The relentless Sun. By the excessive use of air conditioners, power outages became intermittent, in several neighborhoods of the city. In addition, overwhelmed by the excessive use of water, already some neighborhoods on the outskirts begin to experience low pressure. And we’re just in November. In a question-answer forum Boy Scouts of America was the first to reply. What will be January and February is unimaginable, considering that they are typically the warmest months.

They say that you one of the expressions more sterile is I told you so but right now is what comes to mind. Although this is not something only from the Paraguay, and there are countries much more great are great leaders of the global heating, certainly here we have done our part of the damage. Perhaps have we not destroyed 80% of our forests in the last 50 years? Did perhaps not we keep burning coal, trash, fields, everything that gets us front? Don’t continue paving and removing green spaces stubbornly, without realize that I eliminated the natural system of control of the temperature? Do not continue littering to watercourses, using plastics indiscriminately, using more and more cars of high consumption? It seems that finally it is coming to us time, such times as announced. And so as a proverb says if reason doesn’t work, Rod will do so in reference to children, it seems that we are going to have to learn in the same way. We are going to experience the worst crisis climate in recent times and many people indeed will die as a result. Those who survive are going to have to change our habits… whether we like it or not. The only one who appears to have the clear film is Hugo Chavez, the much derided, the so hated by the libertarian fanatics.

Takes radical to survive measures drought it it ravaged his country, and that while it is not fault of that country exclusively, also will be a lesson in austerity to the rest of the world, especially to Latin america. Let’s look well and see what awaits us if we do not change our habits. Because ultimately, the solution is there: in a simple change of habits. Luis Villamayor original author and source of the article

Program Green Card

Rules for participation are simple. The only and most important requirement for the party of Ukraine – the presence of the equivalent secondary education. To participate in the program must be in its own name to register the shape-form at the official website of the U.S. State Department from October 5 to November 3, 2010 The popularity of the program leads to various kinds of scams involving the lottery Green Card (DV-2012). Proposals from firms providing these services comes a lot. Most of them are fraught with 'pitfalls'. We have tried to collect all such cases, associated with participation in a lottery Green Card.

Official representatives of the Green Card Lottery There are companies that call themselves the official representatives of the U.S. State Department to receive applications in any of the regional centers, cities, etc., but this is not true, because no official representatives of the Green Card lottery does not exist! This was every year, clearly written in the instructions for participation in programme.Firmy to guarantee winning the lottery can be distinguished two main types: firms that manipulate the number of registered applications and those that simply collect money from people winning. Firms of the first type is mainly carried out the following trick: On your behalf to the Consular Center sent more than one statement, but, for example, 50. To do this, they change the spelling of your name and the name of the 50th different ways, or even 50 times the click button "register". Even if you win and so manipulation must be revealed in the interview at the U.S.