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Aeroponika Plants

According to experts the best conditions for plant growth are created when aeroponike when the roots are free in a humid atmosphere. For example, around a lamp that emits light and heat, is set high (in growth person) made of plastic drum with double walls. Nutrients there are sprayed, their environment like a fog, not soil. Green part of the plant stretches towards the light source inside the drum. Gavin Baker oftentimes addresses this issue. An example of the drum is difficult to repeat in practice, but the vertical walls of mesh type is closer to the actual implementation.

For this mesh cage construct, pave the inside opaque plastic film. In the film, at equal distances punch cross-shaped holes in them and put in seedlings. Top (on both the inner walls of the film) through a perforated pipe must enter the nutrient solution, which moisten the root system of plants inside the cavity beds. Droplets of nutrient solution on the way down moisturize several plants located underneath each other. Despite the economical consumption of the nutrient solution, plants on the floor of the garden are developing very intensively, increasing strong root system. Although the flat hollow beds still have a drawback: if the face of the bush plant was spacious, the roots of their generally always have empty spaces. What if collect roots closer to each other, such as a pipe, and let the bushes grow on it in all directions, as observed in nature? Arrange watering the root system in the garden of a hollow – there is nothing simpler: at the top over the open pipe ends put a shower, which sprays the nutrient solution.

Height of hollow tubes, gardens can be any, would be stable. But there is a significant drawback of this method: it is necessary briefly shut down the pump – and plants die. In Japan, came out of this situation and in practice have already implemented the so-called wick method that is not associated with the consumption of electricity. Plants are grown on special ropes, wrapped with thick long pile. Pieces of the rope 1 meter vertically reinforce the lower ends of the omitted in the openings at the pipe that supplied a nutrient solution. Moisture rises on a rope to the roots of plants, "clinging" to the pile. In the same pile and sow the seeds, so that the seedlings do not need to resort. Especially good at tomatoes on the ropes. In general, there is something to ponder.