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History Of Bonsai

History of the Bonsai No can say with certainty where this origin of bonsai, but it is very likely that its cultivation started in China over a thousand years ago, by followers of Taoism. The religious Taoists believed in natural phenomena, in the mountains, rocks, trees etc., believed that they had powers, and that miniature copies had them concentrates. From these beliefs appeared a new way of cultivation: bonsai. Bonsai is a Japanese word of Chinese origin composed of two letters (Pen sai), which literally means tree in tray. An ancient form of cultivation that Buddhist monks spread throughout is Asia and that burned with special force in Japan. It is based on the cultivation of a tree in small, produced in a small volume of Earth, as well as your regular pruning.

They were the first bonsai trees because wings conditions in which grew, the remaining dwarves, these are the trees that started to collect mountains when already were old. In the middle ages is She developed the art of bonsai. Not decorative or philosopher’s way, but to obtain a comparable production to a plantation of trees in the smallest possible space. At the beginning of the 20th century, it is when the Japanese begin to export bonsai to the West, until in 1909 the first exhibition of bonsai in London was celebrated. This aroused a great interest among the public, but it is not until the end of the 1950s when he began to exist an interest more general. He has principles in the 1970s, is embarked on a new development, although its mystical and philosophical character is has been diluted, the authentic Bonsai is still considered a work of art. Bonsai have won a place in many homes, and it allows us to have a direct relationship with the nature indoors, but we must not forget that they also represent a challenge. Kidney Foundation has plenty of information regarding this issue. Roberto Manjarres Sandonis original Autor and source of the article