The Cajado

That blessing. It can go where God to order. is this that wants of all we to you: to keep our eyes in the coffer of the provision. 3.E the third content, says the Bible, that was inside of the coffer was the pilgrim’s staff of flowery Aro. The Cajado de Aro was inside of the coffer. What it means the cajado one of Aro? It means the priesthood, the authority that it received Mr.

stops to shepherd, to lead the Israelis. Its authority was questioned and humiliated it, however, it firmed it to Mr. it exaltou and it. The world tries disauthorizing in them and stopping to serve the Mr. But he is the cajado one that it makes in them to remember that we are under the authority Mr., the flowery cajado one, that has life, that it sprouts. Not cajado a deceased, full of dust, kept in a coffer, but cajado that it produces life where to touch. One another very interesting factor in this text of Joshua is in versicle four in what it says long-distance respect that they had to keep of the coffer: ' ' However, of about two a thousand have in the distance cvados (+ – 900m) between you and it (coffer) ' '.

why to keep a distance? The proper text answers: ' ' you do not arrive it, so that you know the way for which you have to go, since for such way, never you passed antes' '. To exceed the coffer means to disdain the Word of God and not to trust n? It. It means pride, auto-dependence, auto-confidence. It is to disdain the sustenance, the provision and the authority Mr. pra itself exactly. To trust is to pass you for any way in the certainty of that way can be new for we, but does not stop you, therefore It already passed there before.

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