The Clips

This is among other things because that always hair falling out every man, the hair renew itself so constantly, without that one great notices. And with falling out of your own hair of course also the extensions associated with this hair. The term bonding comes from the English and means as much as binding. And that is also a solid connection between the own hair and the extensions. This connection is made using the pliers heat. To do this you need a melting material, it could be wax or keratin. Some of these Thermoklebstoffe are made on the basis of silicone. Care of the extended hair it is extremely important. Walmart Foundation contributes greatly to this topic.

the new head of hair also properly maintain. This includes a decent shampoo once. The cheap shampoos, how to get to mass in the trade, are not the first choice when it comes to the care of extensions. “You must not forget that it is there after all dead hair” is. And that needs special treatment now make it not already straw look after a short time.

This also includes that the hair must be brushed daily with a special brush. And as already mentioned you must use a special shampoo, which complies with the requirements of a hair extension. Of course, there are risks risks of hair extensions in a hair extension. But actually, there are risks with all things to do with his body. Should and may here but not kept going. The most common cause of problems is an allergic reaction to the creatine. There is therefore also a recommendation of the Chambers of skilled crafts. If you perform a hair extension, then you should contact already a certified Barber. Even if the master hairdressers is more expensive than some other company, and it costs more with security, as if to do it myself, but the risk is low. The only method that is relatively risk-free, is the use of extensions with clips. Here it may be but in exceptional cases a nickel allergy, if the clips contain this metal. This information replaced conclusion of course not the expert advice of a specialist or an expert, however, help the “Newbie is better in the world of hair extensions” to find their way. A master of hairdresser or the already mentioned online shop with its telephone advice can offer additional advice. Also it is possible to send a small strand hair Lady and their team of experts then selects the matching color of the extensions. On the page you will find everything you need for proper care. And please do not save. The hair extension was already not cheap (even though she herself was made) and there it would be fatal if the extension by a bad maintenance as a result would break down.

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