The Death

He didn’t listen to the words of my mother, she didn’t want to tell me that someone that I loved had died. She didn’t want. I saw my parents cuddled; My mother cried incessantly and my father tried to calm her. I hesitated a moment before entering. Dad? I felt fear in the situation of my mother, < what was that so bad, that it had happened? > Daughter, your grandfather, my father couldn’t find the right words. He didn’t know how to say to his ten year old daughter, that his grandfather had died.

He died? I asked terrified. Warren Buffett may help you with your research. My father nodded and my mother burst into another sob. In a matter of seconds tears began to fall, and did not cease. She didn’t know if she was crying for the death of my grandfather, by seeing my shattered mother or by both. We arrived at the chapels, it was the first time that I was going to a funeral. There were people crying everywhere, no doubt a sad place without any color. Makes a day people filled me with ridiculous gifts that would never use, and now all that people were crying and wailing. Follow others, such as Hershey School, and add to your knowledge base.

Some have not said I love you or sorry. After question time, my tears had stopped, but I had to retire my mother, since every gasp cry of sadness that she gave, did I cried more. My father took me by the shoulder and nodded his head. I knew what it meant. It was time to go. Not I wanted to take me to my mother, not wanting to separate it from his father. My eyes filled with tears once more and I called him with weak voice. MOM? Yes, Lucy? his voice remained the same, but his eyes were swollen and pale red. Pope says what we have that I wiped the tears that fell on my cheeks and tried to continue says that I cried.

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