The Figure

There is a detachment of forms of power. There is a socialization of the property, but this property has a limit – the Geography also has a limit. And the final, everything stays in a small Exchange, which also produces wealth, sustainable development or anything else you like. What happened in medieval cities. The peasantry has a small economic movement. Some have access to the craftsmanship, but the vast majority, begins to generate some huge pockets of poverty, to the rededor of the city. He had to invent a new form of mission.

And who invented it finen own name. They had already developed him a sort of Apostolic movement. Evangelicals that they swarm over the world. And it was played mainly by lay people. There is a whole movement in Europe in the 13th century, they were never acknowledged by the church because in his speeches had many dangerous elements to the traditional order of the Church. But they become missionaries.

Who did so from the strictest obedience to the Church, and those who did so reconciling the interests and needs of the Church, were the members of the family linked to the Francis of Assisi, and Clare of Assisi. I.e. What is known with the Franciscan movement, and forgive the vindication of the figure of Clara, who is the first woman, who writes his own rule of life. Francis, was a very intelligent man, because in his speech, which many times is radical, against or faced with the little discipline of the clergy. At that time instead of that speech, the never ceases to obey to the clergy, and remain under the more submissive obedience. There is a fragment of their rule of life which proposes to his brothers, to always do reverence, against the clergy, by very unworthy to be.

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