The Info Stress Day

By searching and finding in the data maze Berlin/Cologne – two-thirds of workers are reached according to a report of the Germany radio Meanwhile outside their regular work hours for customers, colleagues or superiors by Internet or mobile phone. One-third of the workforce is even available, so even in the evening or at the weekend. Learn more at this site: Pancreatic Cancer Action. Only 32 percent of workers are in their spare time only in exceptional cases or not via Internet or mobile phone. The topic has reached not only the medical practices, but also the media”, so the DLF. For many professionals it would beep after work and on weekends – if an SMS announces the phone rings or the mail in the mailbox arrives – permanent reachability is today often considered normal. Christian fron, CEO of Aastra DeTeWe subsidiary reminds of a quote of the American future researcher John Naisbitt.

He told 50 years ago it depends on the people, if he masters the technology or the technology control can be. When the speech is of a flood of information, some even lie on the user behavior. “So some 70 billion emails are sent daily in company internal: now we must ask themselves, whether so much information are targeted or whether the actual users might not be overextend this medium”, explains fron to the DLF. The dream of the offline existence we are all constantly online, and the fray our lives. And very many occasionally complain. But only briefly. Then in your mailbox, so you miss nothing look”, philosophizes in the shipment of the good five minutes further and explains:”But be the dream of the offline, of the good book, that one reads without being disturbed, without being distracted in between by this and that, this dream is the next big thing, one can say that now”, complains Robert Misik from the Austrian ‘standard’ in his videocast.

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