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In other words, 80% of the elements of the web site which allow Learn about only 20% of the results. It could be means of social communication, widgets, sidebar items, information or messages in the header of the site (date, time, author, number of comments, etc), or links in the footer (this is many times the great guilty, especially when the visitor is looking for the information you need and can’t find it). 3. Reduce the number of pages simplify the design of your website is simply have fewer places to explore and its customers or followers not having to click on everything. You can do this by reducing the number of pages.

Anyone could get rid of the unnecessary pages, knowing that basically you know that they are not needed, and able to reduce some pages in a single. First, get in the mindset of visitors if you were to arrive at your web site, what are the main things you you like to do? For example, find out what is the content of the site? Or how can I know the site updates? Make sure that your pages provide the necessary and nothing more. To reduce the number of pages of your web site, will not only be easier for your visitors find content, but that there will be fewer places to click on everything, a navigation menu will be a good choice. All have been in web sites with too many elements in the navigation menu. We do not know where to start to navigate because they begin to confuse us some options. And when these options have other categories we get lost and do not manage to choose anything. Having few menu navigation items as far as possible, are you doing your Web site not only simpler, but also facilitating a website more and more friendly for visitors.

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