The Search

They catch a yeast strain which is located after the administration by accident in the small intestine, you will have a problem. Many investigations with regard to the nature of the small intestine flora have shown me that usually the small intestine of enterococci and Pediococcus is flooded. Why some add, which is available in sufficient quantities? The fear that any other coccus-like species can adversely affect the existing native bacterial strains was added. I found least Lactobacilli of the key to success on Lactobacilli during my investigations. So, the key to success in this direction had to lie.

I was inspired this time by Ms. Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerlach.

She had discovered that are possibly Lactobacilli to receptors (attachment points) in the small intestine can be docked, the then harmful bacteria take away the space. There was not a such Lactobacillus but. Also, bacteria are not technically ready to change, that they can come to settle in the small intestine of each species. Claims in this direction are barer mischief. Technically modified, i.e. genetically modified bacteria require a special approval. The search proved after a suitable lactobacillus, which met all of my requirements, for me much more difficult than initially expected. There several hundred strains of Laktobazillenspezies from nature, were from the small intestine of healthy birds, so isolated and tested on settlement activity. At that time, I have the concept of settlement activity”coined and used only for Lactobacilli that have distinguished themselves through outstanding adaptability in the small intestine of various bird species. This concept of active settlement”has now become the slogan and used unfortunately also for bacterial species that do not deserve this. Lactobacillus salivarius as the basis for the drug PT-12 in addition to the settlement activity of the Laktobazillenstamm by a high displacement performance as regards pathogens should be (= sickening) characterized the germs. To get a high metabolic activity, industrial Producibility and storage tolerance.

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