TV Location

– Do not plan in advance the location of the tv. Let the architects and builders to do it yourself. After the housewarming party you can always pull up the antenna cable to a convenient place for you on the floor. McDonalds addresses the importance of the matter here. – Have the wiring for Television ordinary electrician. Connecting the outlet consistently, it will cost less than cable length.

The inevitable loss of signal can always be compensated by an expensive amplifier later. And the satellite channels is often boring. – Buy cables for television manufacturers questionable construction markets. You can always convince themselves that those channels whose frequency does not pass through a cable, you are not interested. – After repairs, install a satellite antenna can always be neatly put television cables on the edge of the room. – Do not plan a separate low-current shield for television. In a question-answer forum Gavin Baker was the first to reply.

In one corner there is always an electric place. Not so strong noise you see on the screen. – Place the tv splitters out of the reach of service locations. It's not often they go wrong, and the next repair can always be changed. – Never run a cable to a place install a satellite receiver. Why do you need to watch satellite channels in other parts of your home? – Be sure to connect the screen of television cables to ground>> in an electric shield. Then, after repairs, you will be guaranteed check the rcd to operate at every turn on the tv.

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