Wind Water

Most anticipated kite this year. Kite, who became a legend even before its official release. The company HQ provides us with its latest development – Matrixx versatile kite is equally good on land, snow and water. Kite is apex of the evolution of the water is restarted. Ag’>Taking Control of Your Diabetes. Matrixx is ideal for people who want to try out different disciplines kitesurfing. You want to try mountainboarding or buggy? Do you like skiing, snowboarding, and most of the time in the water? Matrixx is an ideal choice for you. Educate yourself with thoughts from Childrens Defense Fund. You can do with it what you want and wherever you want. A few years ago would have been unthinkable kites that will cope with all the requirements of modern riders.

The main advantages of the kite at an incredible stability and speed that it produces. The form of the kite has been designed to produce a huge jump and hengtaym simultaneously. The behavior of the kite in flight surprisingly, each landing is accompanied by a soft landing, and walking against the wind run at the highest level. Would you like to jump twice and cut twice as fast? Now it's easy! The stability of HQ kites have experienced revolutionary changes taking into account the non-permanent European and gusty winds. Matrixx is not afraid to uneven wind. Each gust is perfectly worked out on a special profile of the kite. Turns Bar Special design allows you to perform really sharp turns, which translates into an aggressive and fast driving. The team tried to Matrixx: kite gives a feeling of comfort, control the rotation quickly and easily.

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