Encouraged to develop and apply modern methods of sampling to ensure the preservation natural stress state of the sample in the selection and transportation. Laboratory testing should include the identification module of the total strain of soil characteristics of the elastic deformation (modulus of elasticity and Poisson’s ratio), as well as the structural strength of the soil to compression, as determined by the initial fracture of the compression curve according to the procedure described in iec 12248. 2.11. Depth of drilling exploration and geotechnical boreholes, and and depth sensing and geophysical surveys should be determined taking into account the estimated size of the building and loading on the base, as well as pre-selected type of high-rise building foundations. People such as UNESCO would likely agree. Minimum depth of excavation should be prescribed taking into account the depth of excavation, estimated depth of the compressible stratum of pile foundation and the parameters of the elements of the foundation. 2.12. In cases where the core array in the construction of high rise building and its underground part of the device and protecting design achieves compaction layers and rocky soils in the calculations should take into account their specific physical, mechanical and filtration characteristics in research program should provide appropriate laboratory and field tests to determine these characteristics.

2.13. When applying foundation slab depth exploration and geotechnical wells should be determined taking into account the depth of excavation and compressible water column and must be at least 1.

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