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Aristotle Century

It does not have tragedy without the threatening presence of the death. Summarizing what it was said, so that if it has a considered context tragicoflico, must be had: a specific type of agency; a potential for the conflict between agency and the objective order; the exclusion of possibilities of the agents ' ' limparem' ' its auto-image. Action these that if they relate to the stage in palco, being the spectators in state of compatible spirit what it occurs with the staged sort. According to Aristotle, catarse is a word that means the purificao emotional, physical, mental and religious. Through the experience of compassion and fear, the spectator of the tragedy would be collated with the purificao of the soul of these passions, seeing them projected on the personages of the part, allows itself to see deserved punishment inevitable; but without trying punishment it said he himself. Many of us, that we are these spectators, even so let us be far from understanding the ways and the reasons to sharpen our look and imagination, we know important quo these elements are for conquering a place for this sort in specific cultural situations.

On the other hand, the tragedy blossomed in the century dezessete because that age a time of maximum balance in the transistion enters an objective vision of the world (Christian) and for a centered culture in the subjectivity. The age of the Lights, that represented the tragedies of Voltaire, offered the teatral scene of the end of century XVII, heroic victims, to the step that its dramaturgos failed in producing true heroes tragic. Of the beginning of century XIX in ahead, the word ' ' objetividade' ' it started to be something that was felt as obstacle and resistance to the accomplishment of beautiful projects and desires. Today, marxist horizon of redemption seems to have forever if lost.

Earth Over

They were really prosecuted because they were marginalized and lived in poverty. Witchcraft is not considered only reflection of the daily pay-given to order of things, but it is also considered the legitimation of the hegemony of patriarchy. There is close relation between witchcraft and monarchy, because at that teams, it was used an instrument of to power. Whenever the king noticed that people were rebellious about his desires and orders, even attempting against this life, he considered these people, involved with witchcraft. Only, the connection of these three elements, prophecy, witchcraft, and monarchy was evident in XVI and XVII centuries.

The witches were considered you manipulate to power of the devil, what is not real, but they influenced people and could get what they wanted, trying you predict facts of people' s lives and imagining to their future. There were very important philosophers at that teams, like Bodin, Christine Larner, who suggested that James, got in touch with scholars in Denmark in 1589. This fact aroused the interest in witchcraft, associating the devil with an Anti-Christ, glorifying the Monarchy. Devil To power manipulated by three witches, attempts you rule to over the Earth and the woman to paper, to over the family and the body to over the head, the author mentions. Even considering Macbeth and Holinshed, one has you focus the lawful good king and the usurping tyrant, because to whatever he did to over the limit of his to power was also considered in the name of it, even if the attitude was violating human rights. The witches ploughs described, like people who influenced the behavior of the society, providing falsifies confidence and conspiracy against the king.

They ploughs connected with to disorder in nature, like fog and filthy to air. They ploughs accused you reverse moral values. ' ' Fair is foul and foul is fair' '.

The Divisions

People who forgive themselves, live in the full consciousness in the present, they are in paradise! Now, some of you ask, how can I absolve me of my guilt? I got to say, there are those who are already at the gate to paradise, which make it already! You don’t have my words! And there are who want to have a recipe for this. I tell them you will wreak enormous damage so if you simply mixes ingredients and expect a cake. If I give such a recipe, it will bring harm to them and other people, first they would have to learn to listen to your own soul! And there are still those that are already on the right place on their way. Just my advice destined to the. Maybe learn courage as a result, can recognize their place. Never forget that only and exclusively for this! The man should be like a feather in the wind. He is capable of anything. If it does not want his soul, he can not even lift your little finger! The people will be his Kingdom of heaven! The desire of his soul must serve but.

But the soul is a part of God and even God himself. It takes into account details of the universe that can not even suspecting her people. Is it but the universe itself. If the person follows the desire of his soul, he is in the Kingdom of heaven! Now I ask some of you hear on my soul? Imagine the soul like a Prism, which is lighted by one side of the light. The light is divided by the Prism in all colors of the Rainbow or merged back in. The colors of the Rainbow are the divisions of God, so that you can see at least a part of it. It is the light that shines from yourselves.

Eva Luise Kohler

As a prominent Gratulantin, Eva Luise Kohler contributed a greeting and congratulatory message for the anniversary edition. You can justifiably be proud on what you have achieved in the last few years”as the wife of the Federal President. “Many of those affected have a homestead in the DCIG and found in the worm as their ‘voice’ a place of Exchange and support of like-minded people.” Learn Chinese with CI and impaired children’s education challenges the reader in the current edition will also find the best mix of affected reports and articles: dentist Dr. Detlef piece gene reported by his way to supplying both sides with cochlear implants. The sixteen year old Lukas Kessler from casting tells in his post, as he learns at the gymnasium with enthusiasm Chinese with CI. Cornelia Tsirigotis by the Aachener LVR-David-deer-Schule, a school with a focus on Listening and communication, deals in their article with the special challenges of domestic education of impaired children.

And Professor Dr. Sebastian Hoth, head of the work group of clinical and experimental Audiology the neck nose ear clinic in UniversitatsKlinikum Heidelberg, introduces the latest methods of audiological diagnosis in young children. Completed is the current “worm” as usual by an extensive directory of events and contact details as well as basic information, are also interesting for affected individuals and their families as for professionals. The attached image depicts the front page the current “snail”. Upon request we provide you gladly further image material available. For more information see and. We provide view are also one of the current “snail” media representatives upon request.

Press contact: Martin Schaarschmidt, Tel: (030) 65 01 77 60, E-mail:;. Editorial Note: the “worm” is a 1989 independent magazine, society DCIG (www.dcig.de) issued by the German cochlear implant. The magazine, which acts as a non-profit limited company, informs its readers about the issues of cochlear implant, hearing loss, deafness, tinnitus, hearing aids and hearing aids. Expert contributions and experience reports by affected give the reader a very deep insight in the problem of hearing impairments and how to overcome. At the same time, the magazine offers readers a forum and contact possibilities. Thematic focus is the life of cochlear implants (CI) and hearing aids. The “worm” appears four times a year with a current circulation of 5,500 copies. The editorial office is located in Illertissen; Editor-in-Chief of the “worm” is Mrs Hanna Hermann. 2008 the editors in addition to the print edition of the “snail” starts the information portal offers on the subject Hearing & understanding CI & hearing aid ‘.

Hispanic America

the excerpt presents a situation of destruction and abandonment, therefore this desert place, in the field imagtico, was busy before for a civilization, a society and destroyed, perhaps, for who in it arrived soon later. Thus if on the other hand we can relate these images presented for the narrator, with the historical situation of the region of Mato Grosso, where the fight for the land was marked by the murder of small agriculturists, by another one in them is presented the lost man inside of itself exactly, therefore this hinterland of nobody can be related with the existencial conflict of each individual, where such quarrels leave the regionalistic scope for universal spheres. with this thematic Dicke breaches with esteretipos fit that it as a regionalistic writer, this disruption if of the one due to difficulty of the theoreticians in finding for its literature one ' ' estilo' ' literary univocal, as we costumvamos to find in the end of century XIX and half of the XX. Another factor that still more contributes for this ' ' confuso' ' it is its aesthetic approach with the Latin American literature, that, with boom literary of the decade of 60 it imposed to the world a new way of if to make literature, this in turn, if opposed to a literature that promoted and divulged the rules of the bourgeoisie. Ahead of this, the literature produced in this period presented ' ' voz' ' of the kept out of society one, of the excluded one, but this was made not searching a realism restricted and yes the magician, the fantastic one, where the images said and transfiguravam the conflicts of being able in Hispanic America, since the dictatorships and the constant invasion of the politics of the countries of first world, especially the United States. We can make reference to reference the quarrel of this type of literature, which Dicke if identified, therefore it makes constant use of this literary foundation that the Latin American writers had used and use, that is, in the mixture of the magical realism and the fantastic one, therefore two literatures present the reality to avessas.

Halfwayhouse Polish Bartek

After the stormy and romantic holiday Juliane wants nothing more than to emigrate to Sri Lanka to her lover. But soon disillusion creeps in, as becomes clear that Kathu has different goals and pursues his own ambitions. For even more details, read what Professor of Internet Governance says on the issue. The true story, narrated by Janine Nicolai passionately, puts the reader in the paradise-like world of Sri Lanka. “The book loads to accompany the protagonist on their coaster feeling, so that you from high and down” of events tied up is. Christiane Zwengels Roman Polish with cream”.

Christiane goes as a young nurse in the Switzerland and meets the supposed love of her life. Halfwayhouse Polish Bartek makes her a marriage proposal after a week and she agrees. But neither the German nor the Polish family cannot accept this connection. The couple suffers the xenophobia of the Swiss and the ignorance of their parents. Two children are born and the young family comes through huge diligence to prosperity.

While Bartek’s Aktiengesellschaft in the Switzerland is thriving, lots of money but disappears in Polish hands, Christiane worried about their marriage. In Poland, Bartek has an affair while staying home with a Russian who does not remain without consequences. His sudden, much to earlier plunge Christiane and their children into a maelstrom of intrigue, threats and fear of death. The Polish relatives is now showing its true face. The funeral is taking place under police protection and fear takes its course the cold heart of the Mandinka”by Veronika Geiger. It is the story of a German mother and her love to a Gambier. After her divorce and the tragic accidental death of their beloved friend, Victoria joined the love with pain and sorrow. Therefore there is only her son and her work for them long time. She believes it lacks nothing. During a holiday in Gambia, she succumbs to the beautiful words of locals however and believes, to get all what they missed so long time unconsciously. It starts a passionate love for Victoria the fulfillment of their aspirations and dreams. Weakened by malaria fever she must but soon realize the cruel and very painful truth there are all titles (also known as E-books) in bookstores, Internet-shops or directly from the Publisher in our book store free shipping within Germany. to the bestellshop / details can be found here:

Assistant Director

Novel Birgit diefenbach. Available in bookstores or directly from the Publisher. Description: Sarah in love with Paris in miles. She doesn’t know that these tortures an immense thirst for human blood. But with every life he takes, intensified his guilt, which he offset with the hunt for criminals and murderers.

Miles tells her of his vampire existence, that he has a curse. He hopes to find her a way to get rid of his curse. But the magician Magnus, however, is the long time before miles was born, was born in witchcraft and cruelly ruled the small village in England. As Sarah travels in miles past, and her ex-boyfriend Eric fighting for, she must determine that not only he is subject to a curse, but also it belongs to the heirs of the Mage. BSA contains valuable tech resources. You can escape this exciting vampire novel hardly. He is full of frightening surprises and testifies to the extraordinary imagination of the young author. Birgit Diefenbach was short biography: Born on a Friday the 13th.

After her Secondary school leaving certificate, they moved it to Munich. There she made an internship in the workshops of the State Opera and the National Theatre as a theater student and stood for the first time away from home on his own two feet. The experiences and impressions that could collect them at this time in the workshops, quickened their imagination. Her apprenticeship brought back her home and she learned the trade of Justice employees in the District Court of Darmstadt. She then worked in the public prosecutor’s Office. In Pfungstadt, Birgit Diefenbach took her life by her husband and was mother of two children. With him she supervised the children fire volunteers. She remained always the art and theatre. For several years, is part of a group of amateur dramatics and is carried out there as a stage designer and Assistant Director. In addition, she is a big fan of vampire and finds it very interesting how much design potential these figures offer. It reads like and much and mostly collects vampire novels. The idea for her debut novel “witchcraft” had Birgit Diefenbach many years ago. Initially she expanded the history just for fun, but with the time she immersed himself more and more into the world of WITCHCRAFT and was curious about what happened with her protagonist of miles and how the whole thing would end. What happened after the completion of the manuscript and how it looks with other projects, she writes monthly in their blog. More

Blacksmith Gullar

The literary elaboration does not import more, what it matters it is expressividade direct, the confession of small and common feelings. Instead of the work of the literary construction, the pure expression of I. The subjects are unpretentious and ingenuous, always with a mood touch. This poetry was called delinquent, for intending to be to the edge of everything, also of the mechanisms of the market. Thus, many times it was mimeografada congregated in artisan notebooks. Happenings and shows were organized musical to distribute it, generally of hand in hand. But, although the name, it is not delinquent: in its subjects formal solutions perceive the marks of the consumption society of the mass communication, of which it is a perfect translation. Speaking candidly Nieman Foundation told us the story.

It can be considered, thus, as plus a product after-modern. The subjects, generally, are very varied. Some if they arrest in small details, small things, others if they worry more about things serious. It enters the main poets we have: Joo Cabral de Melo Grandson, Blacksmith Gullar, Adlia The Prado, Mrio Quintana, Jose Pablo Breads, Murilo Mendes. The main characteristics of the social poetry are: return to discursivo, short poems, simple language, current, entendvel, subjects directed toward the poverty, the marginality, regionalismos, not the concern with the form, concern with details.

BOOK ON THE NOTHING Manoel de Barros The things had for us a poetical desunitilidade. In the deep ones of the yard he was very riqussimo our to desaber. People invented a trick pra to manufacture toys with words. The trick was alone to turn boc. As to say. I hung one well-you-vi in the sun What Bugrinha said: on the inside of our house it passes an invented river. What our grandfather spoke: the eye of the grasshopper is without principles. I flow Black asked: it will be that it had made the diminished kiss-flower to only see to fly motionless? The distances added people at least. The father campeava campeava. The mother made candles. My brother cangava sapos. Bugrinha beat with a pole in the body of the frog and it turned a rock. He made of account? It was added of garas concluded.

Book Review

LTA 083 – of the State University of Santa Cruz as requisite avaliativo. BOOK: THE GIRL WHO STOLE BOOKS. We live in a banalizado world. BSA has much to offer in this field. The habits had been banalizados, the conjuncts had been banalizadas. The newness does not last more than one timo of second, for after that being rumor, or nor this. But here it is that although the bookstores to house many banal publications, the happiness smile and find an author, Zusak Landmarks, that could be considered abused for dealing with so overwhelming subjects as nazism, the war, the censorship, with a so liquid and charming language. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit PCRM. In this book, the narrative is mesclada and mixes elements. In the personages, we have Liesel Meiminger as protagonist and the secondary ones, that they are many, amongst them: Hans Hubermann; Hubermann rose; Max Vandenburg; Rudy Steiner; Frau Holtzapfel; Frau Diller; Ilsa Hermann.

The time in this work goes and comes back, because the Death, narrator of history, goes pointing out the reader on some facts of the past. The space is the city close to Munique, Molching, the Street Himmel and the ones that Liesel costumava to apanhar the dirty clothes of the customers for which Pink, its adoptive mother, was laundrywoman. The space also is the war, the tenebrous war of the nazistas, in Germany that did not leave homesickness. The girl who stole books is Liesel Meiminger. It found and deceived the death three times.

The death, then, decides to count its history and if it shows a critical narrator, ‘ ‘ discerning until alma’ ‘. For times, even, humorada well. Such history is full of losses, damages, scars, but it excites, therefore it is permeada by the poetry.

Brazil Day

Joaquin Maria Axe of Assis, or simply Axe of Assis (in memorian) was born to day 21 of June of 1839-faleceu to day 29 of September of 1908) was a great writer of Brazil, its workmanship influenced all the future generations and still it influences. Exactly having written its workmanships in middle of century XIX, one contemporarily becomes texts that mark the quality and realidadede our society. Specifically, I described published part of its life and workmanships pra in giving to a bigger idea of the dimension of the author and the unquestioned quality to them of its workmanships. However I want to detach the Machadianos Stories, amongst which I will deepen the call ' ' The Church of the Diabo' ' , that in the account the formation of a Church for proper Lucifer, Demon, the Satan and other diverse denominations received for the same being. The Story is divided in 4 Chapters, in sequence increasing: ' ' Of a Mirifica&#039 idea; ' , ' ' Between God and the Diabo' ' , ' ' Good the new to the Homens' ' ' ' Franjas and Franjas' '. The Story tells one that in an old manuscript benedictine the Devil, in certain day, had the idea to establish a church.

Although its profits were continuous and great, the Devil felt lack of the sacred rituals that all Church possesss. In this Church the fidiciary offices could make what to want, without rules, giving to explanation pra nobody. But one day the Devil perceived that its followers continued nailing the old rituals, the Quaresma, Baptism, Crisma, Eucaristia, Marriage and all the dream to surpass God one more time came for water below. The Church of the Devil, Machadiano Story is a satire the old and good contradiction human being: the man is good, the temptations that are irresistible. Visit BSA for more clarity on the issue. In a so prejudiced society as Brazil, the greater of its writers of all history was crossbred (European and African). A landmark so that the society modifies its mentality of that caucasides the knowledge branches are surpassed negrides in all. The Equality must be remained in all democracy, still more here, a crossbred country that was formed pro our brothers of the great African continent.