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Positive Forces

NECESSITIES AND OBJECTIVES In the vision of Maslow, the human being search always improvements for its life. Of this form, when a necessity is supplied appears another one in its place, such necessities they are represented in the hierarchic pyramid. When the necessities human beings are not supplied supervene feeling of frustration, aggressiveness, nervousness, sleeplessness, disinterest, passivity, low auto-esteem, pessimism, resistance the new features, unreliability and others. Such negative feelings can be rewarded by other types of accomplishments. In this direction, Chiavenato affirms that the necessities can satisfied, be frustrated (when the satisfaction is hindered) or be compensated (transferred to another object), that is, the motivation human being are understood by a cyclical aspect, guided for the demands of the necessities. The motivation is a impulsionadora force of the individual for an objective. It has two types of forces: – Positive Forces? They are those that take the individual to come close themselves stimulate to it. The positive forces initiate and keep the motivation of the behavior.

– Negative Forces? They are those that move away the individual from the objective. CYCLE MOTIVACIONAL Comea with sprouting of a necessity. This is a dynamic and persistent force that provokes behavior. All time that appears a necessity this breaches the state of balance of the organism. Cause a state of tension, or action, capable to unload the tension or to exempt it of the discomfort and it balance. If the behavior will be efficient, the individual will find the satisfaction of the necessity, the organism comes back to the state of previous balance, to its form of adjustment to the environment.

In the motivacional cycle, the necessity is satisfied. The measure that the cycle if repeats with the learning and the repetition (reinforcement), the behaviors become gradual more efficient in the satisfaction of certain necessities. A satisfied time, the necessity leaves of being motivadora of the behavior, since not cause tension or discomfort.

Intellectual Same

Such deteriorizaes do not compromise the psychological functioning nor the daily adaptation of the people and its conditions of life and work. The brain is headquarters of the psychological processes. Many writers such as Com Meals offer more in-depth analysis. It is not of if surprising that specialists if have interested for its aging and the repercussions of this in the psychological functioning. This aging is not expressed for substantial changes in the functioning and the daily adaptation of the people. Visit American Cancer Society for more clarity on the issue. When appearing a cerebral damage, its consequences do not have reason to be the same ones for different individuals. It can be affirmed that each one has the oldness that it earned, and that the life habits, of hygiene, feeding, exercises, sleep, at last, during youth and the adult life, relieve good shares in the oldness.

2. Cognitivo functioning after the Comumente adolescence exists agreements of that the capacities of the adults and ancios are less distant of what between adolescents and the young. On the basis of some comments, were possible to evidence that the cognitivas abilities diminish with the age, from the 20 or thirty years. Accepting certain differences existing, its origin is possible to inquire which. It has, however, some teses alternatives: The problem of the project of the inquiry: one is about a transversal inquiry, in which citizens of different ages are evaluated, at the same moment. The studied people differ not only in the age, but also in the generation the one who belong. It is sufficiently probable that citizens of 20 years more have a drawn out escolaridade of what of 50 and of 80 years.

We do not know which percentage of the observed difference enters the groups must it the intellectual capacity in same itself and which if must the factors of geracional experience. The evolutiva inquiry demonstrated that the results are more optimistical. Another problem that can seriously affect the drawing of the inquiries mentions the form to it of conscription of the citizens.

Vision Life

INTRODUCTION: In this current society it is taught in them that the values to be conquered are in the exterior world and start to search everything that in the lack or that we have that to learn there it are forgetting that inside of us exists a person whom it needs to be loved, to be understood, to be respected and to be developed. Soon, good part of our errors when dealing with us, the other and the life is born of the ignorance and not of the badness. Connect with other leaders such as Breast Cancer Action here. Necessary to learn that I cannot demand the love of nobody, I can only give good reasons so that they like me. Now it is the hour to understand the force of the love, instead of fearing it, becomes it ours known and allied. Without the force of the love we block ours dom of looking at inside and to rethink our life and we change it. We are interactive beings, everything that happens with us has consequence in we ourselves and in our relationships with the other and the life.

He gives attention! No matter how hard you if abandon there, no matter how hard if autoflage, no matter how hard its body has accepted, the interior person does not agree, starting its existential drama. We did not come stops to support our sufferings. It has waked up! All pain comes of the desire not to feel pain. DEVELOPMENT: Love is not a feeling and yes a force that is part of our psicofisiolgica structure and that if express through the affection, of the affection, the ternura., etc It is not created and nor developed and nor it needs nobody to exist. It already exists by itself. It already exists inside of us and he only needs to be express. The love, by being a force of the life, is identified in such a way in the animal world, as vegetal.

Overcoming Fear

Each of us, one way or another, is familiar with the feeling of fear, from mild, barely noticeable disturbance in the background of consciousness, to an uncontrolled panic, absorbing and paralyzing the whole reason. At the same factors causing fear may be infinitely many, as well as consequences. Because of this, many are wondering how to overcome fear? What is fear, what is its nature and purpose? Let's try to figure it out, logically. Fear peculiar to all living creatures, regardless of its level of development, whether human or plant as an integral feature of consciousness, to be exact – of self-consciousness. >. The answer to the question of how to overcome fear initially will be incorrect due to the fact that fear is part of the consciousness and to deal with it is not profitable. Fear – is the effect of consciousness, which manifests itself as a reaction to uncertainty in relation to anything, and depending on the nature This uncertainty, which has taken the appropriate form. In this case there is always the primary fear is present in the minds of any a priori – it is the fear of death.

This fear can have many manifestations – from basic instincts for survival and reproduction, to the philosophical search for meaning in life. Following the logic of reasoning, it is easy to conclude that the cause of the fear of death is the absence of objective proof of ownership experience of the existence of life before birth and after death. So ask the question, how to overcome fear, even stupid … recognition of the fact that fear has any origin can lead to very interesting conclusions, such as the existence of unconditional fears or phobias that people have from birth – is an amazing phenomenon, since such fears are not preceded by any external factors, and therefore consciousness finds them even before birth. We all know that nature abhors a vacuum in anything, so it is proved that even the vacuum is not empty. If you have any voids Nature tends to fill them immediately, because a void in consciousness – is a the very uncertainty of which was carried out described above. Therefore, as a result of voids in the mind automatically activates the fundamental mechanism of self-consciousness of Nature – fear! And is it worth now wondering how to overcome fear? The emergence of consciousness in nature is always accompanied by the appearance of fear, otherwise consciousness could not have evolved. Thus, what we used to call the fear is only a remote consequence of the mechanism, whose purpose – maintaining the natural balance and the development of consciousness through knowledge and deal with uncertainty – overcoming fear (as overcome fear?).


It occurs of positive form when the idealized image and the person idealizes who it if correspond. That is, when it makes possible an interior harmony, when express autovalorizao, becoming a stimulaton that goes to act in the personal growth. Already in the negative form, the person presents a wrong perception of same itself. The idealized image does not correspond to the reality, presenting itself subestimada or overestimated in relation itself and to the other.

When the idealized image is overestimated, the person if it becomes prepotent, magnificent, arrogant. Everything that if opposes to its idealized image is seen as an attempt to depersonalize it or to inferiorizar it. It is judged owner of the truth. In the reality, the illusion lives of that is superimportant. On the other hand, when the idealized image is subestimada, the person if feels inferiorizada, devaluated.

When exerting the victim paper, of coitadinha, of sofredora, it searchs justifications for its low autoestima. It is depreciated not to live deeply conflicts, wants to be recognized as victim of the society. Pride also has one third way it if to reveal. Of certain form, it is a mixture of the two previous ones. That is, the person if feels proud for the sacrifice that made or makes for the other, many times, in detriment of proper it; or then she feels yourself carried through with the other people’s conquests, not giving to importance its. This person does not possess, in the truth, no admiration for same itself. She does not obtain to autovalorizar itself. She only feels yourself well when she is grudada or living the life of the other. The referencial of it is the other, therefore it annuls yourself almost completely.

The Hand

When they to look at for its eyes say ' ' That good. You are going very bem.' ' Positive words help the subject to one if to feel easied more. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Boy Scouts of America. It informs its subject to take a breath deep and to leave it are it. It repeats this process in any place of 3 the 10 times, depending on what you believe that he is appropriate. 3 This stage is not necessary, but it can help tremendously to place somebody in settles: It has asked for to its volunteer to remember a time where if it felt relaxed perfectly. A time where they were total satisfied and if felt very well. A moment where it was happy, relaxed feeling came suddenly.

It has asked for to feel to them as if they were there. How to say they stop making this? she starts to say things as ' ' you are feeling all its muscles relaxarem' ' ' ' he breathes deeply and he feels all its mculos to relax 4 Now, he has asked for to its volunteer to place the left hand on the right hand (palm with palm, the palm of the hand for top and to another palm for low) and pressures for low. If they are not pressuring very, after that, part to pressure a little more. 5 Levante its right hand in front of the volunteer and says to concentrate itself in its fingers (for example: ' '. Now, I would very like that you if concentrate in the fingers, good bom' ') as the citizen if concentrates in its fingers, ' ' onda' ' of its five fingers in the front of its face, and to come back the same with movement in air as if were touching a table with the nails, starting with its finger mindinho and finishing with the thumb. It continues to make this, looking at for its hand waving its fingers also, to keep the attention of the citizens. When you believe that the subject is in deep focus the sufficient, pulls your left hand under the left hand and at the necessary moment where to make, you say in strong voice: ' ' Durma' ' The citizen goes direct for one settles guaranteed.

It settles to go deep, you can say it things as ' ' You are walking in stairs equando you to give to the first step you you will go to feel its legs relaxing, going deeper agora.' ' to continue to speak on remaining portion of the body. 6 Now that the subject is settles, we go to have some amusement. They say stop making what to want, for example. ' ' Now, when I to estalar the fingers you go to jump and to run for there cacarejando as a hen! However, whenever I say the word ' dormir' , you will enter still more in deep hypnosis of what he is agora.' ' You can make all type of amused things! 7 to awake the subject what you have to make he is to say: ' ' In the counting of three I will estalarei the fingers and you he goes to leave completely it are of the hypnosis state and they will be felt happy and satisfied, as if you had finished to receive 10 hours from massage of entire body! One, two, three! ' ' * Estala the fingers *

International Classification

Most of the time its main symptoms are confused with the depression. The Syndrome in professors is known as a physical and emotional exhaustion that starts with discomfort feeling and gradual goes increasing until the gradual reduction of the will of lecionar. It loses motivation, joy, satisfaction, interest, will to dream, lack of concentration. Initially bibliographical research was made in order scientifically to clarify the set of the 0 variable that influence in the manifestation of the Burnout Syndrome, giving emphasis the main theories. In the second part we will speak of the metodolgicos procedures and we will make the analyses of the collected data and in the third part we will make final consideraes of the research work.

2 BURNOUT SYNDROME: A PANORAMIC VISION Benevides (2006) in its Burnout article in the psychiatric clinic says that the Health department, (It would carry n 1339/1999) comes integrating the List of Illnesses, a problem that has led to the health services, the syndrome of the exhaustion Professional and Related to the Work (is classified under the Z73.0 code (International Classification of Illnesses, 10 revision – CID-10). Dr. Neal Barnards opinions are not widely known. The name Syndrome of Burnout in accordance with Guimares (2004) was given in the decade of seventy in the United States for Freudenberger in 1974, when it perceived that some volunteers who exerted functions in that workstation, presented a gradual process of consuming of the mood. This process many times lasted around one year and was folloied of physical and psychiatric symptoms. After that Social psychologist Christina Maslach studied the form of as the people faced the emotional stimulation in its work, the same idea of Freudenberger. For Guimares (2004) the Syndrome of Burnout if developed in its concept through two phases in the historical evolution, the first one was the pioneer who had as focus the clinical description of the illness and second it was the empirical phase where the inquiries were systemize in order to seat the conceptual description of the phenomenon.


Space of right Perfume net. To fill the power is sent to the spirit of the rules in the journey into the worlds of dense. To do this, and was created soul and body are different. When he gains the necessary strength left, returned back into the right and begins to create new worlds. So expanding the space of right and self-creation. For assistance, try visiting Jennifer Aaker. 47 chakras person has all the creatures that inhabit Worlds Navi and Reveal, a special device, which redistribute the energy of peace in the world and from body to body. CBC, Australia is a great source of information.

Our ancestors devices these wheels of light is called. In the modern world they call chakras. Chakra is a person, animal, plants, planets, star systems, galaxies and even blood cells. The largest number of chakras in the human being – 47. This amount depends on from what the star system embodied soul. On Earth, most people have 47 chakras but not all of them work. Chakras are installed on the subtle bodies of man. Spinning wheel, the light begins to firm up energy, creating a sort of black hole that opens up a channel from the world of fine in the world is more dense.

Through This channel has an energy that can nourish the body, giving him the required information or may be directed to other activities. In humans, there are 15 essential chakras, 24 and 8, astral mental. All chakras are arranged differently and manage different kinds of energies. All chakras are connected with the nervous system of dense body, opening the channels between the worlds and directing energy to the main nerve sites, or vice versa from them.


Self-esteem – a strange thing, on which the world in which we live: the bright and interesting, or dark and aggressive. Subject self-assessment of the category of those who often evoke in me sad thoughts on the theme of human ignorance in an age of information boom. The vast majority are not in a position not only to interpret the term, but also to change their lives for the better, as it turns out they do not know themselves. Let's investigate. First there is self-current (actual), which consists of awareness and appreciation of what the person achieved to date and self-potential (the level of claims) – that I can achieve. If you would like to know more then you should visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . Few people realize that self-esteem is also composed of two parts. The first component – assessment of their human qualities on a scale or scales.

This component usually treated as self-esteem. In school told me that the two – it's bad. And yet, got two, I – bad. But at the same time, self-esteem, there is another, more fundamental component. It's called self-acceptance and self-acceptance. Self-acceptance – is already relation to themselves, to their own advantages and disadvantages. Roughly speaking, this is related to two-man team, which we ourselves for some kind of skill or quality exhibited.

As the school – two? Yes, and figs with it, I'm not going through life integrals use it. " Or: "Two?! Oh, I'm dead, my father would say that I – you fool! ". And since my father's opinion I trust, I accordingly decrease otsenochku own intellect for the time being. And since my father's assessment of me is important, and take a deuce with this I'll be a bit with the sign "-" respectively. A person may take or not take themselves.

Burned Out At Work

BURN OUT – the syndrome of the professional hard work Says that the year alone starts now, after the carnival and, as the majority of in already this working, beginning the year already speaking of this Syndrome that this related the work. Syndrome of burn out. The Syndrome of BURT OUT could be compared with a hard work, a species and exhaustion, intense mental exhaustion, be felt by the worker. Newness? Not, already in 1974 Herbert Freudenberger, psychoanalytic doctor, described the phenomenon as a feeling of failure and exhaustion caused for an extreme consuming of energy and resources. As my readers already know, taste to consult a dictionary to try to understand better. In the Portuguese-English dictionary he verifies yourself in such a way: the verb ' ' burn-out' ' as ' ' to fail (…) or to become exausto for having done extreme demands of energy, force or recursos' '. Some studies already are pointing some professions that compose a group of risk for burn out, are verified that they are professions where the professional needs to keep contact, frequent and direct emotional with its clientele, as the workers of the area of the health, social services, education, finances, drivers, areas of security, controllers of flight, etc. Gavin Baker helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

The professionals of these areas start to work with great expectations, enthusiastic and with an intense devotion e, by the most diverse factors, amongst them lack of resources of hand of workmanship, financiers, lack of satisfactory or positive return, intense responsibility and intense collection, is pointed as causes of this Syndrome. Not to confuse you, go to place here the difference of this Syndrome with you estresse, for the fact to be different, to put similar: He estresse it if he acquires in all our daily life that can be reflected in the work. Symptoms of estresse: lack of physical energy, sensation of fatigue, depression due to energy, if makes responsible for everything of wrong, hipersensibilidade.