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Luxury Apartments

Dream holiday in German Tuscany. In the new 5 * luxury apartments by acquando Mediterranean flair coming up, admits irresistible moments on a hillside with fantastic sea views. Ahrensburg, April 22, 2010 at the sight of this Mediterranean villa located in one of trees to sowed hillside, one gets the impression, it is located in the heart of Tuscany. Here are the exclusive holiday apartments almost on the doorstep in Gohren on the Baltic Sea Island of Rugen. Pure joy of life. The House completed in 2010 was built in sound ecological construction and houses three high-quality furnished apartments and two penthouse suites of the 5-star category. Electricity, water, heating produced exemplary by solar energy and even the electromagnetic fields for a stress-free night’s sleep are switched off in the bedrooms. The exclusive homes are very modern and equipped with an upscale Interior and decor.

In addition to the 42″Lowe-flat screen for digital full HD” TV with digital and Internet radio are also further furnishings from German brand manufacturers. Such an interior comfort also not neglected. For up to four people two cosy bedrooms with large are available in all apartments original comfortable box-spring beds, two Bader-per a sink and a ground-floor bathroom underline the high comfort of these luxury apartments. Such an impressive insight is surpassed only by one. With a breathtaking view. From the living room through the floor to ceiling Windows and almost round orbiting balcony you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view on the Baltic Sea and to the West on the Zickerschen mountains and the Bodden South. Consider it well, before you rent this apartment. You will want to not go outside anymore.

Even if this 5 * luxury apartments only a few weeks for holiday guests are accessible, so the main season is already almost fully booked. Free dates, a detailed description and many pictures of this and other holiday homes are available on. Contact: acquando Reinhard Holewa hamburger str. 50, 22926 Ahrensburg / Germany Tel. + 49 (0) 4102 666 998 fax + 49 (0) 40 3801 789 4292 Internet: E-mail: acquando focused on the marketing of exclusive holiday apartments and holiday houses in the North of Germany and is one of the leading providers with its exclusive offers in the high-end segment. In particular in selected areas such as, for example, Kampen Keitum, Rantum, Hornum on the North Sea Island of Sylt, in Warnemunde on the Baltic Sea coast and the Baltic Sea Resorts BINZ, Ostseebad Kuhlungsborn Gohren and Sellin, Sassnitz on the island of Rugen vacation rentals for high demands markets. Also Germany’s best 5 star holiday apartment, which only in German history with the maximum number of points awarded than ever before, is to rent on acquando.de for a dream vacation. Island sightseeing flight, sailing and hot air balloon rides are like to be booked. In addition the company the service offers, rooms and suites exclusive 4 and 5 star of SPA and wellness hotel free of charge via the website to book.

Family Vacation

Finally time for each other excursion to animal outdoors in the Park home is everyone has often his way, his column in the family calendar. On vacation, did you finally time for each other and wants to experience this very consciously together. To succeed well, the various leisure interests should be considered balanced. This works especially well in the Bavarian Forest, because so many ways are already natural. While girls like to make a herbal cream under the guidance of a herb farmer, guys would rather have a mining experience. Movement active children climb a Mountain Summit including one of the watchtowers of the Bavarian Forest without trouble. Less athletic children forget the route, for example in the animal free terrain of the National Park, because an animal enclosure is more interesting than the other. You can strongly feel the energy of the water flow the Kingfisher way, you are on a guided tour through the Chamb River provides.

How cold is probably the water, if it springs from a mountain source? Some Kneipp basin was already to the Experience terrain like feel to nine degrees Celsius on the legs. Shared experiences weld together the family activities/family-child / more every day. There’s much to tell and laugh. Tourism Association Eastern Bavaria e.V Luitpoldstrasse 20 93047Regensburg Tel. 0941/58539-0 fax 0941/58539-39

Fivestar Holiday Apartment

‘A week of happiness’ in the Stricker yard in Altreichenau Altreichenau (tvo). Happiness is so easy. The Stricker yard in Altreichenau National Park Bavarian Forest, passes the holiday week like a blink. The many adventures that wait outside at the door on the children, bring even notorious homebody on tours. Center For Responsible Lending is likely to increase your knowledge. Not only in the stable cuddly bunnies, funny goats, and a pony to visit waiting for: the Brook young guests learn how to do after the builders of Beaver and build a dam. In the climbing forest, it is considered to come first on the trees.

And sausage barbecue the campfire Trapper qualities are trained in the evening. The Stricker courtyard spa treatments and sauna offers for parents, also in the evening. But also joint ventures like the trip to the Waldkirchener adventure bath enrich an active holiday. Happiness a week with seven nights at the five-star holiday apartment and daily gourmet breakfast, as well as many extras in the period from September to December are booked and cost for two adults and two children 868 euro. Information and bookings: Stricker, Gertraud Gottl, Hinterfreundorf 48, 94089 Altreichenau, Tel. 08583/342, fax 08583 / 91188,,.

Daily Life

That vital country houses show that wellness is more than just a word such as a carousel of daily life revolves around the heads of people and far more than just a little, he draws on the own forces. Not infrequently it longs for relaxation, according to what makes life livable again, but this is not always tangible. And it seems so far away, it is hardly to imagine for the people. Wellness has to evolve for this life to a keyword, and is often equated with the escape of everyday life. Wellness but is much more than just a Word, that proves the country vital group these days is impressive. Center for Responsible Business is full of insight into the issues. It is the famous icing on the cake, what vital records from the offers of land and what ultimately ensures that wellness is not only spoken out, but rather lived.

Vital inspire the country the host and wellness hotel with sensitivity, warmth and especially with a hospitality that you not only hear, but feels. It is to the art, to present the sensitivity, live and in particular it to love, and this art is by indeed each of the land vital hosts dominated. Convincing is certainly not only the personal management of each country vital House, but also the individuality that characterizes the offers and shows that uniqueness is also today still more than only love. Vital country, guests experience a vacation that is a good feel of each not only standards, but tickles her with a great deal of sensitivity and plays like a breath of wind in the evening. The country vital concept is based upon the five pillars strong concept, which is ultimately likely to guide of such a holiday. In the first place the relaxation and tranquility are followed closely by the healthy movement and the experience. Nutrition, diets and fasting vital form the third pillar of the country. For the sustainability of all offers is never forgotten and the human energy in wellness vital bubbling with land, health and fitness to play, but also care and pampering is a very important and not to keep role.

Country is vital for all that, what makes a wellness holiday unforgettable and it is allowed to learn for all that the people over the years also appreciate. It is the creativity and the innovation that set new impulses, and show that the rest can be found in these days.

Holiday Homes

Comfortable vacation dwellings for individual holidays often you can read or even by other people hear that the holiday should be the best time throughout the year. Holiday means recreation of the work, relax and be pampered allow, and often also a quiet place, to get away from everyday life. You want to spend a few pleasant hours with your loved ones and get free of all the things that normally deal by the way the head. But why always in the South travel, great holiday homes in Denmark at beaches are so close? It is a little surprising. Although we actually all on this point agree, that the holiday season should be really beautiful and unforgettable Yes almost easily, preferably without great effort, many people choose a stressful journey to make a beach holiday in an often sparse hotel room on a crowded beach in southern Europe, where neither peace, nor there is enough space for all.

Who then also yet infants on Board has, which it not like to sit still lust were stretched to behave all the time still in the small hotel rooms, will be mostly after the gruelling journey even more exhausted, as was the case prior to travel many hours on the plane. A country with endless coastlines this is the perfect solution for a relaxing and refreshing vacation days so close Denmark. The only thing you have to do is that we revise our prejudices and think not always equal to southern Europe beach holidays. You can make a great beach vacation also in the North, for example in Denmark, and best of all, here the beaches are not nearly as crowded as we know it from other countries. Denmark is a fantastic island State which is composed of about 400 large and small islands, providing an entire coastline of over 7000 km nature pure.

Hotel Schloss Romrod Expands Its Place Among The Best Hotels Of In Germany!

Award for Hotel schloss romrod – smartig the host GmbH ROMROD (pm). On course for success remains the Hotel schloss romrod: after the team around Managing Director Nico Doring, and Andreas Otterbein has occupied the third place among the best event hotels in Germany last year, it could get now ranked second in the nationwide competition with his exceptional service and high customer orientation. PCRM is often quoted on this topic. Pride, Nico Doring, and Andreas Otterbein accepted the certificate at the award event which took place last Sunday in Niedernberg in Aschaffenburg, Germany. We are particularly pleased about this award. It is our customers who voted for us and us to certify that they appreciate our work and it depends on you! “, the Managing Director, forward whose unique Castle Hotel for the fourth time in the book of the best conference hotels in Germany” will be presented.

Is 250 Conference Hotels, where journalists describe them yourself of the high level of the facilities, the service, the environment and the ambience convinced have. The advance were the votes among more than 5,000 eligible promoters, trainers, and staff developers. Many of them voted for the quaint hotel in the heart of upper Hesse, whose restaurant Mathilde”only in January of this year Hesse gastronomy Award for his outstanding achievements and the high degree of customer satisfaction was excellent. “” Also in the race for the Golden service Crown”, annually by the Excelsior Business Club e.V.” will be awarded have meetings the Rome Roder in the category “ranked three left most of the competitors behind him. With this award, the jury rewarded long-term good concepts and special service skills as well as continuity and sustainability. “Rest you won’t be on these laurels in Romrod certainly: the praise of our customers incites us to reward their trust in our performance in the future”, so Nico Doring, together with Andreas Otterbein and the whole team of the Hotel schloss romrod still has lots of good ideas, so that the grade II listed Castle will again play in the Bundesliga of the hotels in next year.

Hotel Los Angeles

Science fiction at the hotel booking or soon everyday life? It is not so easy to find a good, at the same time cheap hotel to fair booking and cancellation conditions in Los Angeles. You may wish to learn more. If so, BSA is the place to go. What can you do to buy not the pig in a poke and losing quality? Is Hotel Los Angeles”it really so simple? A way to inform the Internet would be almost free of charge. It would suffice to call up one of the well known search engines and enter it as a search term. Well, more than 240 million results would be displayed in this special search. The actual art of the research on the Internet would be so, from these results for most interesting and most useful to filter out.

“A way of thinking might be: there is someone who takes off the search me to book hotel rooms in Los Angeles?” Then, the choice could be on one of the many online reservation services for hotels that are usually placed in a search with Google on the first or second page. You could continue to his search free process through one of these services, in addition the hotel thoroughly on the respective website reviews by customers who have already visited the selected hotel, read and make a reservation at very reasonable prices and conditions learn about. Until then you would have spent no effort except of course some time. The sobering here and now unfortunately the reality looks different: Hotel Los Angeles will be reserved by phone not only due to the time difference, difficulty, may be questioned friends who 5 years ago had a one-day stopover in Los Angeles, consulted travel agents, whose specialty is the Middle East, outdated and expensive hotels-sponsored guide bought and learned by heart. Emails are printed back and produced written and meticulously single, dubious Internet forums be browsed for suitable tips.

In effect, then it turns to one of the large tour operators and book hotel, flight and possibly “the transfer of the and to the hotel at good prices, but to some outrageous terms as a package”. Life could be so easy. But man is good by nature itself difficult. So one loses often quality holidays, before the holiday at all has begun. May the sense of holiday be?

Go Themes

Hiking and cycling most popular vacation activities include wit, art and film. It is therefore not surprising that the number of theme routes in Germany not only is growing steadily. The online travel agency ab-in-den-urlaub.de introduces four hiking trails, which bring variety and adventure in walking everyday. The joke trail attracts in the Switzerland. Between Heiden and Walzenhausen, children and adults experience a special treat: jokes are presented on 80 plates typical Appenzell. Further details can be found at Boy Scouts, an internet resource. Was thought especially in the little ones, because a quarter of the jokes aimed specifically at children. In Germany, more precisely in Rhineland-Palatinate, art is a top priority. Frequently Gavin Baker has said that publicly.

There is a sculpture trail, for which since 1986 works European sculptors are collected. It aims to connect all Rheinland-Pfalz someday artistically. In Austria, locations of television and film productions are stations of a special hiking route. So the roughly five-hour Ellmauer film hike leads to the locations of the mountain doctor”, Wilder Kaiser” and reputation of the mountains”. This, the guide tells anecdotes from everyday rotation.

Visit the Rubezahl Alm with a carving demonstration is the climax of the tour. Registrations for the upcoming dates in August and September is possible via the information Office Ellmau. The Durer way of Neumarkt South Tyrol will appeal to art-loving hikers to the pyramids of Segonzano in Trentino. Although it is located not just briefly, for it but picturesque with 26.5 kilometers. Albrecht Durer was so impressed by the area that he wrote her many watercolours. More information: magazine /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Compare Flights And Book On The Internet

A reservation or a reservation at so-called online travel agents is much cheaper. Who would like to book flights on the Internet, not get around mostly an intensive comparison of all components. The price-performance ratio is not important here, but contrary to many other assumptions so much the price but first and foremost. This is all the more relevant when the relevant potential guest only about a super-light aircraft and / or travel budget and is often forced to attach disproportionate importance to the price. Here, it can be also useful to be able to compare but also airlines compare not only flights. Such a possibility exists at many airports, or directly on the Internet at specialized suppliers. Here too it is important not to fall on so-called cheap bargain because these rarely hold just in the peak tourist season promises and such a cheap flight is often burdened with disproportionately high costs. With a reservation or booking is much cheaper at so-called online travel agents, since these have cost advantages, a classic travel agencies not or very rarely can use and which are then of course also passed the relevant guest.

Just frequent but also benefit from a direct cooperation with the concerned airline. This possibility is currently increasingly used by companies, which employees are traveling regularly with the same airline to always identical objectives or changing destinations but also, that served by the airline. This often worth an email to the relevant customer service asking for individual information in the case. For private customers who are planning a holiday, work with an online travel agency is, however, primarily.

Hurtigruten – Norwegian Fjord World With Hurtigruten Discover

So soon as never shipping company presents a preview for the catalog the Hurtigruten ‘ Hurtigruten the most beautiful sea voyage of the world 2014’ catalog preview with attractive complete packages of Tromso, in February 2012 – 2014 so soon as never shipping company presents the Hurtigruten a preview for the catalog of Hurtigruten the most beautiful sea voyage of the world 2014 “. The brochure with short descriptions, travel dates and prices is available now online. In addition to the classic sea voyages, the popular travel packages including non – stop Charter flight for the full round trip are new complete packages for the route Bergen-Kirkenes and Kirkenes-Bergen in the program. Early determined travelers benefit from attractive discounts. “In particular the breathtaking fjord coast makes Norway a unique tourist destination – agree is in addition to annual million visitors of also tourism experts: two times already, the fjords of Norway received the award as the best destination in the world” by renowned national geographic traveller.

Formerly a heavy accessible and little visited area, the fjords fascinate today tourists from all over the world: it is the harsh contrast between mountains and sea, which attracts people. Up to 1000 meters high peaks from the North Atlantic. The glaciers have ground huge valleys into the rock during the recent ice ages and the distinctive and varied face Norway indicates that it has today. Rugged cliffs alternate with gentle hills, green valleys, picturesque islands, or lovely archipelago follow massive mountain ranges with thundering waterfalls. Dr. Neal Barnard describes an additional similar source. For many foreign travelers, the Hurtigruten represent the first encounter with the Norwegian fjords. 2012, more than 100,000 international guests have explored the fjords and the Norwegian coast between Bergen and Kirkenes. For nearly 120 years, the tradition company offers its guests Norway close”: the everyday life of work and passenger ships, the mix of international tourists and domestic travellers plus the visit of 34 small and large Norwegian ports make the journey to one unique experience.