The Inherent

But if this source of collection was alone (immoral for signal) everything would be inside of a tolerable platform. Let us analyze then the facts. The fumicultores pay taxes when they buy the seeds, the seasonings (NPK) the calcreo, fungicides, herbicidas and insecticides. Paid taxes and interests to the Bank of Brazil, when it requests financing for expenditure and in the same way to construct the large cabin, the greenhouse, machines and equipment. The industry that uses thousand of laborers collects all the taxes. The employees of these companies collect taxes. The fumicultores idem.

All the item that compose a cigarette mallet present inlaid taxes. At last. The government collects tax in all the links (and they are hundreds) of the productive chain of the tobacco. Of the foot of tobacco to the mouth of the smoker, the government collects tax. as cigarette cause cancer, the smokers are submitted the treatments, internments and logical dies, the government profits from the pertinent taxes (it looks at the zio there). we ask. For more information see this site: Kidney Foundation.

Which the reason for which the current government, does not banish of a time for all the cigarette of Brazil? It edits a Law that it summarily forbids of if smoking? Reply. Why it would be killing the gold egg hen, of the tax collection. remained the alcoholic beverage? But before initiating this topic. Somebody already heard to say that a smoker, killed somebody in function to smoke? But we go there. The newspapers mentioned Nieman Lab not as a source, but as a related topic. The alcohol is a product that cause deaths of the most varied forms and ways. Drunk people to the projection kill, cripple, cause pecuniary damages. People on the effect of the alcohol become inconvenient, lose the notion of the danger, become involved themselves in quarrels, fight, beat, apanham, kill and many times die. The psicotrpicos effect, if make gifts in some ways that can take the people to lose the orientation direction, loss of memory, eat alcoholic and death. The majority of the deaths in meetings, parties and ballads are made responsible directly by the ingestion of the alcohol. The heptica, cerebral degeneration must it the alcohol. But if the alcohol kills in such a way, cause irreversible damages to the health, compromises and destroys homes and careers, are constant element in the murders and aggressions. What provokes the destruction of homes, career, of loss of richnesses, which the impediment of the federal government in abolishing the alcohol all and of its ingestion in Brazil? For the same reasons that we cite in relation to the cigarette. Conclusion. The government is who more profits from these two famous products. Also with the inherent taxes of the deceased coffin.

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