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Old Toys To New Hope

Mommy Web collects large campaign at Mamiweb.de for Dolphin aid children Philippinen-organisation for children Philippinen Dolphin aid organization. With a large campaign, the Moms network Mommy Web supports the charity Dolphin aid, which helps disabled, abused and traumatized children through the successful Dolphin therapy. For this purpose, Mommy Web (www.mamiweb.de) calls his over 165,000 members in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland to, within the framework of the toy donation to donate used, well-preserved toys and another useful around the baby. Early November are the collected donations in kind sold by the mommy Web team at several flea markets in Frankfurt, headquarters of the company, and revenue is completely donated to dolphin aid. Read more from BSA to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Since the founding of the Association 1994, Dolphin aid (www.dolphin-aid.de) could allow thousands of children the Dolphin therapy. For the realization of this therapy does not depend on the financial strength of the parent, the Club supports also low-income families. “Mommy Web we learn every day through close contact with our members, caused stress for the entire family by heaviest diseases of a child”, so Dr. Gerhard ollinger, co-founder and Managing Director of Mami Web GmbH in Frankfurt. “For this reason we want to support a way proven effective charity organization such as Dolphin aid, which has set itself the goal, to create more courses of therapy for many disabled children who need our help most, and to promote scientific research in the field of Dolphin therapy.” Since the beginning of the action last week daily large packages with toys meet (sometimes in its original packaging) and a valuable baby loading accessories such as diaper bags at Mommy Web – from the start a great success!