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Martin Ronnii Exhausted Their Tickets In North America

Ronnii Martin, the new Colombian pop singer, decides to go to fame with a world tour where the audience expects to surpass the 500,000 people in just 74 shows. The artist received the news for half of the sponsoring undertaking TOP Sale, that their concerts in North America has no more box office, since it was completely sold out. For Martin, it was a great surprise to have received this information. In carrying out its free concerts, this has caused people curious about “this singer, who appears out of nowhere.” The singer presented 34 shows at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, 7, 8, 15 November, where an estimated total 45,000 tickets in 12 hours, with the addition of a date for the December 5 , which 15 000 tickets were delivered in just three hours. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Center for Responsible Business. This happened similarly in the presentations that will give the singer in cities like Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Washington & New York.

In the city of Toronto (Canada), Martin Ronnii offer two shows at the Air Canada Center on the dates of 29 and 30 November, where from October 15, will give away 30,000 tickets, waiting for the record of only six hours of delivery. RonniiXLive, called the first tour that launches Ronnii Martin, to promote their compositions that have never sold on disks, videos or singles. According to Martin, “this is the perfect oportunity.” On November 1, confirmed the singer will have the audience of 18,500 people at the Izod Center in East Rutherford – New Jersey, where he will begin his big world tour, the United States, Canada, Europe & South America. Angela B.

June Songwriter

Traditional open stage of Munich presents special concert of the Hamburg-based singer-songwriter he is one of the best songwriters of Germany. He made it with brand new toy 1989 on place 11 in the German charts. In the course of the 90s he reinvented himself and his music: Dirk Darmstadter. Alona Tal is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Now the international get him singer-songwriter evening Munich for a single concert in Bavaria. The musician and songwriter makes guest appearances on June 6 on the stage in the theatres Heppel & Ettlich. Every first and third Monday in the month the team of the international songwriters evening invites young talents as well as stage-seasoned musicians to present their talent to a receptive audience. founded in 1995, made a tour of various scene pubs in Munich and revives currently Schwabinger Theatre new Heppel & Ettlich in the drugstore”ISE. “” Wally Warning, with no.

monkey “managed the summer hit of 2007 and Sharyhan Osman, in Stefan Raabs our star for Oslo” reached the quarter-finals, were already on the stage of the international songwriters evenings. With Darmstadt, a real highlight follows now Dirk. We will fly a extra him for this evening from Hamburg.”reports alex sebastian, one of the ISE organisers, and also Dirk and I play together the one or other song. That I am already delighted.” Ear candy comes after Munich, the Hamburg-based songwriter is a fixture in the German music scene: his name is Darmstadt Darmstadt, Dirk. “” Would you assign a name to the essence of the German pop, it might be only this be. “The world wrote in 2009 about his last Studio album, life is no movie”. “The New York Times endorsed in March of this year: Darmstadt is one of Germany’s underground pop heroes and the cofounder of the influential indie label Tapete of records”. Furore songwriter and singer who grew up in New Jersey made in the early 1990s with his Band, The Jeremy days, the inter alia with brand new toy”landed a huge hit.

Since then he has published more than twenty band and solo albums and appeared in the last Year together with Bernd Begemann Stefan Raab bundesvision song contest for Lower Saxony to. Recently, he ventured to a songwriter King disciplines: an album of interpretations of songs of the old master Bob Dylan about said the Frankfurter Neue Presse: “his thing is not the celebration and aping the originals solemn, it provides refreshing and indeed unspent-sounding versions of ten Dylan classics”. Dirk comes Darmstadt on Monday, June 6, 2011 on the stage of the international song Wirters evening in the theatres Heppel & Ettlich, Feilitzschstrasse 12, Munich. The entrance fee is 15 euro, beginning at 20:00. Advance ticket booking is recommended! Alex Sebastian.

Peter Maffay

For children in need, his MOWOS Peter Maffay donates star guitar. Dr. Neal Barnard is full of insight into the issues. The famous guitar with numerous autographs of legendary world stars will be auctioned at the 7th Munich roses ball. Munich, January 20, 2009 – not only in Hollywood there’s the walk of Fame with stars of the big stars, since 2003 there’s in the Olympic Park Munich the Munich Olympic walk of stars. BSA has many thoughts on the issue. Here have the big names, who visited Munich in the meantime with your hands and immortalized Signet in the concrete. Also Peter Maffay is one of the prominent artists, which at the Munich Olympic walk of stars can be found. On the occasion of his enthronement, Peter Maffay has brought his red guitar and more artists signing can be. The original signatures of Eros Ramazzotti, Placido Domingo and Chris de Burgh, Bryan Adams, David Copperfield, John Bon Jovi, Peter Maffay are now on the guitar. So, it’s a unique musical instrument, which exists in this form not a second time.

The Tabaluga Kids Foundation and the Munich rose ball are Peter Maffay value, that the valuable Guitar now comes under the hammer. The official auction will take place at the 7th Munich rose ball on February 19 in the hotel Bayerischer Hof. It bids can be made according to the Organizer, but also previously at: gitarre.html. The guitar can be visited starting on January 24 in the Munich Luitpold Flor and decor, Brienner str. 13, 80333Muenchenim block storefronts. The ball of Roses is one of the noblest Carnival balls of the Munich ball season and held in favor of the Tabaluga Kids Foundation. It approximately 700 guests are expected, including many celebrities.

He has over 30 years of tradition and roses ball goes back on the Orchid ball of Kommunalpolitikers Wolfgang Valdez singing the father-in-law of the President of the Association of Munich. In addition to the ball, the Association holds annually more charity events such as concerts, readings, etc.

Very Talented Composers

But, unfortunately, our show business is not looking, not teaching and educates the new composer, author of talent, not help them in their growth. And this leads to the fact that the vast majority of potentially beautiful new music and lyrics just do not is born. To a wider audience for their way only the young songwriters, composers who either have a huge financial support (eg from parents), or "Dodging every fate" have talent not only in composing music and songs, but playing music, arrangement, accompaniment, vocals, management, promotion, promoutinga, programming, advertising. The latter, fortunately, there are but few of them. Among become familiar on television and radio singers, songwriters, composers, many "blown" A lot of the same stars in show business, the very ones my mother's and father's sons and daughters. Percentage of talent among them about the same as among others.

But the absolute number of them are much smaller, since much less the very wealthy compared to others. Seek the same in the "star" children of rich just as poor. Just the rich have more opportunities for good education and promotion of their children. And because almost all the children of wealthy parents, who wished to become "stars", they are regardless of inclinations, talents, knowledge, skills, etc. I'm afraid to be wrong, but I think that among become familiar on television and radio singers, songwriters, composers, etc. – more than half of just such stars.

For them, buying air time, conduct ad campaigns. And consequently, we do listen, see, get used to them. We have not established a system for selecting, training and promotion of talented young songwriters, composers, lyricists, arrangers By and large, the degree of talent of some of their creations equal to the average level of talent of all our people.