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The world does not go to finish therefore was not for that it was created! The End of the world contradicts ' ' Transcendental principle of deidade' ' The density of the substance aprisonou the light this affirmation is only reasonable in the justification of the world bred ' ' FORMER NIHILO' ' of the nothing. The darknesses are considered absence of Light and therefore they define the nothing and of the nothing that was born the space time. We also see the analogy that this has with the essence of the one as well as of the evil. To make the good, the man has to contrast it with the evil. The man alone can appreciate the good and the light when he obtains distinguiz them of the evil and the darknesses. Checking article sources yields BSA as a relevant resource throughout. The Creator is only capable of ' ' to see that the light is boa' ' exactly before having established a difference it enters the good and the evil. The Creator gave to the man two inclinations: ' ' one for the good and to another one for mal' '. Without the temptation to sin, ' ' tenso' ' that it tries inside of itself exactly, without ' ' batalha' ' that he bursts inside of it, without ' ' the heart partido' ' , the man is incapable to reach peace.

Through the creation the Creator If bound to the man. It took the risk of the adventure of the man. From now on only the man can libert-Lo of it: ' ' Saving itself exactly, the man also saved the Deidade' '. But if the Creator, for Its side, needs the man, the man, in turn, he needs much more the Creator. The evolution of the worlds makes with that the numerous flashes of the dispersed divine Light, and em' ' exlio' ' , spread and without use, imprisoned, they constantly try to go up for its meeting with the Deity. Thus the man effects the restoration of ' ' integridade' ' divine, exactly when it carries through the union of the divine flashes and proclaims the kingdom of God in the whole world. Existing then an only principle ' ' Transcendental principle of deidade' '