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San Sebastin

According to the legend next to Santiago, employer of Jinotepe, appeared floating in enormous boxes in Huehuete and being that, initially, San Sebastin was designated to Jinotepe and Santiago to Diriamba, at night the images changed of parishes, reason why in the end you cure of then arranged to leave Santiago in Jinotepe and San Sebastin it remained for always in the heart of its devotee ones in the city that it has more of a century to venerate it. These annual celebrations in honor to San Sebastin have, like important cultural detail, the characteristic of being the moment and original place of traditional presentation of the old national comedy-bailete knows that the Gegense or Macho Mouse, the Toro Guaco, the Diablitos, the Inditas and other personages of the folklore who have their origin in the Spanish colony, like an expression of revolt of the natives towards the conquerors, presents/displays during eight days in this city of colonial structure, located in the call plateau of the towns, 50 km to the northeast of Managua. These groups, integrated in their majority by faithfuls who pay San Sebastin some received favor, dance adorned in showy suits before the glance of hundreds of people who even arrive from all the country and from the foreigner, that are crowded together in the old sidewalks of the locality. The certain thing, that besides the Gegense, during these celebrations some traditional groups also present/display other dances folkloric of great visual and artistic interest like the Toro Huaco, the Giant, old and old or inditas. The dancers accompany with their showy traditional attires the processions by santo by the city. The day of the Top of the Saints, that this year will occur the 19 of January, are one of the most appropriate dates to appreciate these Nicaraguan cultural expressions. Original author and source of the article.

Legislative Elections

I do not like to be reiterative, but these ominous people of the destruction and the misfortune are distressing to me. I am having an approach to the panic. For the Legislative Elections, lack hardly a month. The politicians teem idem in the programs and those of the present time (less in those of frivolous flank), with catastrophic slogans. Either they are pro-government or competing.

All from their own point of view present/display a future to us than dark more: negrsimo. Now, to make matters worse, it leaves galera a foreign and negative activity as it is the nationalization of three Argentine companies from President Chves of Venezuela. It undresses of our goods hours to us after to us to have visited and to have slapped the back of our President, giving him all their support (desire to suppose that without valises of by means) for the next elections. Very seductive and amiguista, Chves nailed to us plus the wedge of the distrust, already of in case quite ingrained. The opposition attacks against the government labeling it as indifferent (it is probable that it is it) before this one situation that, also according to the opposition, fills to us of shame before the world and that in addition drives away any business with possible foreign investments to future. (Similarly see: CDF). I must clarify that before that maneuver of Chves, and although we have left relatively default, the investments of foreign capitals did not shine, indeed. The national government strip with great self-confidence ridiculous numbers of inflation and leisure, very below the real ones. This desinformante information manages solely to make up a reality that little by little is cracked and showing to its cracks and wrinkles.

Without knowing as they are truly the things, it is possible to be planned neither to maintain no preventive action and the less even, paliativa. The unions do unemployments, marches and poles asking wage improvements and better conditions for the unemployed ones (that according to our State almost do not exist or are the same of always), while thousands of people are on foot for want of transport and another equal amount of boys without classes. But everything is so that the use by 180 days makes sure by means of a state shield. I ask myself, seeing all this, if the Argentineans we did not take brings back to consciousness that while here fight by wage improvements, in almost everybody is discussed between company and employee, how much to drain of its pays and how many less weekly hours are due to work to avoid the dismissals of their companions. The critical opposition to the government and fills to us of fears. The critical government to the opposition and fills to us of fears. In the unique thing that all the parts agree he is in the future of fiasco and desolation that hopes to us from the second semester of 2009.


The key so that the transaction is reactivated is, in principle, very simple: to make agree the price by which the salesmen for sale put the buildings with the amount which they are arranged to pay the buyers. (Not to be confused with BSA!). Nevertheless, first always he has been historically over the second, doing that the expectations of benefit of and those of cost of others always hit in the land of the negotiation. A recent study of the real estate vestibule pisos.com reveals that the houses of 3 dormitories, 90 ms and a price over the 345,000 Euros are demanded by the Catalan buying potentials.By province, the photography changes slightly. In this way, in Girona and Tarragona they incline towards the 2 rooms. With respect to the surface, the type of floors in Barcelona more wished by the propietary futures account with 90 meters squared, equaling the average of the region. In Lleida, the demanded floors more would have 80 ms, whereas in Girona and Tarragona the smallest floors prevail, concretely of 60 ms. The aspect of the price also it differs. For example, in Barcelona it is where the Catalan average is reached, the 345,000 Euros, followed of Lleida, where the favorite buildings oscillate between the 180,000 and 195,000 Euros and Girona, in which the prices search are between 165,000 and 180,000 Euros.

The lowest budget is handled in Tarragona: between 135,000 and 150,000 Euros.As far as the rent in Catalonia, the report reveals that now smaller floors by the same price are demanded. The Catalan renters want floors of 60 ms, with 2 rooms and one monthly rent among 600 and 700 Euros. The gerundenses renters are those that look for the greatest floors (80 ms and 3 rooms), followed of leridanos and tarraconenses. With respect to the looked for floor more in rent in Barcelona, the majority shows preference for the apartments of 60 ms and 2 dormitories. The monthly instalments lowest proposals by the future renters are located in Lleida and Tarragona (between 400 and 500 Euros), followed of Girona (between 500 and 600 Euros). Barcelona returns to be at the top, since the prices more solicitd they oscillate between the 600 and 700 Euros.

Sueno House

In general terms, if of increases of prices in all the scopes in the world it is possible that those countries that have an outstanding hierarchy of always being able at economic level will come out ahead, but most difficult it is to think about that this same situation considers in our country, where surely, the water would arrive at the neck until to somebody a miraculous idea is happened to him. Between dimes and diretes, is the great part of the adult population that it tries to turn the dream of the own house in fact, from its own effort and work, but it is this 100% possible one. In first instance we spoke of the economic factor, because it is enough with leafing through the pages of newspapers, or to enter the vestibules of Internet like knowing that the inflation, so far, has arrived to remain as what annoying relative, and nobody knows when it will go away, affecting of course, to the real estate heading. The problematic one not only affects the enterprise sector, where they are diminished the gains of each company, but also, which they look for to realise a personal business by means of the rented premises, or, to the pair just married that the urgent necessity sees come off itself the nest to begin to form its familiar independence, thus constructing, the own one underneath the ceiling so yearned for. Although some vestibules indicate, with percentage and everything, that have been increased the sales of the properties in these last months, in full a 36%, comparison with the year previous to national level, the reality seems to indicate that the inflation paralyzes to this one and all the actions and headings, although also, although many are those that they have been able to satisfy his desires, for other so many, the dream stays still only in the mind. It is enough with crossing the commercial zones of the city of Rosary like observing the numerous posters of rent or sale specifically distributed by the zones and commercial streets such as San Luis, Cordova, clear that it is possible to emphasize the different sectors from market from which each zone directly points tie at the spending power of the consumers and its social classes differentials, but despite, in spite of the inflation, others take care and the same work indeed to the compass of the pocket movement, reactivating themselves in a roundtrip, the economic circuit, and therefore, all the sectors that bet thus, to the investment, generating new projects. On the other hand, not to be discouraged because in spite of the hard times, " whenever it rained par" , and the economy like one same one, is moved, winning and losing, consequently, always there will be a house or department indicated for you, and you think at least it, will be yours. Reaching a final conclusion, the dream of the own house is possible to take it to the land of the reality, and in Guide of rosary you will be able informarte about the multiple supplies that will give faith of it, but like everything in the life, it will depend to a large extent on our possibilities and efforts, a pinch of inherited economic fortune, a good dose of personal luck, and mainly, to govern us by the economy of the country, the most complicated factor and necessary of all. Original author and source of the article.