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Summer Management

Another complication is the possibility that the omentum can adhere, by restricting the peritonitis to the right iliac fossa. Persistent inflammation and fibrosis produced a mass in right iliac Fossa (mass apendicial). This can be resolved through healing, by formation of an abscess that drain toward the surface or by drilling with generalization of peritonitis. An extremely rare complication but that you should not pass leave overlooked is the spread of infection by the branches of the vena porta which can spread to the liver; before, this was a major cause of abscesses piemicos portals in the liver. What is the management of one peritonitis? Peritonitis which is of greater severity, treatment is handled in-hospital since it requires more days of observation, drainages, and large amount of antibiotics. Some patients with peritonitis make sepsis and may die (the figures have declined due to the amount of antibiotics handled today and the efficiency of the management of this pathology). What is the treatment of appendicitis water? The management of this pathology is only the appendectomy (removal of the appendix). Where in the pre-operative stay patient is hydrated and receives some analgesics and prophylactic antibiotics.

Note: a big mistake doctor is in the consultation of a patient with pain in the right iliac Fossa or generalized, abdominal pain is to give painkillers since they may mask to be acute appendicitis and finish in peritonitis. The decision to be taken by a doctor experienced and with broad knowledge in pathology, discarding this problem by the diagnosis before seen. Hospital assessment Summer 2009) Arturo Moreno Perez) Chihuahua Chih.